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Идентифицирован крошечный и на редкость красивый птерозаврFor ten years, scientists have ignored the instance of the young flying reptiles that lived in the late Jurassic period and had only 14 cm in length (the skull - 2 cm wingspan of 30 cm). It seemed that it was just one of about 120 samples kind Rhamphorhynchus, found in the famous field Solnhofen (Germany).

On closer examination, however, revealed that this is something new. David hawn from Bristol University (UK) and his colleagues gave the first of the unknown genus name Bellubrunnus, that is the beauty of Brno - after a German career, where he was found.

The tiny flyer tail more flexible and teeth are smaller than pterosaurs of the genus Rhamphorhynchus. And the most remote from the middle of the bone each wing bent outwards, to distinguish it from all known flying vertebrates living or extinct. Because of this, fly it wasn't easy, but few were improved maneuverability.

Confirmed that this is most likely a juvenile is indicated by the ratio of the parts of the skeleton and texture bones. In adulthood wingspan of these animals probably reached one meter from ramorino to which Bellubrunnus was fairly close.

It should be noted that the sample is well preserved, there is only a small fragments of bone. Paleontologists were especially struck by how carefully were laid bones of the head, taking into account their size and fragility.

The study is published in web journal PLoS ONE.

Based on the materials ScienceNews and The Guardian.
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