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Бояться порчи - или менять своё мышление?Many people are very afraid of the word "evil", even without understanding its significance. When I tell them that it's not the most important thing and not the worst, offended and do stupid things. They say that if not for the damage, they all would be well, but the "bad" people put them damage, and if they remove it - they all will be well.

There are different ways of removal of damage. Read the blog article "Levels of spiritual Healing" - as are the healers and the result of their work. If the healer takes damage, when the client is not realized, for which he received it, took off person like all good. And after a while the man went and died (this of course extremes). Basically like in school: not learned the lesson of - two, the second time did learn two marked to pay attention to parents third time caused parents to school and report card put the deuce. Damage was as a protective mechanism that man knew where he was wrong, changed his thinking, and begin to act differently, without destroying others and myself. Was removed from the human damage (read prayer, take hands and so forth), not the changed consciousness, damage returns after some time in 10 times stronger, or goes to the health of your loved ones or your.

To remove the damage can those who admitted that it was delivered (the upper Force, that they made, and they will take when you deserve). And if you said that you damage - looking where YOU were wrong in what YOU did wrong, YOU need to understand and apologies to anyone that blight was gone. And healer who has the ability (astral vision, inner vision, analysene etc)to see that put damage or magic, can help you understand where you were wrong (could be evil in this or past life to someone). When you repent, then the healer may conclude and terminate the contract with the forces that have put you impacts. But the healer may not withdraw himself, allowing a Higher Power that has earned the people. If it takes off, it gets himself, and the man makes matters worse.

Mechanisms of damage - you thought bad about someone said disgusting, offended, sent the energy of destruction. If people responded to your promises will also automatically - we can say: you are to each other have put damage. If people looked at you, the answer is the wish of good, then the damage has returned to you (he did not react, remained calm). You "spoiled". Corruption is the wish to harm another, wish evil to the world, wish evil to God (in each person is divine principle, the part of God).

Wishing ill to what you wish evil divine in man, automatically through man I wish evil Higher. Fire protection mechanisms that you have not committed against the God of evil, all the evil comes back to you, so that you realized that to do something like that is impossible. So angry, aggressive people often receive damage. And if the other person react like you, both of you got this effect. And go, without realizing that the cause of problems only in you. And the mechanism of removal of damage also in you.

Alternatively, the man who said nasty, or annoying to another, rings and apologizes: "was wrong, was wrong, forgive me", and if the other replied, "Yes, forgive him, he got excited," the damage is removed from both. There are times when you do not forgive, but you sincerely repent and ask forgiveness, higher Power off of you spoiling for thy repentance. And the other person remains in his way. World fair. And he will go with it, as long as no longer to be offended or think, or maybe he really something hurt and offended by his behavior of another person. Aware and automatically corruption will be removed.

This works even if you cannot reach and bring apology to another physically, can imagine a person, to apologize for what we have done, repent before God that thought and did bad, and half bad (porche, negative connections go). Just for an informed understanding of what you were somewhere wrong, or even if you were right, but acted bad, dark methods (wish evil, curse to the others), and you want to change and to do good, you are removed many problems. There are, of course, more complicated situation for the damage, but the most important thing to understand - wish good for others, do good - and you will be happy.

And now, in your mind you may ask forgiveness from those who consciously or unconsciously hurt, and to take off, so many hexes, and negative impacts!!!

Live in accord and harmony with God, with the world, and your soul!!!

Caricosa E.A.

Article is written based on the lecture material Acad. Meanie APPLICANT, the founder of the "System of Human Development"
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