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Волшебные правила загадывания желанийProbably all heard that if something strong desire, then the desire is necessarily true. But in practice this is not always possible or dream comes true in a form which you do not like. Maybe it's because we just don't know how to make a wish? Let us learn, especially in Christmas week,it is very important!

So, the first rule. Formulate wishes, avoiding particle "no". For example, if you are desperate dream to lose weight, in any case not make: "don't want to be fat!" Say, "I Want to become slim!" And if you do not have enough money, not Canute: "they want to be poor!" Ask: "I Wish to get rich!".

The second rule. In formulating be precise. For example, if you make a wish to marry a Prince, it is better to clarify that "the Prince" is provided the young man one with you circle or national origin. And then you can make a proposal to the son of some potentates of solar Africa - and there is plenty of it! Well, of course, if you suddenly something exotic pulled...

Or maybe you'll think to go round the world cruise: lo and behold, as you already offer a place cleaners on the cruise, which departs on a trip around the world! You need this? If not, then phrase: "I Want to go on a cruise as a resting".

Tired of sitting in the office, you want to jump on the remote work? Be careful not to make too literally. Can exiled to Kolyma! So better make: "I Want to get a job without daily visiting the office".

The third rule. You must convince yourself that make a wish come true. To do this, first focus on your dream and then for a while forget about it, let them have the energy...

The fourth rule. Do visualization imagined. For example, do not simply say, "I want spacious apartment!", and in details imagine the whole interior of a new home, as you will note housewarming, and themselves in different situations in this house: what you eat, sleep, watching TV, chatting with friends and family...

Rule five. Say affirmations. Just say that the desired you already have. For example, "I the chief of the Department". Or: "I have a machine". Read affirmations are best in the morning, you barely opened his eyes, and in the evening before bedtime. In short, when your subconscious or not yet fully awake or is going to sleep: it gives the best effect. It is also desirable to speak all out loud, and not about yourself is more effective.

Rule six. Keep a symbol of your desire. For example, to dream of wealth - have prominently big bill or a gold coin. Dreaming about expensive car, buy it reduced model and put in his room. If your dream is to get married, but you haven't had a chance to meet, then hang it on the wall collage from your photos and pictures men that look like your ideal. These characters will attract to you the desired situation.

Rule seven. Make a plan to achieve the desired. Very often our desires do not come true, for the simple reason that we only dream about, but don't Shevelin for their execution. So, imagine, or write on the paper rough diagram of realization of your goal. Suppose, if you are looking for work, the plan may be: "to Go on courses of improvement of qualification, to make a resume and send it to the right companies to go interviews". I wish to open their own business: Save money, to register a company, negotiate with suppliers...". For a woman who wants to find a man, the algorithm can be like this: "to go to the beauty shop, buy a new dress in the boutique and go in any event where you can meet members of the opposite sex".

Of course, it is not the fact that everything goes exactly according to plan. Maybe you will find not through the Internet, and through a friend, a joint business offers friends, and the man you meet in the near to the house a supermarket... So be prepared for what life will make their adjustments. But most importantly, start to take at least some steps towards the realization of your intentions, and it will certainly happen.

Diana Merlin
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