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Кто такие нефилимыInformation about the giants - high, strong, intelligent beings - have reached us since times immemorial. By the way, even in one of the chapters of the Bible in Genesis 6:4) there is scant mention of some of the giants-the Nephilim born from an ungodly Union of the sons of God to earth women. In the first Book of Enoch (13:33) the descendants of the "fallen angels" and does presented voracious and bloodthirsty giants, because of the excesses which the Lord sent down to Earth deluge...

That lived on Earth giants proved by numerous archaeological finds - bone fossil footprints and even amaze megalithic constructions.

So who are they - these mysterious Nephilim, the origins of which are still arguing theologians, historians, archaeologists and linguists?

Divine tragedy

From the Hebrew word "Nephilim" means "one who causes it to fall", the English interpretation of the word Nephal and do means "fallen". That is why "illegitimate" descendants 200 angels rebels who dared to go against the will of his Father, considered to be the children of iniquity. Having broken the Law of God, cruise fathers condemned the Nephilim on short-time, according to biblical standards, life is just 120 years. In addition, accidents giants were mortal, had no souls and could not count on eternal life in the Kingdom of heaven...

But that's not all. The rebellious angels was not limited to the carnal love with dugouts and presented to their "wives" Knowledge, carefully stored by the Creator from people since the times of the rebellious eve. As stated in the original sources, each angel taught people a particular skill: Azazel - military, jewelry and even cosmetic case, Amazarak - medicine and homeopathy, Barcel - astrology, Tamiel - astronomy, Akinyele - clairvoyance... 's arbitrariness rebels were subject to God's judgment, and cast down from Heaven into the abyss, where it is called to this day.

It would seem that everything is clear: there were giants, but were destroyed during biblical catastrophe. But not all so is simple. "There were giants in the land, - the Bible tells, - and especially(!) since that time, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them. This is a strong, long nice people". It turns out that the Nephilim existed on Earth long before the fall of the angels? Moreover, even after the Flood, sent to wash away unworthy of humanity from the face of the Earth, the Nephilim survived and multiplied. This is evidenced by entries in the Babylonian sacred books: "Noah was saved by God, giant, allowing him to fit behind a grating of the ark". Out amongst us are descendants of the survivors of the Nephilim?

The secret legacy of Nibiru

But perhaps it was much more prosaic and incredible. And to us not "fell"and... "descended"!

Through years of research largest expert in the field of ancient languages Zechariah Sitchin currently, scientists have sensational information about the appearance and development on the Ground of the human race through the intervention of alien intelligence. A careful study of the Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian texts and tables have shown that we are all descendants of aliens, who gave the people are not only great knowledge, but also part of its gene pool.

According to Sumerian manuscripts relating to 4400 BC, in those days the Solar system consisted of 12 planets, one of which was the mysterious Nibiru. Its inhabitants, giants Nephilim, gave the ancient Sumerians true understanding of the structure of the universe and its laws. According to the calculations, for the first time foot space features stepped on our planet more 430000 years ago, but to experiment on introduction of its DNA in the human gene pool of the aliens began relatively recently - about 100,000 years ago. The aim of the Nephilim was deducing a reasonable human race, capable of learning and development. Maybe it is about this "love" of the angels to the daughters of men says the Bible?

Interestingly, truly rapid evolution of humanity has been only about 4000 years ago, when in Sumer appeared the first great civilization "hybrid" people that gave rise to the States in the valleys of the Nile and Indus. Deified the Terrans the Nephilim were elected intermediaries between themselves and the people from among the rulers and priests, and it is through them passed to mankind their knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, medicine and other basic Sciences.

In the Sumerian lists of kings says about 10 generations of kings-the Nephilim, who ruled over 3 600 "balls". Given that one "ball", earthly measures, equal to 120 years(!), accordingly, the power of the Nephilim lasted about 432000 years. Then there was a global catastrophe caused by the flood, and the strangers for a long time disappeared from our planet, providing survivors earthlings almost complete autonomy, as well as many hidden bases for UFO landing.

By the way, one of the Sumerian "version, the cause of the biblical flood could be the Nibiru collision with one of the closest to the Earth of the planets followed by the formation of the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Saturn...

They return?

The question, what is the purpose of the mysterious Nephilim supervise the development of humanity, still remains open. According to one version, the Earth is one of many potential colonies intended for extraction of gold and other natural resources, on the other - saving base in case of possible accident on Nibiru. According to some Russian scientists, modern UFO may have a direct relation to the Nephilim with Nibiru, whose ancient underground and underwater bases still serve their masters.

On astronomical calculations, the mysterious planet-traveler appears between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter approximately every 3 600 years that the Nephilim means only a year. And now scientists say that Nibiru again inexorably approaching the Earth. What awaits humanity as a result of its regular "visit" - "long-awaited" Apocalypse or the new birth, - nobody knows for sure.

However, given the Sumerian evidence of the ancient catastrophe, it may be that this time Nibiru entered the Solar system is already desert... Maybe this is a new chance for our survival?

Source Stavropol truth
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