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Нечистая сила при полуденном светеSome spirits in the Slavic mythology could hurt people not only at night but also during the day. We used to think that the time for secrets and mysticism - is primarily night. At this time of day, dark silhouettes illuminated ghostly moonlight, sneaking some shade, creak of the floorboards and mysteriously howling wind. Same day as it is not particularly suitable for mysteries. See, the sun is shining, no mysteries.

However, in Russia knew one of the devil, whose time was very day. Moreover, not just a day, and at noon when the sun stands high above his head. This is a time of triumph of light, when the goods cease to cast shadows. Being intensified not only at the wrong time, but in the wrong for besaste place in an open field, where you can see everything at a glance. The name of the devil midday. Sometimes poludenniy (if it believed that he females).

The spirits of the fields in Slavic mythology was some subordination. Midday, or, as it is called, field, was among them senior. It was a family member of a house, and he answered for the order when seeding works. In his helpers went poludenniy - perhaps a relative of mermaids (anyway, tickling travelers midday loved like mermaids).

And the South, and the field could not tolerate those who work in the afternoon, and could punish deprivation of reason. These children Slavic mythology - minor deities associated with the earth and fertility, so people's imagination and settled them, that is, in an open field. Poludenniy was responsible for growing rye, wheat and oats, followed closely by people who came into their possession, and it is not like when people stayed to work in the field in the afternoon.

Poludenniy were not only spirits of fields and spirits unbearable solar heat, in the scorching heat that the sun poured upon the earth, maximum climbing high into the sky. It was believed that if the employee remains in the box at noon, he insults field of spirits, and those on the nature of being is not particularly evil, are able to kill him, and even to kill. Therefore, at noon, the peasants did not work, it was prohibited. Poludenniy could catch. But could not catch - man stopped and could not tear from their eyes.

Poludenniy could be in the image of beautiful maidens with long blonde hair loose, wearing snow-white clothes. Their eyes shone with an unearthly coming blue (by the way, cornflowers sometimes called "poludnitsyn eye "). If poludenniy ran a passerby, he should pray, and if I sat in the field bite to eat, then part of food was left in the victim being white and pale beauties.

Not only charmed by the beauty of Oludeniz, but also dance. There was a legend that the spirits of heat love to dance and have achieved extraordinary skill in this matter. If suddenly accidentally caught in the field, the girl will meet Oludeniz and it will periplasm, that would give her untold wealth as a dowry.

But in General, meetings with polydentate didn't. Wealth is a good thing, but can a life to give, warned beliefs and advised him to be careful young mothers who took in the field of newborn children. Legends warned that left at between child poludenniy can drag to himself or to tickle to death.

Poludenniy were born by people not just. Obviously, people who were engaged in agriculture, feared heat stroke. When the heat of the body is not able to maintain a normal body temperature, which leads to serious violations. For example, sunstroke is able to disrupt the work of brain and to bring man to death. Death, according to doctors, likely in 30 percent of cases.

Particular care should be for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. For them it can result in coma or cardiac arrest. Heat stroke can occur unnoticed. And I was hotter than usual, well, a little giddy - think, what in the heat does not happen. Suddenly, a man could fall to the ground and lost consciousness, or to begin to see what is not, to talk to the air, to behave wildly and strange.

Because a reasonable explanation of this people have not seen, and they invented Oludeniz, who allegedly attempted to human volshbu and tortured him. Could, for example, be forced to answer questions. In this they are a bit like the Sphinx, Egyptian monster loved to guess riddles. However, the Sphinx nebogatova ate, and poludenniy just squashed - cannibal habits behind them unnoticed.

It was believed that if one does not lucky and he met with poludenniy, then he has a chance for salvation. Because this creature was strong only in the afternoon, had to stall for time until the sun will come out of Zenit, for example, very slowly, thoroughly and boring to answer questions. As soon as the afternoon passed, and poludenniy disappeared, and the man remained unharmed. If poludenniy had won, it would turn a man into a being like themselves - did his spirit fields.

Oludeniz in Slavic mythology was opposed to the character of the so-called Myotis. This is also spirits were female. But poludenniy were, in principle, harmless. There were legends that they are punished only for the cause - the careless, wicked, lazy and disrespectful to the gods. Some researchers believe that poludenniy belonged to the category of guardians - divine beings, designed to protect something (in this case - crops and the harvest).

But Myotis were wholly owned by demons and divine origin could not boast. They were childless witches who after death is not calmed down and turned into evil. They were engaged in what, according to the villagers, were engaged and in life.

They allegedly stealing milk in cows and eggs of birds, choked Chicks, attempted disease and crop failures, had put a spell on babies, hit and pinched newborns so the children crying all the time and not allowed to sleep with anyone in the house (hence another name Myotis - krissy). Appearance they could be different. Sometimes describe them as high-haired women in black clothes, descended in the house through a window or door. But the bats could name any nightmares - dream worms, ghosts, bats, dried old men and women, Voronov.

Out of fear of bats mother was afraid after sunset to leave the yard diaper, to go away and bear children. They closed the cradle of the canopy, and do not wash the children and not washed diapers and underwear standing in the night the water. And yet surely surrounded baby charms that krissy could not come close. For example, under the pillow laid branch Thistle - this herb, as the name implies, have magic ability to drive devils.

Over the cradle could hang doll-kuvada is not stitched, but twisted out of rags, with a head-node, without the hard parts. On the one hand, it was a children's toy, and with another - the talisman that would distract the attention of evil spirits (persons from this doll, incidentally, was not). First kubatko mother did the child, when he was still pregnant, and in the manufacture never used needle or scissors. Sharp objects, apparently, was associated with something negative.

Donativa child, mother gave a little doll with him in bed, and then, when the child was born, doll went to his cradle. It was believed that rag kuvada protects the infant from the evil eye, diseases and two creeks. There was even a conspiracy that was said, when twisted doll: "the Creeks-Varaksa, now these zabawka, play with her, and the baby may not".

But if the child, despite all these tricks, still crying and sick, the mother could decide that bat is too strong and cunning, and because it is not for the doll does not Lisitsa nor thistles not afraid. Then arranged a special ceremony to the bat out. For this fumigated hut different plants, put on a box of dolls made of rags or diaper (to bat not slipped in the window). Well and held a ceremony for the expulsion of bats.

One of the women they did knife notches on the walls, boiled the water in the boiler and cut off a lock of hair from the child. Mother had to ask: "What are you doing?". And the woman answered, "I cut off, flying and cook Myotis". Mother was completed ritual dialogue words: "Geez, vari, the king will, stab them, so they never come back".

It seems that the moth is a generalized image of a night of horror, like beeches, which sometimes today frighten small children, if they don't want to go to bed. They say, will not fall asleep - then you beech come. Who is beech, is not explained, and the child himself is something that is very, very scary. Sometimes buku called Babay, or babyboy that, in principle, the same thing.

These spirits that frighten exclusively kids probably degenerate Myotis. Only Myotis frightened all without exception, and the beeches powder is enough only for minors, because modern adults don't believe in it. And to expel buku them at all in a head will not come. The most that will agree - do not power off the lamp (but children are usually happy with that - it is believed that beech't stand the light and only comes in the dark).

Degeneration - a sad thing, but it's better than to disappear without a trace. Of course, beech not as bad as Myotis, but still he is a creature that you know everything, don't tell anyone about buku anything not need to explain, it is a popular character. But the antipodes of bats, paludenice, from popular consciousness has disappeared, as if they never happened. They just cannot hold.

For example, a person lives in the city, goes to work from nine to six, spends all his time indoors or in the office, or in the cafe or in the apartment. Yes and field only sees the picture on the Internet or on TV - round asphalt. In the village of Oludeniz too rarely remember. First, it was a long struggle against prejudices and superstitions (right), during which many legends and myths were lost (which is sad).

Secondly, today the labor of peasants became mechanised. No one sows, does not plow and not presses manually - there combines and harvesters has a roof that protects from sun rays. Third, heat stroke ceased to seem mysterious illness that occur for no apparent reason. Known for its causes, symptoms, how to prevent it and what to do if it happened. The mystery was gone, and with it vanished and the myth of a beautiful blonde girls with blue eyes. And this myth, perhaps, a bit sorry.
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