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Человечество - продукт неудачного экспериментаThe mystery of the accident UFOs under rosellon for over 63 years old, but still emerge new details of an unusual event that far from us. Thus, there appeared the information that in the U.S. there was not one but three of a UFO crash, well and the most incredible information is that in August 1947 Indian reservation Apache tribe managed to find and cure the wounded alien.

What was silent Indians

Almost 50 years none of ufologists and never thought to look for witnesses distant events 1947 among Indians, indigenous inhabitants of the American continent, reservation of whom are in the immediate vicinity of Roswell. It was believed that they can tell only a bunch of legends and myths that would add even more confusion in such a contradictory set of facts about the UFO crash under rosellon.

Indians, in their turn, are not very keen to contacts with the authorities and journalists and even imposed a taboo on all the information about the fall of the UFO, because they knew where falling "stars", you will immediately see the soldiers that didn't stand on ceremony with by the aliens from the stars and curious visitors from the local population.
Only in November 1995, the German researcher Michael Hesemann has held a number of meetings with the Indians, who taught me a sensational details about the accident UFO in the distant year. All these new information he had stated in his book-study

Three emergencies UFO instead of one

The Indians claimed that in 1947 was not one, but three of the collapse of flying saucers: first fell near Socorro in early June, a notorious accident under rosellon happened in July, and the third UFO crashed in the area of the Four corners of Northern Arizona. This is not particularly surprised Hesemann, which according to his previously facts already assumed that the accident under rosellon was not the only one .

Little alien?

The most interesting is that after a couple of days adolescents in the area met a strange little girl with grey skin and gray, resembling a wig hair. This girl escaped con-
cycles with adults, but children played, although many did it - it was too unusual, it looked, and those who were in close contact, soon fell ill. In a week this strange girl was gone. Who was she? Its appearance coincided with the crash of a UFO. Maybe it survived in the accident a child with other stars tried to find help among people?

The most sensational information Michael Hesemann received from Indian Robert Morningstar, who claimed that from 1945 to 1950 in the United States crashed 16 alien ships. 14 of them crashed on Indian reservations or near them. Among the Indians there were many rumours about the fall of UFOs and even that came on them being sometimes remained alive, but died after a meeting with the soldiers.

If these rumors are true, then it explains a lot a tight veil of secrecy over the events of those years. After all, if the military instead
aid distress intelligent beings shot them, were taken captive, was captured by the power of their ships, trying to use for their own purposes alien technology, they have committed a crime against all humanity.

Saved a stranger

Especially incredibly heard the story of Robert Morningsky about meeting his grandfather with the alien. Dying grandfather bequeathed be sure to send someone your story about this unique event.

It happened in August 1947, one month after the accident under rosellon. Grandfather Robert, then young, together with his friends noticed a glowing Orb, which, in their opinion, fell nearby. They decided to find him, and managed to place the accident spacecraft earlier soldiers. The ship they found a wounded alien and decided to take it with you. "Star elder" (the so-called Indians of the stranger) sometimes regained consciousness and told me how to treat him, and in a few months have fully recovered.

The stranger was a small green crystal, with which he projected on a big white stone images, telling about its civilization. "Star elder" reported that between different space civilizations, alas, are war (remember for long the reasons put forward the assumption that in a large space can come only highly-humane civilization...), and those gods and devils, referred to in the earth and legends, in fact were strangers from the stars.

Made us slaves?!

The most striking information from his story was the history of our humanity. It turns out that we did not arise in a natural way, we have created (such a hypothesis had already made many researchers)to serve creatures from outer space, created by slaves for space "gods", and suddenly we become wiser and escaped beyond the scope of the experiment... unfortunately, "Star elder" is not informed, whether us again to seize or already left alone and just observe our evolution.

In the world of the stranger was not a religion, and life expectancy was truly astronomical time - in a few thousand years humanoid was considered to be young... Human body was created so that it quickly got old and broken, though we can reach age in 200-300 years with proper nutrition and good conditions. Why not created a more long-lived? Think about it, because too long-lived servant has much more chances to become too smart to get out of control, and this seems to be completely not included in the plans of space experimenters.
To believe or not to believe the story of Robert Morningsky?

Believe, maybe not necessary, but to consider this information as is necessary. For example, in the light of this story is clear that the arrogance with which apply to aliens abducted earthlings: experiment continues, Lord! We do not stand on ceremony with Guinea Guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, and monkeys...

Author: Llebedeva
Source: "Interesting newspaper. The world of the unknown" №23
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