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Сакральный смысл чиселDisplaying decimal notation of the entire Universe. People in the modern world for the calculations using the decimal system, which from India through Arab countries came to Europe. The decimal system is positional number system on base 10 integer. It uses signs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, called Arabic numerals.

Scientists believe that a base of 10 related to the number of fingers in humans. However, in the sacred value, the base system 10 shows the lowest layer (octave) multi-level energy structure of the Universe.

Understand the sound of phonemes in Russian meaning of the signs of the lower octave - base ten, for only the Russian language in a simplified form have remained the original sound phonemes ancestors of the Aryans, the creators of this notation: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Clearly, the meaning of characters - to record the order of the increment of the potential divinity primary divinity "I am" (particles RA), which allows it to consistently change their status in the form of adequate numbers of which is formed of the lower octave of divinity, otherwise, quantum field.

The following ten digits shows the ascension "I am the" next octave - more than a thin layer of the Space energy of the Universe. And so on and so forth to the Subtle energy Layer, where is the Supreme Deity (let's call Him RA).

So, the first number is announced by the phoneme "" (RA I), indicating the minimum divine particle RA. Phoneme "two" means "Duo AZ" - doubling of the primary particle. Phoneme hree" means a tripling of the primary particle - "the RA". Phoneme our" - "couple RA" shows quadruple primary particles RA. Phoneme ive"obviously meant Aryans with the word "span" with her five fingers of a hand.

Phoneme "six" - "Sha is" means a bunch of particles "AZ". Phoneme seven" means "family AZ". Phoneme "eight" extension "families AZ". The number "nine" sounds like "now", meaning readiness "families AZ" to the ascension to the next octave energy. Finally, the phoneme "ten" - "de network" is a derivative of the word "to do network", i.e. to realize the entire bottom of quantum field as the totality of the divine "families AZ".

The next octave - second quantum layer of divinity is formed from larger assemblies particles "RA AZ", containing a total potential "families AZ" - the bottom of the quantum layer together with the corresponding potential condensation of particles "AZ" lower layer, indicated by a corresponding figure. Thus, we get ten digits - enlarged Assembly of particles RA, forming the second quantum field divinity.

Because with time phoneme "ten" simplified to sound "C'at']", you have the following phone numbers of the second row: "eleven" (one HN C'at']), twelve, thirteen, and so on until the final phonemes "twenty". Then formed the third frequency layer quantum field "thirty"as ten more enlarged Assembly "families AZ"obtained by combining quantum "twenty" with the proper sequence quantum "I am the" first row of numbers.

Under this scheme, formed the following is a more extensive and thin quantum fields, for the more in the Assembly "I am" potential divinity, the higher frequency of vibration. For example, have the numbers with the status of divinity: fifty, seventy, ninety, "one hundred". Here phoneme "hundred" (Sotah) means already a range of levels of divine Space, figuratively associated with honeycombs beehive. And these "honeycomb" - bands quantum layers are formed on exposed scheme, i.e. the addition of a sequence "I am the" from the bottom of the field "ten" to appropriate the amount of potentials, voiced by the phoneme "hundred".

Another example are the numbers: two hundred, three hundred and eight, four hundred fifty-three, ... nine hundred and eighty-nine, finally, a thousand. Obviously, the phoneme "thousand" - this is a simplification of the expression "That Sich" - integrated part of the Single RA, including a range of intermediate ranges, voiced by the phoneme "hundred". The range includes, for example, numbers: one thousand three hundred twenty-two, three thousand five hundred destinat six, nine thousand three hundred and other

But the Space of the Universe and contains a more extensive Ranges of quantum layers containing the above ranges quantum layers, as its structure. They are marked phonemes: million, "trillion", "sextillion" and other such result is a conglomeration ranges quantum layers that make up layered Space of the Universe, which can be modeled by a decimal number system.

By the way, the decimal system was adopted as the basis not only the image of the ten fingers of a man, but the way the ten energy centers - chakras connecting the quantum field of internal space of the soul of man, which are formed when lifting the evolving "causal body", or "grain spirit". The word "causal body" is at a certain position in the internal fields astral man appropriate Assembly of particles "I am"identified by the number of the top ten.

First of esotericism is believed that the astral man, there are only seven chakras. However, with the current increase in the frequency of vibration of the planetary Space of the Earth, people appeared three chakras, one of which is located between the heart and the throat chakra and the other two are above the crown chakra is Sahasrara.

In short, with the increasing vibration in our energy bodies are active chakra ascension... It is located in a dimple on the back of his head at the base of the skull. Grab the fingers back of the head - and thumb exactly will take place. Relax your head and shake her fingers back and forth, letting her energy will manifest. The color of the Chakra of the ascension - thick purple Light.

The energy of the New time activate in us also chakra Christ consciousness that is located at a distance of two extended hands above his head. The color of her - gently-mother-of-pearl... It reflects the peculiarity of the energy of consciousness of our Galaxy (and possibly all of our Universe!), for it is connected with our Stellar Ya

Also, we have awakened and activated Chakra of the I AM PRESENCE. It reflects the degree of our acceptance of your creative side and connects us with our Divine "I". It is located at a distance of three of the outstretched hands on the crown of the head. We can feel her presence, pulling up one hand and feeling his hand this space.

Obviously, this suggests that the ancient Aryans were aware of the fact that the person should be involved ten energy centers - chakras and Arias it took into account when developing the decimal system.

Gennady Spivakov
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