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Планета взбунтоваласьSomething strange is happening on our planet: the species that until recently relatively peacefully coexisted with Homo sapiens, rose up, as if wanting to disturb the existing balance.

Last summer shark attacked the longest coastline of Sharm El-Sheikh, held in fear is not accustomed to the exotic Primorye there again this summer. The three-meter predator reached the East coast of South Korea, where never been found.

In the Gulf of Eilat and New Zealand rebelled peaceful dolphins. The most dangerous for a person jellyfish-Aurelia filled all the beaches in America and Europe before they were found in small water bodies. Yes that sharks-jellyfish - in peace cities can be attacked by evil creatures.

The inhabitants of Odessa in the morning on the streets - crows attacked them directly from heaven. Similar cases were recorded in Yoshkar-Ola, Vladimir, Moscow. First birds attacking people in the parks - apparently defended their nests. Then they began to arrange attack right in city backyards. Teenagers stole flying monsters older woman - those were islevli her face in the blood. Another victim of the attack took ambulance: a 50-year-old man birds broke his head.

Several years ago, a similar misfortune fell upon the people of Germany - furious crows tried to seize the passers-by in the hair and rip off the scalp. As the population of the capital of Australia is Canberra few months haunted insane corecipient attack in packs, strive to remedy in the head or aim straight in the eyes - just as in the Thriller Alfred Hitchcock's "the Birds". The Director was shooting his horror under the impression from the article in the newspaper, where it was described as a flock petrels flew into town near San Francisco.

Birds got into the house through the chimney, was made an assault and even more vicious the sight of blood, when someone tried to shoot.

Forgotten for years cockroaches returned to the capital - in many parts of the Muscovites complain about the unexpected guests. Neither proven folk remedies, nor modern chemicals they are not accepted. During the millennia of existence on Earth, having survived several global disasters, falling asteroids, the beetles have become invulnerable. As with rats, those anywhere from the capital not left long ago became a part of Moscow entrances and points of public catering.

It is established that these creatures are endowed with the collective mind, monstrously prolific and will probably outlive us all.

Among our enemies were suddenly bee - man himself has created such a variant. In the 50-ies of the last century genetics engaged in breeding of breed bees are able to survive in the tropics Brazil. The source material was taken in Tanzania. But the material was scattered, spreading everywhere fear and terror. Bees attack on the victim Roy, leaving no chance for survival. Even a small amount of toxin that when you bite into the blood of the animal or human, can lead to a lethal outcome.

Abnormally hot summer 2010 angry bees filled in Nizhny Novgorod. Stung on the street - scientists say, of doing nothing: in the heat pollinated plants do not produce nectar and "unemployed" bees contracted from idleness. A month ago in Thailand enraged bees have bitten the monks of one of the temples of Chiang Mai. Hospitalized 76 people, 19 of them in serious condition. Rector of the Church Chedi Luang was surprised: bees attacking the monks were held at the Church before, but there were no such incidents.

All of a sudden bees swarmed car

But residents Sadia in India in the state of shock led poisonous spiders. Giant arthropods literally dug into the skin. Attacking the city, suddenly disappeared.

Biologists say another strange fact: forest animals reached for human habitation. Bears in the Tver region that winter is not in dens, and in abandoned huts. Non-aggressive appearance bears from Siberia, going to the people not for food, but it is not clear why. Huge, tailless, leading unaccountable terror wolves near Arkhangelsk. Not less strange wolves, kept at Bay residents of the Crimea. Sprung and have gone nowhere. Like werewolves.

Terrible wolves - that is understandable. But what wasp bit phlegmatic, peaceful elks? A few years ago on the outskirts of Saratov elk hit a hoof in the stomach of the woman, the man broke the ribs, and then smashed cars. Last year about a similar incident told Penza newspaper: animal impaled woman. In Sweden there was a case when the elk kicked the horns of a boy, playing in the garden. Brutal act piled on fermented apples - they were stuffed elk and drunk. But if everything was explained so simply.

Flash of aggression are celebrated even the harmless protein. A couple of years ago that was in Yakutia; in the off year unfortunates without food and really brutalized. Attacks protein recorded in Ukraine, Germany, USA. Proteins were not hungry, but also very angry. Like cats, for no apparent reason attackers to their owners, not all of them suffered from rabies.

The story of the cats-robbers will tell you in Volgograd, Izhevsk, in several cities of Kazakhstan. In the UK I remember when domestic cat was not allowed in the owner's yard postman - chased after him, trying to clutch at his feet.

Anomaly in the world of plants: in the middle of may in the Russian forests, the first mushrooms - a month earlier than usual. Not spring morels and summer boletus, deaf, chanterelles. Experts explain: spring this year, warm and friendly, for all natural processes beat. No, but every year is celebrated cases of mass poisoning quite edible mushrooms - all the same boletus and chanterelles. Why?

It related to the early harvest"? Do neizvestnosti to dig deeper, we reach the bacteria they also against us. A couple of years ago the world had spread sensation: the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa can form a community, insensitive to all known antibiotics. And Israeli researchers have established the accumulation of bacteria have something like a collective mind - like rats can exchange messages. Scientists are trying to "persuade" bacteria not to harm people. And ask the question: is it always the bacteria were reasonable either so just now?

Why are they rebelling?

In the opinion of the Chairman of the International Committee on global changes of geological and environmental Elchin Khalilov, the human impact on the energy processes of the planet have led to the disturbance of the natural balance.

Changes of temperature and light regimes, animals do not have time to reset your biological clock and suffer, making inappropriate actions. Nobody knows what is happening in their poor heads under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, which creates the mobile telephony, which has embraced the whole planet, " said Khalilov. No one tracks the impact on behavioural factors of research - nuclear, chemical, bacteriological. It is not excluded, that the person to rabies of animals had a hand in the most direct way. Thousands of different cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies spend the most incredible animal studies. In secret laboratories are experiments on cloning animals, improvement of their intellect.

The military does not leave attempts to make animal universal soldier. Since those times when dogs were trained to undermine the enemy tanks and Dolphin - discover swimmer, it took a long time and probably for good reason. And who can guarantee that rat-mutant, trained, for example, to gnaw through the enemy's communications, not run away from their creators, survived and gave rise to individuals, intellectually superior to other members of the same species. The man himself has created the animal is left to wonder who else from the animal world will stand on the war path.
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