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Что могут земляне противопоставить атаке пришельцевThere is on Earth a man who would not looking at the night sky and tried to understand is there one out of a billion planets another like our home, where live the living and sentient being and contact, which sooner or later must occur.

But even if life in the depths of space there, then who they unknown representatives of reasonable civilization - enemies or, on the contrary, those who will bring to the Earth the new knowledge and thus stimulate the development of our civilization? Unfortunately the answer to this question yet give no one can.

Some researchers UFO phenomenon inclined to think that aliens visit Earth, but their goals are noble. They will help to find the correct answer in the solution of many urgent problems of mankind. Probably make each of the Earthmen and the society in General, healthier, smarter, richer. After helping the needy is the most that neither is the sacred duty of noble Superintelligent beings. Through the fantastic technology they will be able rapidly to cure and may be set on the right path poor our body and soul. Yes what there to speak, they will transform our lives in Paradise. Perhaps even make us immortal and will teach you how to sow the seeds of goodness on the other planets of the vast Universe.

Another part of the researchers, on the contrary expresses concern. And what if the aliens will want to seize the Land? Then, in a variety of ways to use the planet and us in his own selfish choice. Convincing solutions of such a scenario has already invented a lot. The history of mankind that is a perfect example. From heavy slave ages and up to the modern time, representatives of the powerful, often hiding behind beautiful and sometimes tearful slogans achieve universal equality and prosperity, made necessary only for their individual prosperity order.

It is obvious that the struggle for the notorious so-called living space and natural resources should never be discounted. Always better to weaken a potential enemy or even turn it off from the game before to wait until he gain the strength and will become a worthy opponent in the space arena. Fears entirely reasonable. However, it should not throw tantrums. Better to take a sober view that it is now possible to do until it was too late.

Either way refers to this issue, but, apparently, it will be an indispensable companion for our civilization until such time as the number of separate countries on the planet will not be reduced to a single - or until such time as these countries will not disappear main economic and socio - political need for participation in wars. And that, in General, not surprisingly, in the world of fiction is very different level, the theme of the fight against all kinds of space aliens, as a rule, quite traditional and presented in a completely savage, on the level of development of the stone age, with few exceptions, that the fight is not with stone axes and modern, more advanced weapons. We can recall the classic masterpiece H.G. wells, entitled "the war of the worlds" - this, incidentally, is one of the world's first works of science fiction of this kind.

And if to consider this issue seriously than the population of Earth can "snarl", if suddenly "brothers in mind" will show aggression? Each combat system must perform three tasks: first, to find the enemy, then take aim and eventually destroy. Today, up to 95% of the information on world around the person receives with the help of electromagnetic waves, as a rule, in the optical range. But creating a kind of "artificial eye" operating in optical spectrum was complicated technical issue is not fully resolved today. A breakthrough in this matter has provided active location with the use of laser. Today, tested system that provides tracking of space orbit at the altitude of over 36,000 kilometers. Quite a different matter that their reliability is still very far from ideal.

The diversity of our world, to our joy electromagnetic fields is not limited. There are gravity and a torsion field, could be something to try to fix with the help telepathic or neutrinos communication. With neutrinos, however, a controversial topic, especially as it is, in fact, commit? Telepathic communication, unfortunately, makes it almost impossible gridding.

If the alien ship will be able to manipulate such as space and time, we, in theory, have the opportunity to fix gravitational perturbations. Another question that such things can end badly. Thus, if the space alien spacecraft will appear within the earth's geostationary orbit, if they will not attempt "twisting" space and if their dimensions are more than a few meters, then to detect them it is possible. The second task is to take aim. For about forty years is that in natural conditions the airplane piloted by the pilot, cannot escape from anti-aircraft missiles. The question that guided anti-aircraft missile flies in a dense atmosphere, and the latter, as is well known, has a significant resistance to movement. The engine, as a rule, works only on accelerating the time of the flight. Next, the missile flies, like controlled disc. And just at the moment when the necessary supply of speed and maneuver, modern missiles will simply not be enough kinetic energy.

How to resist alien spacecraft? The first is to try to construct aircraft on a completely new physical principles, which are comparable to the flight performance "flying saucers". Strangely enough, but some work in this until fantastic direction now our country going. And their scale is quite impressive, although these results are still very far away. The second is to compensate for the lack of quality amounts, to use all available means in the complex.

Now in anti-aircraft missiles, as well as in anti-satellite systems, applied fragmentation of the military unit, in which the formation of fragments is operated, as a rule, they all eventually given shape. On the anti-missile remain out of competition nuclear warheads, and not only as compensation miss. However, x-ray flurry of high-altitude nuclear explosion charge burned into the control equipment. Moreover, the electromagnetic impulse coming from a nuclear explosion for a long time "knock" large areas of telecommunications and it in wartime extremely unacceptable. Military experts have come to the exciting conclusion: until then, until all this mysterious "flying dishes" flies - it is too tough. Indeed, for many years, multiply the legend of ships, aircraft, nuclear submarines, for which the attacking UFO ended fatally. But there is another side, it is believed that aliens are physically weak. This can be a great advantage. In this matter there and years of experience in guerrilla wars, and prepared special sabotage and controversions units. And if to believe ufologists and a special unit, prepared for the physical seizure of the aliens.

Yet there is an underlying desire to believe that representatives of other worlds send their intelligence not to prepare for war, but, on the contrary, to prepare for the conduct of peaceful dialogue. This version I personally more impressed, because everyone understands that their technology and our, this is equivalent to the fact that the Chapaev division will go to a frontal attack on the modern tank regiment.
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