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Черные вороны рода ГабсбурговDifferent people at different times belonged to the representatives of the bird Kingdom in different ways. In medieval Europe, their image is generated the most terrible of Association, and therefore for the black Raven has a firm reputation of the Bulletin of evil. This is reflected in many tales and legends. Out of the shacks of the common people superstitions passed to the palaces of the nobles. Its own legend about the black birds lived among the well-known representatives of Habsburg, who gave Europe a number of monarchs.

Case on mount Vocals

This mysterious history dates back to the middle of X century. Around the time in Eastern Europe Kiev Prince Svyatoslav was celebrating their victory over the Pechenegs, the Khazars and the Byzantines. At that time in the South of Germany lived count von Altenburg, the first of the known ancestors of Habsburg. He was rich and increased his condition, adding to their holdings to new lands. One of such land plots were located near the mountains of Vocals. Earl made here a big game. He was so fascinated by the persecution of the beast that has not noticed, how has broken from his entourage.

Hot von Altenburg was at the top of the mountains, dotted with huge nests vultures. The vultures pounced on the graph. Dietrich struggled with a spear and sword, but barely a few birds fell under the blows, as in their place came a new one. Attracted by the smell of blood relatives, disgusting scavengers flew to the top of Vucelic everywhere, spinning around count as satanic hurricane. Dietrich was exhausted, and no help was given. And then he prayed: "God Help me! Don't let these vile creatures peck me!" In response to his words in the sky suddenly there was a noise, there was a strange black cloud, rushing to meet him.

As it approached the count realized that flock unusually large blue-black ravens. They hit the vultures and began to peck and tear their strong claws.
Soon it was all over. Body vultures dotted the slopes of the mountains. Unexpected saviors of the count sat on the surrounding rocks. Von Altenburg knelt and thanked God. After some time had come knights and servants of men. Seeing the corpses terrible vultures and after hearing the story of the count, they also started to read the prayer of thanksgiving.

Later, after his miraculous salvation von Altenburg ordered to build on top of Vucelic big tower that crows-rescuers and their descendants could always find shelter. Followers count vowed to feed the birds, if needed.

The prophecy of the monk

In the year when construction was completed a specified towers in the castle of count suddenly appeared unknown monk. "I have good news for you, my Lord! he said with a bow. - Because you are not left without gratitude of their winged rescuers, the Lord grant you his grace. At this moment I am prophesying, now not only you, but all of your kind will winged watchdogs - crows. They will protect people and crops, circling watch your possession. And you always can rely on them".

Since then, the black birds drove away the uninvited guests, whether robbers or hordes of rodents, slaughtered crops. Even harmful insects came not in the land of the graph.
However, nothing is eternal under the moon. A hundred years later, the descendants of count is not remembered for what and for what reason built a tower at the top of the mountain, Vocals.
Not recalled, until one day in those places did not appear Werner Oldenburgsky, Bishop of Strasbourg. Carefully examining all sides of the tower, he ordered to collect builders:

- Such a lovely place in the possession of my ancestors should not vanish. Here it is necessary to build the castle. And the birds I'll have a servant to expel - ease off or cut.

Local old-timers reminded the Bishop that the crows had once saved the life of his famous ancestor, appealed to the sense of duty, but all was in vain. And then the celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the large construction reappeared mysterious black monk. "Don't start work! - sternly warned his Bishop. Otherwise ahead misfortune!" Werner only has stamped her foot in anger and ordered the servants to delay the obstinate. The black robes of a monk swayed dashed up the sleeves and the Bishop thought it faces a huge enraged crows. A moment later the monk vanished into thin air, and only under beams on the ceiling resounded: "If I cast out birds, crows will turn from guardians of thy kind of messengers misfortunes!"

The nightmare of the famous kind

Time was passing. Castle, in spite of the warning of a monk, was built. Called it Habsburg, which translates roughly as "the castle property protection". Wealth and influence famous clan, as now began to call themselves the descendants von Altenburg, over the years, only increased. 1273 count Rudolf IV of Habsburg was elected German king under the name of Rudolf I. the Title of the German king and Holy Roman Emperor of the German nation at that time was considered unattractive due to various reasons, but the representative of Habsburg was very successful ruler. In 1278, he managed to subdue the Czech king and became the owner of the Duchies of Austria and Styria. Thus was laid the cornerstone in the creation of the Habsburg Empire.

Over the years, the house of Habsburg became one of the most influential in Europe. Dynasty rule in Austria in the period from 1282 to 1918, Hungary and the Czech Republic - in 1526-1918 years, in Spain - from 1516 to 1700, while in the Netherlands in 1477-1794 years. Among its members there were many emperors of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. So no wonder then it was thought - Austria aims to rule the world. The secret of the Habsburgs was the ability to enter into the incredibly advantageous marriages. Three men of this kind led to the altar of the first brides Europe. Successfully enough they were and war. And yet... all the representatives of noble families from the moment memorable prophecy monk black crows were messengers of misfortunes. Born even a belief: if you see in the sky at once seven of these birds - consider that you signed the death sentence.

The first effect of the curse had experienced the most Werner Oldenburgsky. Just a few years after the construction of the castle Habsburg over the coach Bishop swept once a murder of crows with glowing red eyes. Scared to death, the Church was seriously ill and soon died.
In the years of generous punishment of the French revolution, the great black crows were seen during the time of execution of Marie Antoinette. After this incident ominous bird every time arrived, accompanied by a Ghost woman in white robes.

The last appearance

Some of Habsburg tried to establish with ravens friendly relations. There is an opinion that the powerful Spanish king Philip II with this purpose, ordered to build a castle of El Escorial. This Palace, like a rock, stood in an open area. But its walls did not attract the attention of black birds. Approximately at the same time with Philip Spanish in the distant Prague rules one of Habsburg - Rudolph II, who was called the friend and patron of the alchemists. Worked at his court wizard tried to get the gold from base metals or create a homunculus is an artificial person. Rudolf II commissioned them to make a special elixir, with which one could understand the language of birds. But from this plan came to nothing.

Last time crows let know about itself already in the twentieth century. In 1914, shortly before the First world war, Archduchess of Sofia, wife of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in clear Sunny day was riding in an open car, suddenly saw a huge flock of black birds. Returning to the Palace, she begged her husband to cancel their trip to Sarajevo.

But he decided to be above the wild superstitions. But soon in the capital of Bosnia, hit his bullets suicide Gavrila Principle. During the assassination attempt on the street where drove the car of a young couple, circling a murder of crows.
In 1918, Charles I, the last Emperor of the kind of Habsburg, was deposed from the throne. 3 April 1919 the Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Austria has adopted the law on the deprivation of the Habsburgs all rights and about their exile abroad. Carl died on the island of Madeira April 1, 1922. In the day of his burial to the burial crypt of the Habsburgs in Vienna Kapuzinerkirche came a lot of black birds.
Since then sinister Voronov was never seen again.
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