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Первопроходцы Огненного КрещенияAccording to esoteric sources, at present the mankind is on the threshold of change of epochs. The solar system is in outer space with other energy condition. The impact of new energies, called the Fire of space, will lead to radical changes on the planet, in particular the change of the human races. In the offered article we will talk about some features of the transition in the Sixth race of the physical sensations that in this period will experience people.

Began the period of preparation of humanity to the Transition in the Sixth race and therefore it is necessary to bring the knowledge of Transmutation to the broad masses to prevent fear, panic and confusion. Whatever happens - only happy to go through all the coming trials. And the purpose of our work, our books and articles - to explain the cause of suffering, thereby reducing the anxiety and pain, to bring joy to every home.
For the Great Space Experiment selected special group of people who Transmutation in fast mode and in a shorter time frame. "The hardest first. They bear the burden of the experiment" - it is said in Agni Yoga.
In addition to these pioneers began in organisms change now and feel very sensitive people, but they are not understanding the true reasons for new States, take them for the disease. Others will feel these changes later.

Not on the planet is not one person who will not affect started in 1990 transmutation conversion. These conversions today baffled doctors, and in the future will lead to the need for radical changes in the methods
treatment, as many of them will become not only ineffective, but dangerous for health. To survive, it will need to adopt a natural methods of health improvement, for example: system of Porfiry Ivanov. Because under the influence of hard radiation of space Fire will be a weakening of the immune system, the emergence of new species of bacteria and viruses. An obstacle in building a New Thin bodies will be meat eating and the use of drugs, such as tobacco, drugs.

So let this article will be a warning signal, an impulse for revival. Our fate, the fate of our children and grandchildren, the destiny of all people of the planet depends on the level of understanding what is happening.

Before moving to the symptoms accompanying transmutation changes, let's see how to react to these processes the Earth (it is also a living organism). Just talking about it now the prophets where the land rises, where drops and what are the conversion of the planet's surface will occur as a result
cataclysms. Of the occurrence of such period on the planet warned prophets of all religions and spiritual Teachers, who on Earth the Teaching of Living Ethics.
It is expected that when the Fire Baptism will change the composition of the atmosphere and the Earth's geomagnetic field, that is transformed all levels of the planet. This changes the dimension of the space, there could be a connection Spatial and underground Fire. Will also change the speed of rotation of the Earth, there will be powerful inertial processes, which will cause climate change and the fundamental frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth.
Will be different food and human energy, transformation of biorhythms of the whole organism. We should not think that there is a General destruction. Simply we will move into a completely new form of existence and harmoniously unite with the new environment.
If you spend at least a brief overview of the news of science, we will see that the epoch of global changes on the Earth is already underway. Today the weather information is rather like a summary from the front: hurricanes and powerful lightning, unprecedented floods and terrible drought, sudden cold and earthquakes. There has been significant warming of the globe, the heating of the water in the Pacific ocean, continues to erode the ozone layer. Increased diameter of the orbit of the Earth is reversal of the geomagnetic field of the planet. The pole shift with a speed 9-16 km per year, when considered normal multidirectional movement speeds of 2-4 cm per year. Now the magnetic lines of force are included in the surface of the earth's crust under a corner of 45 degrees, and were formerly under the angle of 90 degrees. The process of reverse polarity of the magnetic field of Earth is called inversion of the sign of the geomagnetic dipole.

It is possible to result examples of unusual phenomena in nature, when scientists don't know how to explain them. And this is recognized by many different experts from geophysicists, chemists and biologists to astronomers.

Now let's move closer to the body. In the transition period, our bodies will undergo changes, and we must be ready for a certain discomfort in your body, sometimes with strong pain. This commitment will give the possibility to successfully pass the approaching Transmutation.
My personal Fiery experience took place first in complete ignorance regarding the process of Transmutation. I heard it was something similar with E.I. Roerich. Over time, analyzing new state of your body, I noticed similar symptoms to those that were with our remarkable countrywomen. Now, after more than five years, during which I went through the various States, there appeared a clear vision and a clear understanding that this is not only my subjective experience, but also an example of Transmutation of the Transfiguration, is necessary for all people. Full confirmation of this came after feedback on our book
Entries receiving the Fire of heaven before the Judgment of God" and on newspaper station readers tell their status in the same words that I did.
When I started fiery experience, saved me the understanding that no incurable diseases, if only to treat their natural methods without resorting to means of the official medicine. So I had no fear. I learned that the person subject to the power of his spirit to cope with everything, including with any disease. This setting shielded me from a pipeline medical appointments, survey analyses, surgical intervention - what now are thousands of people health services.

All sixteen States, which I experienced for the last time, grouped by me in groups that share similar symptoms and their assignment.

The FIRST GROUP - disclosure, vozzrenie and ignition energy centers (chakras). These processes are known from the esoteric sources, in particular,some explaining to them can be found in the works of H. Roerich. They are characterized by high vulnerability of the person from contact with rudeness, ignorance.
Every sharp sound causes stiffness in the body. There is a phenomenon like the aches of the joints, pain in the tissues. The initial manifestations of the work of some of the centres, their priotkryta accompanied like a rotation of power, especially in the solar plexus. In these places there is the precipitation of the psychic energy of man, of its crystallization.
The centres are opened only in the expansion of consciousness. Next is their Fiery Transmutation. When this happens as if the synchronization of the work of the centres and centres of Space. This is accompanied by vozzrenie chakras that can go into fire if too hard or extreme exaltation. This is undesirable and even dangerous, because the fire of the heart can cause a burning crystal of psychic energy. This is accompanied by very strong burning sensation. Salvation in this case will only cooling beam Teachers, under whose leadership is disclosure and transmutation of the centers of the student.

Today is a very important disclosures and transmutation of the centers at least to the level of the heart (anahata), because a new Era of Love, and the state of love to man gives only running the heart centre. An open mind and an open heart centre are the gates of a New Era.
What contributes to the opening of the centres? Life, aspiring to the refinement of the senses, care and cleansing of the heart to the constant and relentless spiritual work. And it is incomparable with various special psychic techniques, which there is now a great many.

The means to promote the processes, refers hot milk with soda, Valerian and musk. It is not desirable in this period pour cold water, and the body naturally rejects it. But from cold douches need to abstain only in this period. The rest of the time these procedures are very useful and necessary.
The peculiarity of the disclosure and fire centers is also emerging insatiable appetite, especially after the peak periods of the process. Moreover, I want it cooked food, if prior to that was, for example, only raw vegetable diet.
Perhaps this is a way of "mooring"that man was cut out of the Earth early. Can also be plenty of saliva, strong flatulence, belching.

The SECOND GROUP - ignition parts of the body, the fire of the whole body. These processes remind the state, when people were burnt in the sun. At the touch of a body perfectly normal temperature, but it is lit. The skin, especially on the feet and hands, peel, thins, becomes like tissue paper. From the slightest touch can be damaged by even unto blood. Any clothing irritates users, it would like to strip off their. More or less acceptable only a soft, cotton. Appetite or none at all, or just want fruits, milk and sour cream. Fatty components of these products grease burnt cell membrane
of the organism.
To the means of relief while fire, and the short-term nature, apply cold water. As these processes may be accompanied by severe headaches, from the consciousness should be thrown everything but the thoughts of God.

The THIRD GROUP of space - operation on elimination of chronic damage to the body, transmutation and transformation bodies. Are they energetically with the Higher planes. This raises the feeling explicit interference in your body from the outside, as in conventional surgery. Later in that place may receive even scratching, as in the healing of the joint. These operations are carried out mostly at night, when most people relaxed, but still there are very strong pain.
The most important thing in such transactions is not to interfere with their carrying out, not to take any painkillers. It is all done for our own good - elimination Chronicles ensures the free flow of energies of space Fire in the body. Then his
the flow is good, but not disastrous. Now it is very important to have a good preparation of the body to withstand the complex processes of transmutation, without dying. That is the whole point is to change without dying, to make the Transition without losing consciousness, get out of your body,
as at birth from the womb of the mother.
With the use of space operations are created, replaced or
rehabilitated organs, glands in the human body. It is also through the physical body in a gradual its restructuring to capture new opportunities in the changing space conditions.

The FOURTH GROUP is itself transmutation process proceeding in a cage at the molecular level. The result of this process in the human body there will be changes that will lead the body into a new state and will allow him to abandon the use of energy chemical cleavage and switch on the power of clean energy Space. As of this reorganization of the human body and proximity of main events, scientists and doctors will begin to notice and to capture such changes. An ordinary person can it be observed in the use of food,the number of which will gradually decrease, and then the need will disappear altogether.

Presently there are people who do not want to eat, but they eat or through force, or about the habit, or fear that you may lose life, although I feel without food perfectly. Therefore, in this group you need to consider the processes of purification cells, which will be preceded by the transmutation because, without a purification of the inner space will not update any of consciousness, neither soul, nor body. Therefore it is necessary not only to refuse to eat through the power, but how to practice fasting days, the edit menu on the lightweight, plant. It is the conscious self-purification will be easier to undergo mandatory cleansing the Fire of space.

Energy transmutation is directed by a Space, not only beam - on individuals, but the whole thread on selected plots of Land. And then we hear about the epidemics, although they cannot define, setting the standard diagnosis of influenza. There are features such as persistent high fever, severe cold, suffocating cough, severe headaches. There are so-called neurological symptoms with paralysis of body parts, possible intoxication with complications of kidneys, severe swelling lungs, skin rashes. There are cases when there is a sudden inflammation of the lungs in the heat, can even begin to develop TB. The peculiarity of these strange epidemics is that the speed of their distribution is very high and no quarantine is not helping. Be affected by statistics about 15-20 percent of the population of the region, half of which are children.

Why children suffer? Maybe because of that they first of all must go through the Transmutation as yet not lost contact with the Subtle World. Because for them the Transition is softer.
After the first stage of cleaning, flu-like, included the second stage, an example of which can serve as a recent epidemic in the Rostov region, called the doctors "Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever". The symptoms of this stage, the stage of deeper cleaning, manifested in an unusual sensations bones. They didn't whine, don't you twist, the state is, though healthy, and forces no, even too lazy to move. Head, it is a very strong internal pressure. Muddying, nauseated, may be severe vomiting, fever, internal hemorrhage, the appearance of cold sores.
The patient's condition changes suddenly, a few hours all can go.

The FIFTH GROUP is the process of creating a new body under the influence of energy transmutation of nature. This symptoms of physical and energy, like a pregnant woman. The state high and powerful vibrations, the state of deep fire throughout the body, which I call "chestnost".
This state of solid clot above the navel with lifting it in the inframammary region; the state of aging "umbrella". All these processes have their own characteristics, certain length of time, signs of the beginning and end
and quite visible in a calm and careful consideration of their feelings.
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