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«Ярче Луны» комета 2013 года может стать кометой векаAt the moment it's faint object visible in powerful telescopes only as a point of light on the background of stars. It seems tiny - frozen piece of ice and stones, but her with eager attention will monitor astronomers from around the world, and a year later everyone will know her name.

Comet Eason may become the brightest comet for many generations, even brighter than the full Moon.

It was opened Ryaba speck on the electronic image of the night sky, shot through the telescope in Kislovodsk Observatory in Russia in the framework of the project for monitoring the sky in search of comets and asteroids. Astronomers Vitaly Nevsky and Artem Novichonok was going to use 40-centimeter telescope International scientific optical network (Ison), but the clouds prevented their plans.

When the images were obtained, Nevsky uploaded them into a computer program designed to detect asteroids and comets moving in the interval between images. He noticed an unusually slow moving and quite bright object. In less than a day new images showed that Nevsky and Novichonok opened the comet, which was named the Comet Eason. Database search revealed that it was visible on made by other telescopes images in the beginning of this year and at the end of 2011. These observations allowed us to calculate its orbit, and when astronomers did, they choir broke, "Wow!".

By the end of summer the comet can be seen in small telescopes and binoculars. By October it will take place close to Mars, and will start to Wake up. Its surface will begin to shift in response of ice on exposure to heat, you will begin to see the cracks, and from there appears a tiny strip clubs, forming a tail of a comet.

Slowly at first, but as the passing close to Earth, natural gas and dust geysers will increasingly gaining strength. The space around the comet will begin to sparkle as the ice below the surface will turn into a gas and to erupt, reflecting the sunlight.

By the end of November, the comet will be visible to the naked eye only after dark in the same direction as the setting sun. Its light is like the light of spotlights coming back over the horizon. Then she quickly slip past the Sun, passing from it on distance of 2 million miles closer than any planet, and going towards the North star, will become visible in the evening sky. It will be visible to the naked eye for months.

It is noteworthy that Eason is not the only exciting comet visible next year. Another comet called 2014 L4 (PanSTARRS) was discovered in the past year, and in March-April it will also be a remarkable object in the night sky. 2013 may be a year of great comets.
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