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Эзотерика и Древние традиции волхвовWhen a person should only their own lusts - it develops by itself, with no support in the outside world. When people follow the tradition - he finds a collective force. He was stronger than individualist in terms of Power and is capable of reaching great heights in Society, or in his Art form.

Living alone, is a weaker power, but to a certain extent freer. This freedom is twofold: either it destroys the person, or gives unlimited possibilities... both are worthy of attention. The way human Harmony is following both ways...

Now a lot of literature, offering different philosophical approaches, methods, the complexes of physical exercises, autogenic training, finally, herbal and other healthful recipes. It would seem that it is easier - take, read, apply! But here is the catch, which is not suspects gullible reader who decided to change their life or to cope on their own with their problems from the book. Without the presence of the forces of these recipes and techniques can not only be of no effect, but sometimes harmful.

Where to get the power? How to make their classes more effective? To do this, just need to follow the tradition, to accumulate power in a bitter lessons Wizards, bearing the knowledge of the traditions of his disciples.

In Russia, the speaker of the ancient traditions are the Magi and their contemporary followers. Magi is ancient scientists, bearers of knowledge, teachers in the ancient pre-Christian Russia. They observed and studied the World, giving people a part of the knowledge that was necessary to them, every man at desire got what you want it to him and it is in a specific situation. The wise men gave their knowledge followers in full, so they continued to bear the weight of tradition. A long time had to pass teaching in secret, without the dedication to penetrate the secrets of the knowledge of others could not.

Today this knowledge is made available to people in different theological schools and directions. Modern man has lost the ability to comprehend Information and the surrounding World, so you need to spend time developing themselves, their abilities, intelligence, to know and to be aware of these nuggets of knowledge.

Why do we need knowledge of the Magi today? People pursue illness, accident, depression... And the fear of old age is a scourge of the modern man! All aim to keep all the forces of youth, ageing is not in fashion! Spend huge funds in search of "potions" youth, especially rich people and people who own power (sorry to lose because that is all!). Having joined the ancient practices of the Magi, you begin to understand the laws of the Universe, the World, and this, in turn, extends the world, gives power to solve problems, learn to avoid difficult situations, opens the way forward.

The knowledge of Russian of the Magi is the understanding of the body, mind and spirit, as a whole, the way of the wise men is the search of the spirit, it is the way of direct communication with Nature and the forces of the spirit.

The teaching of the ancient Magi relies on the concept of human energy field and power centers.

Methods of healing of soul and body in the tradition of the Magi is working with energy field: search prints in the energy field and definition of the General condition of the person, cleaning of dense energy, expansion of the luminous energy fields and much more ...

Each of us has the energy field surrounding material body and fills the entire body is exactly the same as the magnetic field, which causes iron filings to take certain direction.

Energy field existed before time began. Once it was one with the unmanifest light Exists and remains the same in all of infinity. This field is outside of time, but manifests itself in it, over and over again creating all new material body.

Imagine that we are wrapped in transparent rainbow sphere, iridescent blue, green, Magenta, and yellow sparks, spreading to the arm's length from the body. The skin twinkle flows Golden glow, the current along the acupuncture meridians. Between the skin and membrane Energy Field whirl sparkling vortices merging in the whirlpools of light. This container, the life force of the present animated ocean energy; he needed for life not less than oxygen and nutrients, which carries blood.

The energy field is the purest and the most precious source of life. When the energy reserves of the field are being depleted by the disease, poisonous substances in the environment or stress, disturbed our health. Bridging the energy reserves, we return a health and vitality, extended the time an active and fulfilling life.

Modern people have lost the ability to feel the World, to understand its nature. We need to learn it again. And to help their children and parents. It's taught the practice of traditions, coming from the ancient times. Knowledge of the ancient Magi be needed today.
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