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Охота за чужими мыслямиThe science of the XXI century does not recognize such phenomena as telepathy. However, enthusiasts has not given up trying to read thoughts. And, despite the official skepticism, these studies often find a patron in the person of the military.

If the Greater Soviet encyclopedia, published in 1956, to open the letter "t", where one can read: "telepathy is unscientific, idealistic fiction". This was the official position of our state. But in reality, the attitude of the authorities to the problem of transmission of thought at a distance was other.

In secret from the public in secret laboratories in full carried out the research of this phenomenon.

Their scope may be judged by the concern that was expressed by the experts of the CIA about the Soviet experiments in telepathy in the early 70-ies of XX century. According to their data, the study "unscientific, idealistic fantasy" the Soviet Union was allocated from the state budget from 60 to 300 million rubles per year. Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense has even conducted on the orders of President Gerald R. Ford analysis of the state of parapsychological research in the USSR.

The results of this "revision" of today is already known, because in accordance with the law on freedom of information they were published. The report stated: "...the success of the Russians in parapsychological research enormous.

Soon they can afford them at a distance to know the contents of a top-secret U.S. documents, track the movement of troops and ships to US, to cause instant death to any person at a distance, incapacitate any equipment, including spacecraft..." Frightened the Americans to keep up in this area, even launched alternative research program, which was closed only in the beginning of 90-ies. What are they so afraid of? It was a few decades, but no scientific breakthroughs in the field of parapsychology has not happened! But let us return to the history of telepathy.

The first studies ...1875. The famous Russian chemist Butlerov involved also the study of the transmission of thought at a distance, has put forward to explain this phenomenon, magneto electric hypothesis.

...1886. English researchers Aherne, Flyers and Fodor to refer to the mysterious phenomenon of transmission of thought at a distance, for the first time used the term "telepathy".

...1887. A detailed study of the hypothesis Butlerov was Professor of philosophy, psychology and physiology of Lviv University Yegorovich.

As you can see, parapsychological research began not yesterday, and spent their scientists. For example, few people know today that academician Vahteram in 1919-1927 years in Leningrad Institute for the study of the brain involved serious experiments in telepathy. Simultaneously the same experiments conducted famous engineer Braginsky.

Remember sci-Fi novel Abelyaeva "the Lord of the world" (1929): in the hands of wicked people is the invention that allows you to read and write the thoughts of the people, and send with special emitters reliable mental orders.

The plot of this work is completely built on the scientific ideas of Bernard Bernardovicha Kazinskogo. To emphasize this point, Belyaev gives the name of your main character - Kaczynski, changing only one letter in the name Kazinskogo.

The results obtained Bekhterev and Kazhinski, judging by the information available to us have confirmed the existence of the phenomenon of communicating ideas. Roman Abelyaeva also not gone unnoticed. And in 1932 the Leningrad Institute of brain received coming from the people's Commissariat of defence of USSR task to intensify experimental research in the field of telepathy. Scientific supervision was entrusted to Professor L.olena.

The corresponding order was received and the Moscow Laboratory of Biophysics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, headed by academician Lazorevy. The executor of the topics ordered by the military, and therefore received the "secrecy", was Professor Stolypin. Memories of these people.

"We have to admit that there is indeed a physical agent that establishes communication between two organisms among themselves," stated Professor Stolypin.

"No screening, no distance is not worsened results," confessed and Professor Wasiljev.

It would seem that the existence of telepathy (and after serious research) has already been scientifically confirmed in the Soviet Union before the war. So why in the Great Soviet encyclopedia for 1956 stated that "telepathy is unscientific, idealistic fiction"? The reasons for this can be called a lot. First, scientists, which, in their words, experimental proof of the existence of the phenomenon of telepathy, and failed to give any acceptable theoretical explanations of the nature of this phenomenon. Therefore, the official science was easier to disown telepathy, than to admit it and be trapped, then if it turns out that the successful results of the experiments were wrong.

Secondly, the existence of telepathy led to the unequivocal conclusion about materiality of thought, coming thus in ideological conflict with one of the tenets of Marxist-Leninist philosophy about the primacy of matter and secondary consciousness.

Third, the military still hoped that they will be able to use telepathy to their advantage, so did their best to prevent even talk about it. The facts show that they belonged to the existence of a phenomenon of transmission of thought at a distance of quite seriously. For example, in September 1958 by order of the Minister of defense Marshal Ralenkova there were several closed meetings, devoted to the study of the phenomenon of telepathy. Were present the head of the Main voennosluzhaschego management, Professor Wasiljev, Professor Phukaew and other specialists.

...1960. At the Physiological Institute (Leningrad) organized a special laboratory for studying telepathic phenomena.

...1965-1968 years. In Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk at the Institute of automation and Electrometry, Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences made an extensive program telepathic research on human subjects and animals.

Private research in parapsychology was conducted at the Moscow Institute of a brain of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute for information transmission problems (IITP) of the USSR Academy of Sciences, other institutions and laboratories. Secret experiments were carried out with the active participation of the military with the use of expensive equipment, up to submarines as the venue of the experiments. Money was not sorry. And it speaks for itself.

The failures and breaches of research Results, however, were mixed. So, in Moscow on the initiative of the Ministry of defence on the street of Nizhniy Novgorod was created secret "box # 241". The scientific project Manager was appointed academician Iosif Adaman, and his Deputy Professor Dmitry Mirza. The experimenters were pushed off stories workers zoofarm, who argued: if the newborn rabbits beat shock even a hundred miles from female rabbits, she feels it. Scientists have begun experiments. - Rabbits in the cell were wrapping up sensors, and rabbits were lucky to Tula to torture. Alas, according to the memoirs of one of the researchers doctor Cyril Leontovich, the result was zero.

...1969. By order of the Secretary of the CPSU Plemiona held special session of the Commission on investigation of the problem of parapsychological phenomena and causes of the growing public interest in them. Gathered the cream of Russian psychology - Aluria, Alybaeva, Vincenco. Before them was given the job of dispelling the myth of the existence of psychic movement in the USSR.

The results of the activities of this Commission are reflected in the ninth issue of the magazine "Questions of psychology" in 1973. Despite the pressure of party ideologists, scientists have not been able to palter. With many reservations it still said: "the Phenomenon is...".

Interest in telepathy then cooled down, then flashed with new force. In the early nineties our state has again become actively to pay for the work of various specialists in the field of "energy exchange" and "reasoning telepathy". But, alas, capricious phenomenon remained unconquered.

Americans are also a lot of difficulties with telepathy successful experiments alternated with complete failures. So, in 1971 astronaut, a captain in the U.S. Navy Edgar Mitchell held a session telepathic communication with the moon on Apollo-14". Four people in different cities of America recorded mental images, "coming" from space. In General the results were negative.

In 1981, the Pentagon has drawn psychics have the gift of "televidenie", for mental search of General James Dozer stolen in Verona terrorists from the Italian "red brigades". The attempt was unsuccessful.

Most probably, that such failure is still in force most people to ask: "Yes does it, telepathy?" The situation is aggravated by the fact that on the wave of public interest in anomalous phenomena research has engaged in numerous Amateurs. This is even more discredited telepathy in the eyes of the public.

And among scientists themselves, there is no unanimity in this area. According to academician Vpiznav, in ancient times, our ancestors had the ability to share thoughts without words. For primitive community mental "language" was a natural and unavoidable. Therefore, the ancient people could communicate on any the distance. Work Kaznacheev formed the basis of a global experiment "distant transmission of mental images", carried out by the workers of the Novosibirsk Institute of General pathology and human ecology and who gave interesting results.

In this scientific event was involved several thousand volunteers who participated researchers and psychics more than twenty countries. Telepathic signals transmitted from different continents, from the special chambers, isolating the Earth's magnetic field, of anomalous zones of the planet, such as "Perm triangle" or " the Black Cave of the devil in Khakassia.

The Novosibirsk argued that the outcome of this experiment was positive.

Information about the curious experiments were also reported in scientific research Institute of traditional treatment methods of the Russian Ministry of health.

Zenin Stanislav, head of one of the laboratories of the Institute, States that man is capable of "power of thought" to change the structure of water. And it seems to be confirmed by the dispassionate devices.

Does this mean that today's science has already received unequivocal evidence for the existence of telepathic effect? Alas. The results of these experiments (and the Novosibirsk researchers, and specialists from the Institute of the Ministry of health) adopted their colleagues, as they say, in bayonets.

New approaches Despite the fact that a healthy skepticism in this area prevails today, research is still ongoing.

And from some of the results is simply impossible to ignore, calling them pseudoscience.

Thus, a large international group of neuroscientists have recently created an interesting technique of "functional magnetic resonance imaging". During the experiments, the scientists managed by monitoring devices with a high degree of probability (75%) to determine if he subject to fold or subtract two offered him the number. Isn't it the beginnings of technology read thoughts? At least, many Western specialists already seriously discuss the possibility of using it in areas such as the fight against crime and terrorism, saying, "method of functional magnetic resonance imaging" will allow the distance to highlight potential criminal in his "evil thoughts".

Other foreign researchers invented a device that allows a person to "mentally" to enable or disable devices and even typing on the computer, and avoid touching the keyboard. Of course, this does not mind reading in its pure form, but, you see, is close enough. So close that neuroscientist John-Dylan Haines, a Professor at the German Institute for brain and mind of max Planck, spoke about the need of a legal ban on mass practice dashboard read your thoughts." The scientist considers that the society should address the ethical problems associated with the "instrument telepathy. After all the bad thoughts - this is not a bad thing.

* * *
As if we are not persuaded that telepathy does not exist, studies in this field have not stopped to this day. And so, it is early to put on this subject bullet.
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