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Бог живет в другой вселеннойScientists at Cambridge and Princeton universities made a sensational statement, saying that "Big Bang", which voids allegedly universe was created, was preceded by a "Big splash".

There was it in a multidimensional space - not three, as with us, but with eleven dimensions, six of which collapsed in microscopic strands. The energy of this surge has caused the Big Bang". And he, in turn, visible matter, and time. Appeared in our universe, which is now "coexists" with the "mother" and invisible.

There is even a hypothesis that there is in "Zazerkalye" - and is the Higher mind. That is, God.

Really?! For comments we turned to astrophysics Vladimir Lipunov.

Neither top nor bottom

They do not even suspect that there is a notion of "top" or "bottom". Three-dimensional same "God", for example, can your finger to press the "Ploskina". And he won't understand anything. Just hardens on the spot. And you can do to remove it from the plane. And the figure will disappear from their world. To the extreme surprise of others.

- Agree, " continued the Professor, " and in our three-dimensional world enough unexplained phenomena. Not hidden their causes in a parallel universe? If so, then we must admit that there is another dimension. And to think up some space of the Controller, which controls us.

By the way, the hypothesis about parallel worlds has advanced, and our compatriots. Among them academician Moses Markov. He believed that there are several worlds, separated from each other by time slots in which consistently occur same processes. And therefore, if you learn how to "pass" from world to world, you can visit the past and the future.

Another Russian scientist, Professor of the Pulkovo Observatory Mykola Kozyrev argued that there are other universes, our parallel, and between them there is a tunnel - "black" and "white" holes. On black holes of our Universe goes in parallel worlds matter, and on the "white" from them we receive energy. However, the idea of the existence of a parallel world owns a man from time immemorial. Some researchers believe that the CRO-magnon believed that souls of the dead compatriots and died on hunting animals go exactly in these worlds, which is reflected in their drawings.

What was before the Big Bang

- 30 years ago physics avoided the question, "What was before the Big Bang"?". Because didn't know how to answer it. Now in connection with the hypotheses multidimensional spaces can at least make assumptions. For example, I am sure almost one hundred percent that is five-dimensional universe in which there is a membrane - basic element of the universe. And if there is, in the fifth dimension, this membrane once trembled, then this resulted in our three-dimensional space bubble, which we call the "Big Bang".

And what you see "five-dimensional beings" or, if you like, the gods? They see that in a universe something quivering and flat - in their view - space occurs the ball, which is expanded, and the result is the milky way. By the way, our galaxy vibrates like a drumhead. Maybe having some signals from their "hozyaev"?

That light is near

- Recently, astronomers have lost sight of thousands of comets and can't understand where have they gone, - says Vladimir Mikhajlovich. - It is possible that the cause of the mysterious disappearance of comets, as well as remnants of the Tunguska meteorite and other celestial bodies, crashed into the Earth, lies exactly in existence in the Universe exotic "mirror matter", which can be one of the constituents of dark matter. By the way, it may appear fireballs and even ghosts. At least this assumption has recently expressed a physicist, Dr. Robert M from the University of Melbourne.

- If the mirror matter exists in reality, there must also exist and mirror stars, the mirror of the planet and even the mirror life, " explained Dr. Ft. - Many of the evidence in favor of the fact that our planet is often bombarded body, consisting of the mirror substances, causing strange events. For example, the explosion has not found Tunguska in Siberia in 1908. Or incident that took place in Jordan in April 2001. Then about a hundred witnesses funeral procession watched the ball, which was flying at a low altitude, leaving behind a smoke, then split into two and crashed to the explosion at the hill of approximately one kilometer. Astronomers found neither crater, nor fragments of the meteorite - only traces of scorched earth and burnt trees.

Theorists assume that every elementary particle has its mirror partner. But usually invisible. Only people with sensitive psychic - psychics - can you feel the mirror matter physically energy burst from her interaction with our world.

The quote in the subject:

"God is the great architect".
(Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev, historian, culture expert.)


The statements of scientists about the Creator

Isaac Newton (1643 - 1727), physicist and mathematician:

"A wonderful device space and harmony in it can be explained only by the fact that the cosmos was created by the plan omniscient and omnipotent being. This is my first and last word".

Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882), naturalist:

"To explain the origin of life on Earth only case - it is as if explained the origin of the dictionary explosion in a printing house. The impossibility of recognition that marvellous world of ourselves as conscious beings, emerged by chance seems to be the main proof of the existence of God. The world rests on the laws and in its manifestations is presented as a product of the mind is a reference to his Creator".

Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895), chemist, biologist:

"Yet the day will come when will laugh at the folly of the modern materialistic philosophy. The more I study nature, the more stop pious awe before the deeds of the Creator. I pray during his work in the laboratory".

Max Planck (1858 - 1947), physicist:

"As religion and science is the end result you seek truth and come to the confession of God. The first is that as a base, the second - as the end of all phenomenal view of the world".

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), physicist:

"Every serious scientist must be some way a religious person. Otherwise he is not able to imagine that those incredibly thin interdependence, he observes, not invented them. In the infinite universe is detected activity infinitely perfect Mind. Normal view about me as about the atheist is a great delusion. If this view was drawn from my research work, I can say that my work is not understood in Vain... in the face of catastrophe of the XX century many argue: "As God allowed?" Yes, He admitted: we made our freedom, but has not left us in darkness of ignorance. The path of the knowledge of good and evil is specified. And the man himself had to pay for the choice of a false ways."

Werner von Braun (1912 - 1977), physicist, one of the founders of the cosmonautics, head of the American space program:
"I can't understand a scientist who does not acknowledge the Higher Mind in the whole system of the universe, nor could understand the theologian who would deny the progress of science. Religion and science are sisters."

From the lecture neurophysiologist John ECCLES (genus. 1903) at the time of receipt of the Nobel prize:
"I am forced to think that there is something like supernatural beginning of my unique, conscious of itself spirit and my unique soul... the Idea of a supernatural creation helps me to avoid obviously absurd conclusions about the genetic origin of my unique "I".

Andrei Sakharov (1921 - 1989), physicist:

"I can't imagine the Universe and human life without any conceptualizing the beginning, without a source of spiritual "warmth"beyond matter and its laws. Probably, the feeling can be called religious".

By the way

With astronauts talk of darkness

What in space somebody "live", prove the stories of some of the astronauts. That's what we told the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor Kirill Butusov, who worked at the Department of radio astronomy of the Main astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo, and now teaching at the Department of physics of the Academy of civil aviation:

- Sometimes in orbit occurs effect of someone's presence". At some point cosmonaut suddenly feels that someone invisible was looking at his back very hard look. And then the invisible creature makes itself felt - I hear a whisper. "Text" sounds somewhere in the depths of the consciousness something like this: "You are too early and wrong came here. Trust me, for I am your ancestor. Son, you don't have to be here, go back to the Earth, do not break the laws of the Creator". And often for "authenticity" Voice tells another little known exclusively to the family astronaut history associated with this ancestor.

In addition, some of the astronauts visited by strange visions and feelings, unexpectedly "toggle" his consciousness. For the first time this phenomenon was reported in the International Institute of space antropoecology in 1995 as a test cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky. According to him, many, for example, suddenly came out of his usual browhuman image and turned into literally in some animals! For example, a colleague told Krichevsky about "staying" in the way... a dinosaur. And he felt, as she walked on some planet, overcoming the ravines and the abyss. Cosmonaut described "their" paws, scales, membranes between fingers, huge claws. Skin back he could feel the rise horn plates on the ridge.

Why, the man changed into another person and could be even alien. Moreover, it is as if "connect" to some information source and received warnings, for example, of impending emergencies.

The opinion of the skeptic

Nobel laureate Vitaly Ginzburg:

- Faith, or, conversely, atheism - intuitive concepts. Not here to prove anything to mathematically. I in no way believe that faith in God is incompatible with science. But only it is necessary to distinguish between purely religion and faith in "something outside of us, that is not reduced to the nature". This is not to deny, but I do not share this view. This I do not need neoproverjimo and gives nothing. Is something unknown to another unknown. Quite another matter is the religion, i.e. adherence to a denomination. As is known, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam believe that there is an active God and that he intervenes in human Affairs, and this is called theism. I think that theism is absolutely incompatible with the scientific worldview. Christians believe in the sanctity of the Bible, the virgin birth, and Satan, and this is all the miracles that contradict science. When he was born of religion, the state of science was such that it was possible to believe in the immaculate conception... Einstein emphasized that does not believe in God, who manages the Affairs of men, and in something higher, the God of Spinoza, and this nature. Well, and name of the God of nature, it is a question of terms. And if there is a God, why does he allow such wild things - genocide, murder? Where is the logic? I don't understand how people can believe in Almighty God, that all these things be reconciled.

But, honestly, I envy believers. I almost 90 years old, I'm a man of sober and understand that at any moment to die. You can get sick, suffer, and I have a family. If I was a believer, it would be much easier, I would be happy about that...

Instead of an afterword

Cosmonaut Georgy Grechko:

- I am sure that in the Universe there is another reason, and more developed than ours. Now seriously study the history of mankind and conclude that even on Earth has always existed parallel civilization - the Celts and druids, Egyptians and their priests. I think Someone gave us a boost, helped artificially to circumvent chimpanzees in the intellect. And to us it is, of course, was God really created us in his image and likeness.
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