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Новые Дети - дети БогаA few years ago people began to talk about children "new type"are very different from children of previous generations. They have highly developed consciousness and high susceptibility. They are intolerant of insincerity and hypocrisy. Their wisdom is admirable - they have already found their answers to the deepest questions of life and are ready to share them with everyone...

They are inspired little new inhabitants of the old world, who know Who God is and Who they are. Around the world, these children tell who they were before... They feel the divine energy and suggests. They see Angels and creatures that have no predecessors - they are not from our world and in the movies will not see them.
Adults called them " the Indigo Children. So they were named by the colour of the aura, which saw over them clairvoyants. World spoke about these children loudly. About them began to write articles and books, to publish journals and create Web sites, they began to explore and test, trying to find new methods of communication and education unusual generation. Adults still get lost in conjectures about the destiny of these children and have only their assumptions about that.

So who they really are - these new Children?

They have often been attributed to all who somehow stands out from the faceless masses of their peers. Actually, not so many. And they truly are not miracles that they are able to do, and much deeper in their unusual souls. People call these extraordinary children "Indigo”. But The one who is entitled to that calls these children are Children of God, because He knows who they really are and what their true purpose in the scope of the Earth and the whole Universe.

"... This conversation took place in August 2003. The conversation between the parents of these children and Those who opened adults the veil of secrecy over them.

"You know how it was surprising to me that the phenomenon of these children began to write books. Here is one of such books has fallen me into hands. It was called"Children-Indigo" amazing grounds, which marked the children on the blue glow - clean and high emanating from these children. Many scientists, esoterics, doctors discovered the extraordinary ability of these children, their talent. But, like all my American, this book is not merely States the talent of these children, but provides recommendations for nutrition, education, training and so on. I can say that this book deserves attention only one page. Her words amazing Oriental poet Khalil Jabran. The words of his works "Prophet".

"Your children are not your children to you. They are sons and daughters of the anguish of life itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, they don't belong to you. You can give them your love but not your thoughts. Because they have their own thoughts. You can give shelter their bodies but not their souls. For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, even in dreams. You can try to be like them, but does not seek to make them look like themselves, because life does not go back and not late on the previous day. You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. Shooter sees the goal on the way to infinity and bends you so his power, that the arrows flew fast and far. Let your bending in the hand, the hand will be your joy". Khalil Jubran. "The prophet".

Better your children are never told anybody. And you will not tell nobody. For he definitely has defined the essence of these children - they with you, but do not belong to you, they are the future, which is in the hands of the Lord. And the Lord your fate so Flex that your children are able to continue to fly forward..."

So who they really are amazing children, about which so much has been said?
As appeared on the Earth and what role amazing place prepared for them from the Creator?

In these little creatures - the greatest soul entire history of human civilization embodied on Earth for the last time. They are evolutionary held human spirits, dignity past his hardest way for centuries, surrounded by the darkness of the Earth, having overcome the first stupenko spiritual progress, as defined by the Creator of man, and to take on immortality. They are great implementation of the plan of the Creator in this World is the spiritual basis of the new, evolving Universe. They are children of God, standing on the threshold of the Subtle world, and newborn angels of the new generation.

A small digression

The heart of the Creator is the evolution - continuous movement forward and upward, throughout the Creations of man and of God - the basis of stability, a living source of infinite development, guarantee of completeness, viability and immortality of the entire Universe.

According to the Laws of Creation, every cycle can be completed and accomplished only when at the end of the event it will return to its source. Thus the path of the human spirit will be ended only when he will return to his homeland - in the Spiritual. Devoid of memory about him in the transition to real (when his earthly birth), the human spirit in its development on Earth was to be transformed, to grow to the "bar" of the spirit, the angel of the first level.
The creation of this World, from the heights of the Creator to the physical worlds was descending half majestic Circle of the Universe.

Now on Earth is born the beginning of the second half - rising from man to God. And it is there - evolution, eternal development of the entire Universe, the source of which are of particular human spirits. Them a little bit, just a little, but value them for God above all the former of the earth's civilizations. They adequately tested on the Earth and all of life, the lives of their deserved to become immortal. Their souls now at last realized on Earth. They came to Earth at the turn of the Millennium these unusual children, not to notice which is simply impossible... And these are the children lurks surprising future of the entire Universe. That was God's intention is to create a civilization of people that would become the basis for the birth of new angels


"...It all started a long time ago, when the Earth first appeared man is a wonderful creature of the Lord at the junction so different, but one of the worlds - spiritual and physical. In this amazing His creation the Creator has invested little seeds come from the Spiritual World of human spirits. Then, at the source of his existence on Earth, not knowing how were the children of God's people is the first step of spiritual evolution in the physical world and the basis for evolution in the infinite Universe. Deprived of memory about their distant spiritual homeland, endowed by free choice, they had to live on Earth in polar world between Good and Evil in the system of regular tests and exams, God-established and They accept.

In the system of regular tests people had to learn to live and choose the right, following the high Laws of the Creator, who were forever etched in the soul of every man, and the memory of which people began to call conscience.
"Learn to listen to me thy soul! Hear me! I'm your unquenchable fire on a crowded, not always happy and cloudless to your home - the way to God! 't let me out, God bless me! And I will show you the way to salvation!” - sounded in every man's gentle voice of his soul - a little spark of God. But he listened to his soft call people differently...
From the very very beginning of existence of the earth were each human spirit before God opportunities are equal. It all started with a white sheet. But the story of his life then wrote the man himself. He did it invisible under the supervision of sight and the leadership of the two polar spiritual hierarchies - of Light and Darkness, with the rights and power was initially set. But almost on the first page of human history of betrayal at the hands of the brother of Lucifer fell highest angel of Light Michael, and on the Ground at first glance, unnoticed, but is almost completely began to rule the higher the angel of Darkness Lucifer.
Infinitely heavy was the way of man on Earth, shrouded in absolute Evil on "mercy” Fallen angel - Master of the planet Lucifer. The whole history of mankind was happening under his sign - history of evil, filled with wars, killings, violence, greed, avarice, hypocrisy, lies.

Based on the Lord of the experiment that was performed on the planet, tried Lucifer to create your own horrible world - a world without God. World without love, kindness, joy, and flight. Was waiting for the birth of new angels on Earth, the Creator of the world is huge, and did everything to prevent Lucifer.
Passed year, century and Millennium, and the way human in a world of evil Luciferama divided. Adapted to his Kingdom of lies and anger, was lost in it, gradually degraded and fell moral, existing unnoticed, Serenko millions of men alone, broke down under the burden of the power of evil, turning themselves in horrible monsters invisible on the service of Lucifer, thousands of others.

And only a few remained steadfast, loyal highest Divine ideals, conscience invisibly present in them, was tempered by the spirit in the unequal struggle and flew up. Only a few have the strength not to give up and to stand in the world of the evil Prince of Darkness. And not only to survive, but also to soar up into the mountain, to the Light with his head held high. Died, but did not give up strong in spirit with the highest unshaken faith in the ideals of God "love thy neighbor...”, did not betray God in himself and did not submit any human or spiritual angry Ministers of Evil. They did not spare his earthly life in the crucible unequal battle for the Truth, and more and more was tempered their spirit, and all higher and higher they climbed to God.

And getting closer and closer they are to eternal life, because the highest award of the Creator for the dedication and perseverance became for them the future immortality in the beautiful Realm of Spirits.
And now they are the pride of human civilization - high human spirits with the names of famous and rich, came to Earth children to permanently purified their souls. For the last time they came into the physical world, to leave him in peace Thin his creatures angels, new angels of the coming of the New Universe. That is what the Bible says: "these were redeemed from among men, being firstfruits to God and the lamb, and in their mouth was found no guile : for they are without fault before the throne of God” (Revelation. GL:4-5).

But have these kids on Earth has its own mission. They are a people of the future, the incarnate on Earth, the roots of which is kept in the past. They have highly developed consciousness and high susceptibility. They are intolerant of insincerity and hypocrisy. Their souls, sozvuchie harmony of the Universe. They are closer to God. Confident, independent, majestic, creative, with the deepest unchildlike wisdom and higher honesty they had also come to through their parents, through adults to try to change this crazy world. And only these children and near them them spiritually risen parents will be able to save a perishing world, returning him warmth, love, kindness, sympathy, and compassion.

The amazing fate of the parents, which the ultimate grace of the Creator gave to brief earthly way of Their most beloved children. They are the lucky ones! It is precisely them in anticipation of future events, events Supreme test of the human spirit, trust is the Creator of the most expensive souls to Him. Infinitely high and honorable now their mission on Earth is to be near with beloved children of God, to be their earthly parents love them, care for them, to bring them up to the individual and to raise them, to protect against all adversity on ways brutal world of Evil. Higher trust and reward of God - the mission of this. It is the path to salvation in a future revision of the World, for is not going to become worthy of it justified the confidence of the Creator?
But this mission - and infinite responsibility, and heavy own way, and the task is daunting, solve it - not the field to pass.

Its solution is the limit of all the forces and capabilities, on the disclosure of all the qualities of the soul, on the beautiful and high rise of the human spirit. It is not simple children entrusted to them by the Creator almost angels. And protecting and raising them, adults, perhaps unknowingly, exalted themselves. But there is another invisible, hidden from inexperienced human sight side of life new kids on old Earth, enveloped in heavy chains of Evil. All the powers of Darkness stand in the way that kids.

Because the return of love, kindness, compassion on the Earth for the powers of Darkness tantamount to a defeat.
All trying to do it to prevent new children of the new Earth to rise up and become stronger. Very subtly and sometimes imperceptibly are its servants, often masking the concepts of good and good intentions, breaking the fragile little people spiritually and physically, throwing them in the millstones of all the troubles and trials, manipulating consciousness and behavior of their parents. Therefore because of frequent conflicts, the complexity of understanding and terrible disease from lightest to "hopeless". Unaware of his many adults are turning to medical treatment of such children! Without understanding the essence of what is happening, renouncing our spirituality and seeking explanation him only in the sphere pragmatic material world, not listening to the spiritual sparks in the words and deeds of unusual children, adults in a hurry to cripple their medicines. The path leading to a deadlock. The way to health and survival of these children looks SOCOM otherwise. And many people seem to already begin to guess about it....

"In order to save our children, they should be allowed to save us from the power that we implement. We need to trust all new abilities, which now represent our children. Let us give them the right choice, we will not be afraid of them, like fire, may they come and will also help us let go forward, and we will follow them, let the little child will lead us back to that child, to which we will remain forever, vulnerable, and suffering, and toskuya of love and beauty” (Dr. J. Jordan, the American poet)
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