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Разные полушария Солнца достигнут пика активности в разное времяRichard Altrock from the Research laboratory of the U.S. air force in new Mexico, specializing in the study of coronal structures of the Sun, put forward the thesis that the peak in solar activity, which is usually expected in 2013, in the Northern hemisphere, the Sun has already happened in July 2011. According to his calculations, the peak of activity in the southern hemisphere will be observed later predicted and will come only in the beginning of 2014.

Like, if you are interested, have already been observed: it is about the period called murderously solar minimum. According to some researchers, something can happen again.

As a deeper study of the surface of the Sun to its dark spots are added and other tools for research activity lights. So, Richard Altrock focused on the polar coronal structures in the Sun, resulting in his mid-latitudes in the beginning of each solar cycle. With the increasing activity lights and promotion of the cycle they are drifting to the poles. From the age of 76 latitude, comes the solar maximum, and after some time education disappear - at least it used to be.

However, this time in the Northern hemisphere polar coronal education disappeared earlier than in the South, in July of 2011, when neither of which the peak of activity, the scientific world had not even thought, because in comparison with the standard maximum number of spots in 2011 was not very large.

However, in the southern hemisphere stars appropriate education has not disappeared, but to the poles, they are moving very slowly. At the current speed of a local peak in the southern hemisphere will come in February 2014, which does not coincide with the forecast standard models peak, which must fall on the year 2013.

Stephen Tobias, a mathematician from Leeds University (UK), which specializes in modeling of processes with the participation of the magnetic field of light, believes that such a significant asymmetry of solar activity in different hemispheres is a sign of serious changes. "The change in the symmetry [in different hemispheres] rather typical for a minimum rather than a full cycle," he believes. A new study to some extent confirms their alarms reports about the beginning of a new large minimum, made some time ago.

Observe the minimum depth can match murderously minimum 1645-1715, when the Moscow river for half a year is not dumped the ice and St. Petersburg could be exploited as a port lower part of the year. Alas, scientists still have a good understanding of how low solar activity is associated with temperature variations on the planet. Some argue that the effect is negligible, and others, however, note that the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun in a much greater degree varies depending on the number of sunspots on the sun and can lead to serious changes in the direction and intensity of winds and currents. The latter, by the way, can in itself lead to things like the little ice age (the most intense part of which fell on murderously minimum).

The current cycle of activity similar to daltonismo a minimum. Below only murderously, us and promise some forecasts. Will the Londoners again to ride a sleigh on the Thames?

Finally, stands somewhat apart view Henrik Svensmark from the Danish technical University, believe that long breaks in solar activity leads to reduction of the sizes of the heliosphere and the increased vulnerability of the Earth from cosmic rays, leading to increased cloudiness and overall cooling of the planet.

Well, if Richard Altrock and Stephen Tobias are right, in our calculations, we will have a "great" opportunity in their own skin to be sure whether large minimum of solar activity can lead to a small ice age. With the forthcoming winter you!

With a Preprint of the survey can be found on the website arXiv.

Prepared according to NewScientist.
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