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Инвестируя в карму: как человек торгуется с мирозданиемThe inclination to do good deeds increases we especially when we feel in the hands of a higher power.

Worry about things that we cannot influence, is a sure way to become a philanthropist. (Photo By Robert Recker.)

Relations between people entirely Yes next are based on the principle of "service-to-service": we are doing something good for another in the expectation that he will reward us with the same coin. The same thing, though, most likely, in the unconscious form can be found in primates. But man has in this one irrational and not always realized when he tries similarly to bargain with the universe. For example, when we promise to behave well, if we will increase for the New year, or if a close relative shall recover from a serious illness. But this is the most obvious option of bargaining with the universe.

Psychologists from the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago (both - USA) have tried to ask, does this psychological installation on human behavior before and not after "higher power" will make their verdict.

For a start, the researchers collected volunteers who agreed to take part in the experiment, and asked some just describe your day, and the others to write about what they are worried, but what are they, themselves, can affect not. Among such situations that promised soon to resolve, were waiting pregnancy, waiting for the results of the selection Committee to the graduate school, waiting for a response on the proposal of marriage, etc., Written statement of the situation was also focused on it, and when a person is then asked if he agreed to work overtime to get money to send to help the starving or sick children, the desire to do good just hit a key. This man was not inclined to give up their free time to fun and entertainment, so it's not in the desire to escape, to escape, or to cheer yourself up.

In another series of experiments, it was about a monetary donation. And again, those who expect a certain result that they are not depended, were more likely to part with money. While the subjects, able to influence the decision on issue of interest to them, addiction to sacrifice did not differ. The results were confirmed in field surveys. Psychologists interviewed people seeking work, and if all depended occupied vacancy or not, people were more likely to charity. If the employment depended only on skills, the desire to do good significantly fell.

The results of the research psychologists have described in the article with the speaker called "Investing in Karma. When Wanting Promotes Helping" (it is published in the journal Psychological Science). The authors note that such "investing in karma" raised optimism and the General mood: doing well, we kind guarantee a favorable outcome of the case that, as they say, can not but rejoice. On the one hand, this means that people in General are not so selfish - it is true that egoism has turned into altruism, people must feel "the limits of their powers". On the other hand, it reminds me of the vows that believers give to the gods, so in this sense, even inveterate atheists can be called religious people. It would be interesting to go further and find out what happens with a sharpened "virtue" in the case of a negative outcome, but such an experiment risks go beyond humanity and political correctness.

Prepared on materials of the Association for Psychological Science.
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