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Человек, его связь с параллельными мирами Земли и Духовной ВселеннойPeople who do not think of the higher order of existence, living in a Physical World (his body), and in the Astral World (their thoughts and deeds, not spiritual). This is because each of them is not developed energetically, and his soul (Space Spiritual Energy) does not increase. Often, he is not even aware that the spiritual life there and necessary to him and to all people.

But one who has already asked myself, why do I live on the earth, and took the path of SPIRITUAL search of the answer to this question, takes an interesting, difficult and magic (not afraid of this word!) life.

From experience I see that this happens when a person feels some point beyond which he cannot see happiness, that is, "the thunder burst", the mountain or may occur or has occurred. Reassessment of values begins, the search for a new solution that leads him on a path of self-knowledge and, at the same time, the outside world, but from a different angle of view, not programmed public opinion.

And, first of all, it is necessary to obtain INFORMATION about incomprehensible, yet, as human life on Earth.

Namely, for this Teacher and work with us! Give knowledge, which are called "esoteric", so that with their help wishing rebuilt yourself and your life.

We start your new day with the washing. To start a new life it is necessary, as well, with cleansing. Internal cleansing your physical body, through various systems in the world, and is described in the books. Besides, it is necessary to spend even more profound and vital cleansing and energy, taking unusual atheist, knowledge. Which tell us that the human has a Soul, and It is eternal, because it is not dense material body, subject to disintegration, and an energy that never dies, moreover, the energy of the divine - a small particle of the end of life, perfect energy of the highest vibration - the vibration of Love. Each soul one goal - to make any embodiment of the immortal, taking from him all the best, and go on to perfection, to become, finally, the Common Spiritual Personality all its incarnations, get right to merge with the Source, God.

Because of the properties of dense matter - to grow old and die, because of the unpredictability of human Consciousness, which, however, depends very much on the existence and development of the soul, the latter does not have time for one life of the physical body to achieve perfection and therefore forced to change their physical body. And with each new body, in which it is included after a certain time, after the death of the previous one, and get a NEW consciousness and a NEW destiny, DETERMINED, however, PREVIOUS INCARNATIONS.

This series of painful withdrawal from the material world and the birth of it again, as long as man will not be able to do a completely Divine purpose; and the Soul, it grew up to the level of the Spiritual Personality, do not fall into the World of Love and self-sacrifice, where the Divine power shower, finally completing their studies in the Earth and has become, as a result, not only Reasonable, but also Spiritual Beings (to do this it can directly or from the world of Fire). Together with them, the Person goes on further, a new, exciting way of spiritual perfection, in the Divine abodes of God the Father.

In all other cases, the soul of man, in the end, once in Paradise (the Fiery World), again obliged to return from It in the Dense World is ours, the Physical World and to live in a New solid body, with a new Consciousness; but WITH the OLD NEGATIVE ISSUES, information of which is PRESERVED on the Astral Body, is saved as, say, favorite song on the tape, only this record, unfortunately, is not so pleasant.

Negative Karma of past incarnations should be REMOVED, as it does not give you the ability to live independently, healthy and happy. Incidentally, this will open the way for the manifestation of good karma, imprinted in the MEMORY of your SOUL in the form of expertise or energy practices and knowledge. It cannot be seen in full force, while people will not remove the negative energy of the Astral Body until will live in harmony with the Universe that surrounds it. And this can happen only if it is clean, and is open to God. How to do it, said, still Jesus Christ, spoken of in all traditional religions, which enable people to come to God, to the Light. All religions carry the eternal good and necessary for a person on a specific path of development of his soul. This is proved by thousands of years of their existence. If man is not felt in the Faith assistance and necessity, they would have disappeared long ago from the earth as unclaimed forgotten them. But it seems to me that we live in an age matured not only to believe in God, but to get some knowledge about Him and about himself as the God particle.

They say that, first of all, we need energy to be cleansed, to clear his Astral Body from the negative karmic pollution, no matter WHAT it was, the main thing is to remove everything MYSELF.

How to do it?

To go the Way of Repentance and Forgiveness.

For this action it is necessary to retire. Emotionally and philosophically to think and speak three thoughts:

1. LORD, forgive me all the bad things I ever did, about what I know and what not know (their words).

2. PEOPLE, forgive me all the bad things I have done what I know and what you don't know.

3. I, people forgive you for the evil that you caused me ever.

The experience of many years has shown me, through thousands of interviews with people, during which provides information about the " karma " of man, with his permission, of course - people CAN thus be REMOVED! the negative Karma of past incarnations, and only HIMSELF. To psychics even dangerous to apply for THIS PURPOSE. At the very least, a good specialist in this field will be removed "pus" around the slivers, but the "thorn" (karma) can only remove its carrier. And when he will be able to do, how to be born again, will start a new life, and will not suffer for the things that he himself did not. Though wouldn't it be right for me to promise Heaven on earth, after this action, because remained, perhaps your own "ideas"that remained to be aware of and correct to the way you live.

But, in the end, it will be your own sins, not so bad, after all, to get over them. And if you are decent and kind man, I think you will be able to quickly harmoniseerimise (to work with them present, as will be discussed below) and your life will change drastically for the better.

Removing interfering with your personal life karmic dirt - you follow the main purpose on earth, because of which your soul and entered in your body. And it will be a huge victory, even if you do this on his deathbed!

But if you got spiritual knowledge, much earlier than fatal disease, then got a chance to do much more for his eternal soul and for the body too.

The teacher explained WHAT is happening at the moment work on the negative record.

Karmic energy, as you know, is on our Astral Body, which accepts and "writes” whiplash kick NEGATIVE energy of human THOUGHT (the curse), ACTIONS (killing that is going too at first thought). And it (this entry will be placed on it immensely long, from incarnation to incarnation, because energy is not the material plane is IMMORTAL. When you begin to work with her POSITIVE ENERGY of YOUR THOUGHTS and SOUL, stepping on the Path of Repentance and Forgiveness, sincere and emotional, literally "push" negative education from his Astral Body of the new born of your energy. This process is connected to the High Personalities of the Spiritual World and transmuting everything negative that has gone from you. If karma is not clear, then the time will come and it will sproektiruet on the physical body, in the form of the disease, will affect the fate. Removing such "dirt" with yourself, you decide many issues of personal life.

This is the MAIN idea .

A few words about the Astral World, and it ties our Astral Body. He is very heterogeneous, I would even say chaotic. He filled our worldly thoughts, dirty negative emotions of people. It is, and the souls of men, and thought-forms; both good and evil. Lucifer and his followers also located here. To shower this Parallel World is "distributor”, Purgatory, from which they or go to Paradise or Hell.

The last is the eight in the upper part of which is the liberation of soul from the shell of dirty energy, dressed in a man, as the result of their crimes, and at the bottom - it fully, through suffering, cleaned and then ascends to Heaven.

But in addition to the above knowledge, provide information on other Subtle bodies and their role in his life.

And, above all, about the Body of Emotions. It is of Great importance in your PRESENT fate!

The body of Emotions associated with the energy membrane of the heart. His normal state is a state of TRANQUILITY.

While POSITIVE emotions (joy, love, kindness), it extends to the World of Emotions, in which there is no souls of men, but the energies of good emotions, and fed them, then passes it to the heart and our heart, and, therefore, the physical body receives additional positive energy for their life.

But, unfortunately, our Emotional Body can be not only in these two States: calm and positive emotional. Very often we give birth to NEGATIVE EMOTIONS (disturbance, fear, hatred, resentment, and so on) and lost from their strength and health, so as, focusing in energy egregors, they then join to the Emotional Body, pollute the area around it and make a conductor of negative, Astral energy, eastochowa us. Surrounded by parasitizing egregors, this no longer is a slim harmonious structure, inherent in all people have the ability to restrain their negative emotions with the help of consciousness.

Disharmony Emotional Body leads to an emotional breakdown, which can create conditions for any disease, cause changes in the Mental Body, which promotes development of mental deviations.

Everyone knows the common phrase: "All diseases of the nerves...” will Add that the Emotional body is the CENTER of our nervous system, responsible for the mental condition of the person.

Therefore it is very important to watch their negative emotions.

But, if in the result of any stress you gave birth negative thought, but not "bummed” it in someone, it is better to say: "This is not a good idea, I destroy it!”

Following the Subtle body that I want to focus your attention is the Mental Body.

It embraces the head, in the form of a Crescent and protects the CONSCIOUSNESS, as the latter is above the Astral body (therefore not protected them). In it (the mind) and happen all thought processes, the results of which are based in the brain are transmitted to the Subtle body.

During the active creative work of the brain is, the expansion of the Mental Body to the Mental Level and information - answer to the issue that you are painfully searching for, because in this Parallel World are concentrated all the knowledge of the Earth (the souls of men there is also no).

The mental Body with BROKEN structure allows for negative energies of the Astral World, and Individuals, (that is, the souls of people in the Astral World) to get into the minds and even in the human brain and cause it certain conditions (for example, fear of sexuality, hatred, drug addiction, just any obsessions), under which begins intense work, resulting spent a lot of energy absorbed by these substances. In other words, such people are a source of food, for the beings of the Astral world.

On deviations in the structure of the Mental Body, their causes and how to fix it, is considered in detail in the 4th lesson.

The body of Fire , which will be the next story, is of great importance for the task of every soul that descends into the Body of the Material, namely: to clean karmic pollution, to gain knowledge of the intellectual, spiritual, and with their help to achieve maximum success in their Spiritual growth of the Individual.

The body of Fire increases not once, not instantaneously, as the previous one, but as a result of constant work on yourself, using the received knowledge about how to maintain the purity of its energy, how to increase it, how to maintain the integrity of their bioblock. But, most of all, it is growing due to the energy of LOVE to people, to the world around us. I want to note that our SOUL, after leaving the body, immediately expand in direct proportion, namely, the energy of love. And, namely, love and purity allows man to live in harmony with all of Creation, to be a good conductor of the energies of Earth and Space.

The body of Fire, closely United with the Soul, extended to the World of Fire, constantly nourishes it with energy.

The body of Fire is the only higher energy body, growing ONLY at the expense of HIS work on his spiritual growth, which belongs only to this Person, in all its incarnations, in difference, say, from a Spiritual body, which belongs to God and to man. The body of Fire that grew up in the process of the spiritual man, gives the opportunity for growth of the soul. When man COMPLETES his training on the Ground and becomes a Spiritual Person, the Body of Fire "poured” in a Spiritual Body, changing qualitatively and just as the Soul becomes a part of the energy of the God of the Earth.

During life on earth Soul, and all other bodies, up to the Mental, are under protection of the Body of Fire, and eat it with energy, which it consistently takes, connecting with the World of Fire, if the person has reached such a state. The body of Fire each individual person is the largest protected, nurtured by man HIMSELF.

But the Body of Fire serves not only to protect and nourish. Its energy can be used to solve many problems. For example, materialization and dematerialization. Everything created in the World of Fire, then materializes (manifested) in the visible world. In other words, in a World of Fire High Spiritual Personalities PROGRAMMED - created structure, which is then, how would that grows in a given program, on Earth and is visible to the human eye, felt by all parameters.

The same can be done by people, whose souls are already during his life on earth is closely connected with the World of Fire and can seek help from Spiritual Personalities who are ready to work on the Earth; creating a positive program at the request of these people in the World of Fire, which can then be down to earth, materializing. And this situation, representatives of this Spiritual level desired, as They do not belong to the third dimension and cannot stay in it for a long time, for the physical body of man is the usual habitat, and therefore the person claiming higher energy parameters, is an excellent conductor through which the Divine forces you to do good to the people of Earth, to preserve their health and, thus, to accelerate the development of the spiritual energy (soul), removing the possibility of a partial incarnations (premature death in the "work” karma). People - conductors such force is well-known Spiritual Hierarchy and are highly valued by it.

But in order to learn to work with the energy of the Body of Fire, it is necessary to gain knowledge and experience, learn, perfectly, to concentrate his thought.

All this requires considerable effort. Moreover, in this case through the work of the thought people creates a situation in which "is” desirable and, literally, himself, using the energy of his Body of Fire and High Personalities may materialize: the subject, the organ of the human body, to restore blood cells. To create their twins, looking quite material, but not having own soul, with one soul with the matrix - person's body. (You can say is biorobots similar to his Creator and eating his Fiery energy of the Body). You can prevent an accident, turning back the clock. (Though the latter is possible only in the most extreme cases, in order not to disturb the course of things in Time and Space). I want to say just that, in principle, a person is subject. Just as he controlled himself to be in the Past or Future, to solve their individual problems of today. The Fiery body contains in itself the Past (good), Present and Future of a certain individual and historical events associated with it.

More about the Body of Fire. People for doing good to the people and Nature, by concentrating his thoughts and interaction with Representatives of the World of Fire, can only use THEIR OWN energy Body of Fire, and not the energy of the Cosmos, or the Saints.

What, then, is the work of Spiritual leaders?

That they give him the opportunity to soak up as much energy in the World of Fire, how much he could take. Draft a programme on which there is a request of the person who chose this way of working with the World Fire.

Work with the energy of the Body of Fire is NOT valid with doing evil! Vibration evil thoughts and Body of Fire is so NOT COMPATIBLE, what happens internal explosion, and the man ignites spontaneously or die for unknown for others reasons. He may suddenly appear disease in the acute stage, leading to death. So people who have a strong Fiery Body should carefully analyze their thoughts, words and deeds, under the control of kindness. At the same time, if sin is small, not associated with the murder, and persons in time became aware of the negativity your thinking or action, it is enough to abandoned and cry out for forgiveness - harmony will again be achieved. But in the future, fix a new error will be more difficult. Who is more able - with more and asks! So sometimes it happens that people who have reached considerable heights energy, but not raised their consciousness, be so strong disharmony that can leave the life ahead of time. If you will not manage to understand the situation and will not start to work on their weaknesses related, often with Emotional body (its negative reaction to the events)that would require more effort (habit is second nature!), but the possibilities that will open them, will reward the most difficult victory - a victory over the EVIL WITHIN himself.

As mentioned above, the Body of Fire is growing as a result of LOVE to people, to Nature, desires to do good, and satisfaction comes not because the person will answer you the same, but because YOU had the necessary assistance, at the right time - and thus, for example, unselfishly helped extend human life. But this level of service of good must be flat and helplessauthorized. Hopping from good to evil, from a misunderstanding - the forgiveness, generosity is to be niggardly, from wisdom to slander, a man with great developed Fiery Body, will lead to illness and death in the material world ahead of time. It's a warning, where no shadow of desire to intimidate someone, but set to SERIOUS attitude to the power that a person receives as a result of their spiritual work.

You yourself, logically, would agree that such power (say, materialization of energies)of human nature evil or unbalanced, whose emotions prevail over the wisdom, can bring a lot of grief and kill many people. But the very nature of man is such that the conflict inside burns, neutralizes, first of all, of himself, for better realization in the future, because the energy stored in the body of Fire, will live forever. In addition, if during the growth of the spiritual consciousness of the person, his New Body (in addition to the seven classic)related to the Body of Fire and gives him some new opportunities, they also remain in it forever, moving from incarnation to incarnation. Although they are in an embryonic state, until such time as the person will not be able to grow up and accept them.

As practically possible, using the Body of Fire do wonders be known to everyone individually, when the moment of realization of accumulated them.

In the World of Fire (Paradise) are the souls of people. Yes, and they do it with great pleasure.

In the soul of every man has a memory of unearthly bliss, experienced it from the vibration of love that fills This World, the satisfaction of creative work, which occupied all left the material world of the soul.

You already know that the most important, though unseen by the human body is the Soul (Spiritual body).

It is in his physical body, around the heart, non-uniform and consists of three parts:

1 - Cosmic Soul (Spiritual energy of Personality all incarnations, with all the positive experiences).

2 - the Soul, directly, that Person, which is (with its consciousness and worldview).

3 - the Soul of the animal - Yes. So Nature has solved the problem of development of energy of the soul of the animal, after several incarnations him in his views.

Everything in the world around us, committed to excellence. The development is at the level of every cell from simple to complex; and not only in the physical sense, and not only on Earth. The stone becomes part of grass sprouted through it, passing it and your energy. A blade of grass (physically and energetically moving to a new level) becoming part of an animal or the person eating it. Soul (Spiritual energy) human and animal goes, each in his own world, in order to then go down into the dense matter for further perfection. A moment comes when the soul of the animal, ending its cycle of development, joins the soul of man and becomes a part of the most advanced energy, continuing its evolution.

But the souls of people who have reached such a level that have no need to incarnate, becoming part of the divine Energy of the Earth, the divine, Immortal Personality, so as not to end my improvement. It will take a long, very long time - and all Spirit Personalities of the Earth, having United in one divine Soul, becoming the God of the Earth, will go to the Spiritual Galaxy, to accomplish the same goal of further development, increase and improvement. And this is not the limit!...

After receipt of such knowledge from Teacher, I cannot agree with the statement that the human soul can once again become the soul of an animal or plant. Unless, as an exception to the rule. After all, in this case, being degraded and delayed the development of Spiritual energy, which is contrary to the divine plan.

Soul - concept space. Often people it is perceived as something not practical, material values. In fact, the value of this seemingly some "useless” energy is huge! The spiritual body can give a person simply does not perceive his mind the possibilities. The soul is inexplicable, it is supernatural, and a man gives supernatural powers, which, however, be easily explained if we consider ALL EXISTING WORLD - the WORLD of ENERGIES (simple and complex, the manifest and the unmanifest). By the way, now here's an interesting material comparison. When was imprinted on photographic paper, it is not visible, but you know what, however, the image on it is, and, under certain conditions, it will show and will see it all. So you see, in the end, and the manifestation of the magic properties of the human soul, incomprehensible, yet, even for the owner of this energy.

What are these conditions?

First of all, this is a serious disclosure heart chakra and other power centers. And the first condition for the manifestation of the miraculous qualities of the soul - is the ability to love, ability to love any man: rough and tender, a hypocrite, and sincere, the murderer and the spiritual man. Despite the apparent at first glance the absurdity of this is real as love in a person must, first of all, his soul that all people are perfect. But consciousness is, unfortunately, all different. Without violence and, as necessary, it must be changed, as if on the physical plane it was not painful - and not be afraid to do that.

But we're going to speak about a man who has long been on the path of expansion of your consciousness, of your soul, and then he already has energy of Universal Love, and his Spiritual Body is very high.

The soul lives in close contact with the Body of Fire.

It is under his protection and, at the same time, the Body of Fire grows only by increasing the energy of love - the Spiritual Body of man. Practically, the Fiery Body and Soul cannot be separated, they are so closely connected interpenetration, vzaimodeistviem each other.

Initially grows the Spiritual Body, due to the increase in human Space of Love, then it is as if, acquiring new qualities and properties, transformed, into the body of Fire. At the same time, when there is a large consumption of love, the Body of Fire fills a Spiritual Body is the reverse process, that is, qualitatively, the energy of the Body is rebuilt Fire under vibration Spiritual Body.

The body of Fire protects the body of the Soul of man from penetration of negative manless energies. In turn, the body of the Soul, having his own property - the ability to forgive! and his wisdom, which it shares with the consciousness of man, not accumulates in itself the inner human sufferings negative energy and protects the Body of Fire from disharmony, creating the possibility of catastrophic, explosive degradation of human health.

Man, spiritually developed, it is necessary very clearly to understand expressed above position and believe me, without checking the practice of Valeriivna negative emotions, such as anger, irritability, resentment, condemnation, revengefulness, negative pouzitelnosti, the desire to punish someone, even seemingly, good idea, for educational purposes and so on, but rather to find in myself these and similar other negative emotions, to get rid of them, by forgiveness, repentance or transmutation (say Violet Fire) and to cultivate a state of calm and wisdom.

But if, God forbid, you violate this state, try to correct his mistake, so as not to give birth to a Typhoon, which can destroy not only you but all who are associated with you, if you will not find a man, who will be able to stop this process. Best of all, if that person is you.

If your negative thought came to man, then you must make this "dirt” Divine stream: "o Lord, take away from him the negative energy of my thoughts, its energy rain.” "Blow” him from head to toe and ask: "Mother Earth, take it, I'll give the benefit of this negative energy”. Then to ask forgiveness: "o Lord, forgive, people, sorry my mistake! Thank you, Lord, thank you, Mother Earth, for help”.

This way you will stop and return to the purity and all the harmony itself, moreover, will be stronger in spirit over the reaction of your Emotional Body that gives birth to these negative energy.

In addition to clean, you can say in addition: "o Lord, may this man be just your energy,” inhale and exhale to surround his divine power, that is, to make him good, strengthening its aura .

But I think it is enough to talk about the negative sides related to the growth of the God-man, a man with external ordinary human parameters, but are constantly in the Divine flow and able to work with this thread, to resolve any high and everyday problems (and helping ourselves and others)who understands the importance of compliance with Cosmic Laws, which exclude the possibility of doing good to one person by another.

What happens at the time of the acts of the divine? Have in mind not only spiritual but also material acts. The power of the God-man, living in the spirit is that he is not just a man - conductor thread a divine energy, and Being able to refer to this thread asking permission of any situations, in terms of life or human health. And the power of such a personality is that he must be aware of WHAT is happening in the moment of rendering assistance to yourself and others, to enter a certain state, to most efficiently perform through all the energy and send them to the solution of the question. This can be prediction, advice, healing, vision, prevention of accidents, the creation of cells, organs and the revival of the human body to life (the resurrection), Teleporthezia and levitation in the stream. Of course, all this is not just crucial individual skills, the description of which are beyond our article, but it is real. And man, coming to this knowledge, the Lord will give them when it is ready.

Now we can only say: "Cultivate in his soul, and nurture and be careful to that flower, which we call LOVE. Everything else will come, as your erection”.

But most importantly, once again, the Soul of man, gone with the incarnation, enriched with spiritual energy increased its power energy of love, has the opportunity of the World Fire to get into the World of Love and Devotion and become IMMORTAL PERSONALITY. Since the World is already subject to others, not to the Earthly laws, and soul, got in it, finish your spiritual growth through the birth, life and death in the Material World. But development continues in the friendly family, where they live High Representatives of all earthly religions and Spiritual Personalities, who attained perfection on Earth. Exactly, this Association is called God - the Spiritual Mind of the Earth, which will gather in the end, all the Souls, vzroslie on our planet.

Parlamentarne Body. It is above all six bodies, but is not the highest body of a man, and is like a magnet, attracting to their not very high, not spiritual, but the net energy of the universe made manifest, a prominent all: and your scientists and astronauts. Parlamentarne Body collects this energy and directs the 3rd centre - the solar plexus, which is open at the person from birth. It refers to this very important centre, responsible for the life of the human body and nourish every cell of my energy, but does not protect it, as too weak to be protected from energy attacks. Its task consists in accumulation of the energy and transfer it to the center.

Parlamentarne Body belongs to the person, but does not change them, unlike all other Thin Phone

Permentally parallel World is full of energy of suffering, which stands out for people in times of mass misery. Strong Spiritual Personalities trying to disperse and transmuted them not to fell again to the Earth, causing a new disasters and increasing the suffering of the people. Soul trying to circumvent this World party.
Other Subtle body.

In addition to the classical solids, which were discussed above, available to any person, I have received information about New Subtle Bodies, which appear as a result of work on themselves in the field of spiritual development. Introduce them to your attention.

Eighth body - the Body of Enlightenment. It is the energy generated by a man Advanced, that is, already held spiritually, who took consciously Cosmic Laws to obey them. And as the Body of Fire combined with the Body of the Soul, the Body Parlamentarne from the center of the solar plexus, new for you - Eighth body, the Body of Enlightenment belongs to the sixth man - Third eye. It protects him, gives strength and energy for further development. Body energy Enlightenment is not human, not the earthly plane. This divine energy of the high vibration of love, by its quality higher Body of Fire, Along with a Spiritual Body, but has a different structure, is used for other functions.

When you receive the eighth body, the person is under the protection of the Astral attacks. He restored a stronger contact with Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial, Galactic, a Spiritual Mind, which leads to spyschoolakadou the talents of man, until the time of private (hidden).

Eighth Body was given to all children born at the turn of the New Millennium and, of course, in the New Millennium. I want to say that many children already feel connected and the connection with all the Spiritual Universe. Do not be afraid of this natural process, and help using the knowledge that humankind already has. And, first of all, the attention to the purity of the Physical Body (internal) and Energy (karma of past incarnations, today's negative energy). For protection, the closure of all energy "holes”that was not the energy that attracts beings of the Astral plane. Do not be afraid of prayers always harmonize. These are not difficult precautions will help you to create a situation in which, Subtle World that child, will not frighten.

Ninth Body Is The Body Of Insight. It is connected with the seventh chakra and Mental Body. As with the previous, this Body does not have a specific counter form, but is in contact with the Mental Body and protects it and seventh chakra from negative vibrations. It is given us in the moment when he starts working on expanding their views in search of the truth, thus increasing and your consciousness. The mental Body is not able to ensure the full protection of human consciousness. It asks for help, the Lord sends this assistance in the form of energy, about which we speak. This energy has the same effect on its value, as a soul, but at the same time, the Body of Insight has its own mission and structure.

The task of this body is to Supplement the Mental Body, protect, and extend it to structurational qualitatively higher level.

It allows you to make more accurate information and in large volumes, without overloading of the consciousness and the seventh chakra. Of course, that the Physical Body must be prepared to receive and pass the highest vibration. In this period increased intellectual Outlook of the person, is expanding its vision of life, the ability to acceptance and understanding of all interested scientific concepts earthly plane and esoteric knowledge of any direction. Besides, this is a very effective channel receiving any energy, not only mental focus, but also the different abilities and skills, in terms of spiritual work.

This Body is in tens times increases the speed of adoption of information and the ability to learn new practical knowledge based on intuition of the person. In other words, increasing the relation of the mind and consciousness, and the positive comes alive the memory of the soul, that is read by the human mind. And, therefore, is the inclusion of positive karmic experience of man in life and go on. The increase of former abilities, under the invigorating impact of the Ninth body.

Tenth the human body is the Body of Desires and Skills of the Divine. It refers to a Heart man and appears only in people who are able to love everyone, the whole world and all beings that fills this world. This Body is the biggest in size and abilities to the fulfillment of miracles than all the above listed, as it is, in fact, is part of the body of our Lord the Father, that is, energy is already Galaxy Spiritual. And is given only to the people who have the power of the heart chakra at the level of the Galaxy. This Body, of course, plays the role of a defender is not only the heart chakra, but of the whole human monad. Surrounds it from all sides. At the same time, it is very mobile and is not a kind of shell eggs, and constantly changes shape, size closing body of man and his Subtle bodies, but is always in the right time in the right place, where is directed blow, and instantly absorbs this energy. For a moment it may cover your entire body, but then again disconnected, remaining active and free. In repose it can be associated with the heart chakra in the form of a ball, several times more than the whole man, with all its bodies. Its value may be more than one kilometre away and go up high. And if it will change shape and will be a thread that goes beyond the earth's Noosphere, connecting person with a Spiritual Mind of the Galaxy, that is, it is the energy of our Father, and when we turn to God with a request, we can include This Body in the handling of the request. When 10 body given to the person, automatically changing his DNA, in a few million times increases its ability to work with the Subtle Bodies and human Consciousness.

Eleventh body - the Body of the Transfiguration in contact with the body of Fire and increases the speed of the work it can do. It is under the protection of the Body Tenth and accelerates all processes and achievements of all miracles that previously spent more time. Its size is less than the Body of Fire, the thinner it, but denser.

Twelfth man's body - the Body, giving the possibility of teleportation. It also joins the body of Fire and increases, thereby, its capabilities.

Thirteenth body serves to strengthen the qualities of the Body of Fire, aimed at moving of human consciousness in space and time, but also enhances the quality of the Body of Fire, which manifest themselves in various kinds of creative work, which is very important at the earthly level.

All of these newly established Body, the Body related Fire and Mental, will remain forever in the Monad and go into a new incarnation of a man except the Body Tenth (Body Desires and Skills of the Divine), which will narabatyvatjsya each new Person yourself.

Fourteenth body has the superconductivity of the Highest energies, constantly going, active, not relaxing for a minute. This creates superradiance state, for man - conductor and, if not learn to deal with it, you can just burn it.

In order for this not to happen, you need to constantly spend it to work miracles, always to help people. And the more God-man will be able to help people, the more it becomes a stream. And the greater the load is his body, the faster it ends its journey as a Man as a rational and enters into the Sphere of Spiritual Mind of the planet, becoming the divine Energy in the human shell. In this case, he leaves the incarnation itself, at a time convenient for him. This body is given to a person only by his request, coming from the depths of the soul, and passion is to help anyone in a difficult time for him. Of course, creating the conditions of their lives such that this desire might turn into reality. From the moment a person acquires this body, he becomes equal representative Spiritual Galaxy on Earth and performs the divine, in the literal sense of the word mission, using all his strength, for the creation of good in the world, to save life on earth.

Outstanding representative of this Earth deity was SAI Baba. Such a Person, practically, do not need sleep, food, except for not broke his Physical Body from stress and hunger. There's no need to restore the energy through sleep - rest and get from food.

Fifteenth body - the last of which we'll be talking today. It is adjacent to the Body of Fire - improves the ability of materialization of any kind of energy to a moment. Not having the 15th of the body, to change the structure of any authority of a person, you must first create a program that will then go restructuring within two to three weeks and even more, when you receive this body, everything will happen instantly. It accompanies the Body Fourteenth, without which it cannot exist.

And I would like to say about a GIFT that is given by God to man, soul executes the mission that God entrusts to him. This is done to Them, to strengthen Their relationship and communication of his Son with the person, especially in the period when the latter is still no sufficient skills with the help of bodies, of which we have spoken, but it already does a mission, approaching by the value and quality for a mission man with 14-th and 15-th of the body. This GIFT is called the HOLY SPIRIT. He is the energy is not one Person, and many Spiritual Personalities of the Galaxy, who decided to help people and given the Conductor possessing 9-13 bodies (the limit for which overlook only people, retired from his personal life, as SAI Baba, which is and must be extremely rare). People in this case has almost the same features of the struggle against evil in man himself and about it, as the owner of the 15 phone, but this does not himself, but, as a Guide, charge it to the Holy Spirit, which is, for him, the MAIN FORCE, PROTECTION and his moves to further spiritual maturity.

The energy of the Holy spirit closes the top Crescent society (as the Mental Body) any amount of accumulated human bodies, during his life on earth, then goes to his Spiritual latitude.
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