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Что скрывает наука о человеческом мозге?Since childhood, all of us, almost since the middle ages, taught that man thinks (and thinking?) it is the Brain. There is the world centre for the study of the brain and its functions. Neurosurgeons make subtle and precise operations on the brain. Psychology in collaboration with neurophysiology and physics investigate electrical and neural structures in the brain. And all this, as it were, is and scientific basis and practice. But, that's a very substantial body of evidence, COMPLETELY denying (or questioning) the main Dogma of the Brain.

With these facts in no way linked (no induction or deduction) integrated signs and brain function in situations of extreme character.

Any honest investigator, analyzing the whole complex of medical dogma and these facts and factors), would not have as the main version of the dogma that "a person thinks brain"!

The newest time in confirmation of medical dogma refers to "computer interpretation of the brain as an instrument of thinking", but then these versions do not explain almost none of the wonderful (?!!) cases of survival in conditions of giant brain injury, according to the data of the same medicine is absolutely not compatible with the patient's life.

Net Wonderland I'm in this article do not consider!

The most surprising thing about this story is that virtually anywhere in official medicine and human Sciences) are not even discussed alternatives to dogma.

Well, why not explore the version about that ... a real brain hidden in the trunk of the spinal cord, ... as long as life allows for the survival and without hemispheres and no gray matter?

Or, why not learn the theory that the brain is only a receiver-transmitter with distributed parameters, which ensures a high reliability of the functioning of our Brains?

Incidentally, even during the harsh materialism (and to socialism, too!), philosophers EV Ilyenkov and B. Spinoza had different views on the nature of thinking, modestly without touching the issues on the implementation of mental activity. Although the corresponding conclusion could be almost without any difficulty...

I thought these philosophers - you can read in the relevant proceedings.

And, it seems, they were much more right than conventional medicine.

All this resembles the conspiracy of silence"in which the truth to reveal not profitable. And, indeed, if the loss of half or more parts of the brain, and in a terrible unsanitary conditions and extreme circumstances, does not cause immediate death, but doctors know about it, but pomankevich,...

Of course, the glory of the saviors of life will always belong exactly to the doctors, not the natural structure of human body. No, I'm not about money grabbing write here, but about the complete powerlessness of scientific medicine, which in this issue simply ignored.

Medical science has just come into these matters in a remote stub. The situation is quite similar policy to conceal truth about UFOs.

Well, why, pray tell, scaring poor people the truth about the aliens, risking nothing to answer the pop-up questions about these plates and objectives (activities) of the aliens?! Be silent and fool the people much easier and more profitable politically. What we observe in practice.

Now, think on this analogy: A "healer" knows about "placebo" and furnish his "treatment" sick man of spectacular events and stories about his "healing science", will always have a significant percentage "cured".

If doctors know that in fact one does not think with the brain, and the reliability of self-regeneration of the brain is fantastic, why not to treat?

The only thing they do not know, because that's WHAT people are doing what THEY call thinking, emotions, mental level, feelings, talents, and WE are associated with a specific understanding of ourselves as PEOPLE...

And by this logic we should be, it would seem, jointly with representatives of medical practice and science...

But, something is wrong "there we go in our Danish Kingdom" ...

I suggest that, while IT could happen to You, THINK for YOURSELF. And, at this stage, in this case, is not so important WHAT you will do IT.

The result is much more important...this is absolutely necessary to understand!

The main thing is that the trial was going in a certain direction and independently, without regard to the official dogma...

Let's start?

The spear which pierced the brain, sawed from both sides.

The most incredible event in "liquid heaven" happened in 1996 to 29-year-old Oscar Garcia chirino. on October 14, he stumbled over the threshold of the city hospital with a head, "stitched" through harpoon fired from rifles for underwater hunting. The diver got there without any help.

Oscar worked as the inspector-catcher on one of the water reservoirs near Havana. That ill-starred day he with his friend, fished. Fascinated, mate Oscar messed up it in algae and mud with the big fish and sighting shot in the head. The misfortune has occurred in 80 metres from the beach, and the distance to the rescue station Oscar went himself. During transport to the hospital he was possessed neither consciousness nor coordination of movements.

Despite the novelty of the case, the doctors are not confused. They immediately began removing the harpoon out of my head. First arrow sawed from both sides, then durable stainless steel had to eat ticks.

This was followed by a very complex operation to remove "foreign body", in which the victim is the second time was in grave danger.

Currently Oscar feels normal and does not even exclude that will return again to my favorite business - underwater hunting.

Swordfish pierced the brain of the swimmer. Breathing and pulse is normal...

In the warm July morning 26-year-old Franco with his friend secured under water fishing nets. On the three-meter depth they saw entangled in fishing gear great sword-fish. Franco shot him from a harpoon gun and hit me in the head. A wounded prisoner broke network and rushed to the depth. Franco decided to catch prey. He donned scuba gear, took the gun and dived to the fish. She was lying on the seabed at a depth of about 30 m and seemed lifeless.

However, when the hunter approached her with a knife, fish rapidly rushed straight at him. People had time to react, and the sword was stuck in his head to the left of the nose.

Trying to break free, swordfish was panting. With a terrible screeching, echoed in the human brain, bone rostrum "swordsman depths" broke down. When the fishermen lifted on Board the victim, it was clear that his position is extremely serious: he was covered in blood, almost fainted, and the nose sticking out the chip of bone sword.

First aid was provided horribly wrong - his friend, trying to take out a piece of the sword mites, broke off protruding from the nose end. After that Frank had all the chances to go to the light.

An hour later he was taken to the nearest hospital Mazari del Vallo, where the victim did x-rays. However, doctors do not have taken the liberty to save and sent to a specialized hospital in Palermo, it took two hours.

Here is urgently convened a consultation. Surprisingly, respiration, blood pressure and heart rate Franco were normal! When 6-centimetre wound on her face was washed, it was found a fragment of the sword, standing up just by its edges. X-rays showed that the chip has a length of 16 inches and is situated at an angle of 25 degrees to the base of the skull, going from left to right and top to bottom.

The participants of the consultation found that the chip firmly stuck, and it nearly touch the tip of the vertebral artery, so any inaccurate moving it may cost to the victim's life, Remove the chip of rostrum fish surgically considered it unnecessary and dangerous. For extraction of foreign bodies strictly in the direction of its axis was necessary special tool.

It was developed overnight one engineer and several mechanics. After 13 hours of design, resembling a miniature bridge crane, was ready. It has experienced at such length and form a fragment of rostrum swordfish, which is specially bought for this purpose. Finally, after 38 hours from the moment of receipt of Franco in the clinic, the operation began.

For seven hours the doctors made desperate attempts to retrieve the sword, but they had no success. Position Franco was hopeless, on what the doctors told his parents.

On hearing the verdict, the young man's father pleaded to give him the body of the son without this terrible chip. One of the surgeons, who promised to do it, approached the young man and strongly pulled chip hand. And - Oh, miracle! he was immediately removed. After that Franco quickly improved and a month later was discharged from the hospital. He again began to dive, and only a scar on the face is the only reminder of the terrible adventure.

Three years later, brain injury... brain emerged, and it did not find...

In the autumn of 1917 the renowned magazine " Nature and people" published the article of Dr. A. Bruck " Can I live without brains? ". Here are some incredible cases described in it." Ten-year-old boy was wounded in the back of a rapier. A blow was dealt to all the rules " art": bone is fractured meninges opened, the brain ran freely through the wound.

Beyond expectation boy recovered. But after three years under the pressure of juices, prieksa weakened place, died: he became dropsy. Boy operated on and... did not find evidence of brain". This case is adapted from the works of doctor of Lusitanus, who lived in the SIXTEENTH century in Holland. For the sake of justice one should note that about him went speculation, and individual researchers believed some notes from his practice is not relevant to the truth.

Ulcer instead of the brain.... but died soldiers from another.

But the case described by the famous doctor Child. When the doctor worked in Algeria as an assistant Professor Brock, they came with Arab fragmented superciliary arch. Externally, the wound was not anything special. The victim was taken tubal, and he was released home.
Some time later, the patient recovered and became lead a normal life. But after a while he suddenly, without any symptoms of the disease, has died. The anatomic autopsy showed that instead of the frontal segment of the brain in the deceased was a huge abscess. About a sixth of brain matter was broken, and the process of festering lasted at least three months.

Month lived with a thin film instead of the brain. Nothing was sick...

In the abstract of Dr. Robinson in Paris Academy of Sciences described more unique case. An old man of sixty years old, was shot in the parietal region sharp end of a baguette. Thus emerged a little blood. During the month, the wound was nothing like about yourself. Then the victim complained of poor eyesight.

No pain man is not felt. Some time later, the patient died suddenly with signs of epilepsy. The autopsy showed that the deceased was not brain -- remained only a thin shell of the brain substance, containing products of putrefaction.

Almost a month people lived, with virtually no brain! How people can live without a brain, so that not to notice around? Why then is this body?

That the infant has no brain to showdown no one had suspected.

It is known that, you can always suspect an exaggeration of one of the parties to the incident, for example sizes brain damage, and to ignore others, such as concomitant behavior of a person with a brain injury.

To dismiss such concerns, please contact a significant incidents of this kind took place in this century, are gathered in his collection of American Frank Edwards.

In 1935, in the hospital of St. Vincent in new York, was born child, who was completely absent from the brain.

However, in spite of all medical concepts for 27 days he lived, ate and cried as I do all newborns. Moreover, the behavior of the child, according to eyewitnesses, it was completely normal, and that he has no brain before opening nobody even knew existed.

The tumor with a brain the size! What thought 14 year old boy?

In 1940 Dr. Augustine Iturriza made a sensational statement in the Anthropological society in Sucre (Bolivia) and set his colleagues faced with the dilemma that still remains unanswered.

He and Dr. Nicholas Ortiz long explored the history of the 14-year-old boy, patient of the clinic of Dr. Ortiz.

Teenager there was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain. The young man was in full conscience and kept the consciousness until his death, complained only of a headache.

When pathologists made an autopsy, they were amazed.

All brain mass was completely separated from the internal cavity of the skull. Big bubble has captured the cerebellum and the part of the brain. It begged the question: what is thought the boy? The conundrum faced by doctors Ortiz and Iturriza, was not so puzzling, as the one, whom he met well-known German expert in the field of brain Jutland.

Smart patient with 327 grams of water instead of the brain...

The conundrum faced by doctors Ortiz and Iturriza, was not so puzzling, as the one, whom he met well-known German expert in the field of brain Jutland.

He reviewed all his previous views after opening the skull of a man who was paralyzed.

Patient until the last minute kept all mental and physical abilities. The result trepanation was stunning: instead of the brain in the skull of the deceased was only 11 ounces* water. (Ounce -- 29,86 g)

The beam 70 billion e/volts in the brain (200 thousand x-ray!)..., and he's alive!

In 1978, in the suburban town of Protvino happened just fantastic event.

The proton accelerator occurred some problems. Anatoly Bugorski decided to eliminate them.

But for some reason it is not blocked equipment, and head physics " flashed" proton beam with a capacity of 70 billion electronvolt.

The charge of exposure that took researcher, is estimated at 200 thousand x-ray! We just had to be burned brain, and he, in all the medical canons, had to die.

However, Anatoly Bugorski lives, works and even riding a Bicycle and plays football. After this horrible accident on his head left two holes: one on the back of his head, the other near the nose.

Conceived (what?) and made - the human race... without a head.

And, in Germany, under king Ludwig Bavarian in 1336, during the time of execution of Diez von Shaunburg happened this event. Diez, being convicted of rebellion, brought the king word that he will have mercy on four ordinary members of the rebellion, if he (Shaunburg) without heads will run past them (simple warriors), delivered in a row.

And the king had to keep his word given convict for all the people, as Diez von Shaunburg really ran past all four mercenaries, delivered through eight steps.

Meaningful action after the execution lasted 3 minutes!

The case occurred in 1528 in the city of Radstadt. There innocently condemned monk proved his innocence to the fact that in three minutes after the execution he turned over, gently lay down on his back, folded his arms on his chest and settled down for ever.

About this and other awesome cases can be read in literary-historical anthology "Russkaya Starina", issue 2 (M, Profizdat, 1992) and in the book, Dyachenko "the Spiritual world" (M., 1990). The events provide information to the most serious reflections.

Killed brainless ... dropsy, 3 years later.

The reason for one of the scientific discussions on the theme of the brain was just an official medical certificate (also historical. She came to us from the XVI century in the presentation of Dutch doctor of Lusitanus. Here are its contents: "Ten-year-old boy was wounded in the back of the rapier... Brain flowed freely through the wound.

Beyond expectations the boy was made well. But after three years, under the pressure of juices flowing to the weakened the place, and he died; he became dropsy". Characteristically, about pokrasnenie consciousness for three years is not reported.

What happened next? "The boy operated on and found no sign of the brain. The first shell brain like split, and the formed cavity contained quite clear liquid".

Expression of feelings .... when priori no brain

The Soviet Professor S. M. Blinkov, commenting article Buka "is it Possible to live without a brain?" in the journal "Science and religion" (№ 9, 1988). Based on the latest data of neurosurgery confirmed that "from the crowd, for example, 1300 brain for life support (first of all - independent breathing) is a relatively small Department with a mass of about 130, This is so - called the brain stem, located in the depth of the skull on the transition brain to the spinal cord."

Professor personally watched anencephaly (brainless) baby with birth defects. "He breathed yourself, sleep alternated with wakefulness, could suck the nipple, pain irritation he had facial expressions of displeasure and complacent expression in comfortable conditions."

Note to myself complacent expression of feelings (in the absence of the brain) and listen further.

The left hemisphere with the centers of speech has deleted and ... got linguistic talent
"Four years ago a certain little girl from Holland have had a difficult operation because of neiroinfectia (diagnosis of the syndrome Rasmussen). She removed the left hemisphere of the brain, which is still considered are language centers.

Today, the child is striking doctors-professionals that perfectly mastered two languages and studies the third. Girl talking with my sister on the perfect (for my age), the Dutch, and to mother speaks Turkish.

It turns out that the right hemisphere has successfully offset the functions of the left (??! - A.K.)

Dr. Johannes Borgstein watching a little girl, said that he had advised his students to forget all neurophysiological theory they learn and continue to learn." Abnormal news, №31 (94) 2002

The girl lost half of the brain, which are the centers of the human voice, and found linguistic talent, and if she was removed and the other half?

And again ... 300 grams of water instead of brains!

"Famous German Professor Hofland says such a case. He carried out post-mortem examinations of the skull of the patient, which shortly before his death became paralyzed. Until the last minute this patient is kept mental abilities. The result of the autopsy has led Professor in confusion, because instead of the brain in the skull of the deceased was found just 300 gramss water!

Similar pathology was detected at autopsy 55-year-old Dutchman Jan Gerling, who died in 1976. Relatives were outraged by information received from the doctors. It appeared to be offensive, because Yang was one of the best watchmakers in the country!

A student with no brain has an IQ = 126. But why headache?

The 22-year-old student from the Scottish city of Sheffield, who suffers from migraines, surprised medical bodies. The doctor sent him for an x-ray, but a picture of a skull showed no brain.

In the medical card of the student had almost hopeless account: hydroencephaly. As a result of such disease patients die at an early age, and if you survive, as a rule, are morons.

In this case, the student is not only complete, but differs IQ equal to 126, which is slightly above the average.

Among the many questions gave healthcare providers and that if he had headaches, then what is there to be sick?"

A new record! Headless mushroom was 200 m + 3M across the Board

In St. Petersburg the press has passed description mysterious case: one mushroom found in the forest explosive device and nothing better not figured out how to take the infernal machine in hands. Thundered explosion completely demolished the poor fellow head.

The eyes of the astonished witnesses headless mushroom managed to get about two meters, and three meters headless body was walking along a narrow Board over the Creek.

Severed heads ... said, but the air they lacked

Numerous evidences of the participants of the Second world war, when the men have seen firsthand how the bodies of their comrades continued the attack on the enemy at that time, as the head was literally hanging by a thread or was demolished by a shell. Many such phenomena have left us history.

Hundreds of witnesses watched as the executioner, has just committed a penalty on the guillotine, keep the outstretched hand cut off her head, eyes wide open and mouth. While the brain of the victim continued to work, and her mouth opened as if his head was trying to scream.

Martyr Cornelius brought his severed head up to the altar

In the ancient manuscripts of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra described the tragedy that occurred in the Pskov-Pechora monastery in 1570. At that time the Abbot of the Holy monastery was hegumen Kornilii, famous not only healing and good works, but and courage.

In order to protect from enemies, he ordered to build a wall around the monastery without higher on the permission. Ivan the terrible immediately reported about that, and he went to the monastery to make its cruel court. Cornelius met him outside the gates with a cross in his hands, but covered by the anger of the king was relentless. He ordered to cut off the hegumen of the head.

The atrocity committed in front of the whole monastery. Head rolled from his shoulders, and there was something of the beyond. Decapitated body took up his own head, and went towards the temple. Only at the altar Cornelius fell down dead. Affected incident, Ivan the terrible repented and since then tried to atone for his sin rich offerings to the temple. The road on which was hegumen, nicknamed since bloody way and still clean colors. The Martyr Cornelius canonized.

Thirty-two steps without a head. In collusion with the king.

In 1386, king Ludwig of Bavaria sentenced to death troublemaker of Diez von Shaunburg, who dared rebel against him. Before the nobleman and his four display opened a bright prospect to die on the scaffold.

Before his death, the rebel turned to the king with an unusual request: to pardon those of his people, by which he is able to run after him beheaded.

The king laughed, but promised to fulfill his last will sentenced to death. Prisoners were standing in a line at a distance of eight meters from each other. Very sharp-edged sword whistled through the air, the head of Diez von Shaunburg with a resounding thud fell on the platform.

And here there was incredible, in front of hundreds of people, the body of Shaunburg jumped to his feet and rushed forward by mercenaries. What is left from nobleman, fell down on the earth only once covered a distance of thirty-two steps. Shaken by the monarch fulfilled his promise, and incredible miracle usually blamed on the will of the Lord, who took under its protection the convicted soldiers.

The body is perfectly live without a brain. Logged.

Documented cases, when a person's body didn't miss the brain. A child born in 1935 in a new York hospital of St. Vincent, ate and drank even cried.

After his death the doctors made an autopsy and could not believe their eyes: the skull of the newborn was not the brain. This incredible case was carefully recorded and attributed to scientific mysteries. Headache scientists added new facts that do not fit into medical canons.

Moreover, the information was received from sources, excluding rigging.

Cerebrospinal fluid replaces the structure of the brain?

Famous German neurosurgeon Professor Hofland described broken palsy patient who until the last minute of his life remained sane.

At that time the doctors could not look into the patient's head with ingenious devices, but even if it did, you wouldn did not see. After opening Hofland found instead of the brain... the cerebrospinal fluid.

Filling skull has forced doctors to doubt in medicine. In 1940 in the Bolivian hospital Dr. Nicolas Ortiz received a 14 year old boy diagnosed with a brain tumor. The patient complained of severe headaches that occasionally pestered him and stronger, closer to the evening.

After some time the boy died before reaching the age of operations. What doctors discovered after opening, can be named anything, but not the brain. Giant bubble has completed almost all the space of the skull, forcing doctors to doubt the accuracy of his science.

1/4 brain removed. Ran away from the table. 26 years slightly ill

In the medical journal new York for 1888 described the unique experience of a sailor river tug boat. On the deck of the barge, which was driven by the tug, in two tiers were piled up large boxes.

And that's the moment when the tug came up to the bridge with a low arch, situated on the bow of the barge sailor decided to see whether oslab fastening the upper tier. He climbed up on the lower level and raised his head above the boxes. As he stood with his back to the bridge, they did not see the approaching danger.

At this time, the lower the sharp edge of the beam of the bridge span cut off part of the skull is about 5-6 cm above the right eye. Naturally, no one could assume that the poor will survive. But when after a couple of hours sailor was taken to the hospital, he was still alive. Moreover, just as the doctors began to treat the wound, he suddenly opened his eyes and asked what had happened to him.

And when the doctors was bandaged decreased on a quarter of the head (And all?!! - A.K.), the victim suddenly got off the operating table, demanded his robe, stating that he wanted to go home. In two months the sailor returned to the ship!

Occasionally he complained of dizziness, but otherwise, the sailor was completely healthy. Only after 26 years after the accident he was partially paralyzed his left hand and leg.

And without the right hemisphere! The ability of the mind" above average

And in 1957, Dr. Jan Bruel and George Olbi its successful operation, during which the patient at the age of 39 had to delete all of the right hemisphere. The patient quickly recovered, but has not lost its old mental abilities, which were above average.

"Projectile" I see pierced his head through. And he -- healthy!

In New England (USA) during excavation 25-year-old worker Phineas gage was a victim of an accident. The explosion sticks of dynamite massive metal rod 109 cm long and 3 cm in diameter sunk into the cheek of an embossed root tooth, fired the brain and the skull, and then, flew a few yards of it, fell down.

What was most surprising that gage was not killed on the spot and even not so badly affected: only lost an eye yea a tooth. Soon his health is almost fully recovered, and he retained mental abilities, memory, speech, and control over one's own body.

In all cases of brain tissue was so severely violated as a result of injury or disease that traditional medicinal canons our "Supreme commander" simply was not supposed to perform its functions thoughts and regulator of vital processes in the body.

It turns out that all such victims lived almost "no king in his head, though at different times. But, it turns out, it also happens that a man while still alive without the head, but from a medical point of view it's absolutely impossible.

From the statistics heroes brain injury

1917. The renowned magazine "Nature and people" (article Dr. A. Bruck "Can I live without brains?)

1935 - the hospital of St. Vincent in new York.

1940 - Dr. Augustine Iturriza, Antropologicheskie society in Sucre (Bolivia).

1957 - Dr. Jan Bruel and George Olbi its successful operation, during which the patient at the age of 39 had to delete all of the right hemisphere

1978 - the Moscow city Protvin, Anatoly Bugorski.

The mid 80-ies - professional diver Franco Lipari from Trapani in Western Sicily.

1988 In the journal "Science and religion" (№ 9 for the 1988) Professor S. M. Blinkov, commented on the article Buka "is it Possible to live without a brain?"

1996, 14 October, 29-year-old OSCT Garcia casino

Horrible headache from sarcoma, which replaced the brain

In 1940 in the clinic of doctor N. Ortiz put 14-year-old boy. He suffered from terrible headaches. Two weeks later he died until the very end when the consciousness and of sound mind.

When doctors made an autopsy then gasped: almost all of the cranial box took a huge sarcoma is a malignant tumor, almost completely absorbed brain tissue. That is quite a long time the boy lived without a brain.

Final order beheaded mine Lieutenant

In the early 50-ies in the Military Institute of foreign languages, a good half of the audience were former front-line soldiers. One day the foreman Boris Luchkin told very curious story.

Somehow during the search in the rear of the Germans who commanded their reconnaissance Lieutenant stepped on jumping mine-frog. Such min was special lifting charge, which threw her a meter and a half up, and then an explosion. It happened at that time. All sides flew shards.

And one of them was completely off the head of the Lieutenant, who was walking ahead of a meter away from Luchkina and thus saved his. But beheaded commander, according to the officers, he fell to the ground, and continued to stand, although he has only the chin and lower jaw. Above there was nothing.

And this terrible body loosened his right hand quilted jacket, pulled from his bosom map with driving directions, and handed her already drenched in blood, Lucchino. Only then killed the Lieutenant dropped.

Beheaded British Indian point-blank shot the enemy

On another occasion "life after death" reported in the report of corporal Robert Kriko found in the archive of the British military Ministry. It sets out a really fantastic circumstances of the death of the commander Yorkshire line regiment captain Terence Malvani during the conquest by the British in India in the early NINETEENTH century.

It happened during hand-to-hand fight in the assault on Fort Amari. The captain was demolished by the sword the head of the soldier of the enemy. But decapitated body collapsed to the ground and raised his rifle, fired a shot at close range, English officer right in the heart and then fell.

42 years after brain injuries incompatible with life

In his monumental work "Anomalies and curiosities of medicine" doctors Gould and Pyle describe such phenomena.

The authors tell the story of a woman who worked in the mill.

In the mechanism of the mill got a big bolt and took off from there like a bullet landed unhappy in the forehead just above the right eye. Bolt sat down at a depth of about twelve centimeters.

The part of the brain was lost at the time of the accident and during the operation on removing a bolt.

On a favorable outcome no one was expecting it, and still affected not only did not lose consciousness at the time of the incident, but did not feel any pain. Two years later about the accident reminded only a small scar on his forehead. After that the woman lived for forty-two years.

Its floor skull - dog skull. And from the Church excommunicated...

This story happened with Russian nobleman, which dragged along the ground rushing at full speed horse.

He had laid a significant part of the skull, which was restored surgeons, borrowing it from the dead dog. The man recovered, but was excommunicated from the Church without the right to restore it in the bosom of religion as long as he does not agree to the removal of bones of the head. Needless to say that the gentleman prefer to live in atheism.

40 years after without parts of the brain. The patient survived their doctors

This case was recorded in the annals of medical Museum in Massachusetts. Heavy iron bar about a metre shot right through a man's head. Day 13 September 1847 25-year-old master of the railway section Pains gauge laid an explosive in the pit for the explosion.

He stamped powder charge with a rod of iron, which was pointed top, bottom, his end was very flat. When hitting the stone iron rod made a spark, why gunpowder exploded.

The sharp end Prut hit gage bottom cheek and walked through the head. Left eye almost got out of the socket. Despite the terrible trauma, young man did not lose consciousness!

Friends took him to a local doctor, and gage went into the reception area. Taking iron bar from the head surgeon was forced to remove the affected part of the brain and bones of the skull.

Contrary to the expectations of others Pains recovered. He only became blind in one eye. Gaige lived on for over forty years, putting many luminaries of medicine in a deadlock.

The resurrection in 40 minutes! Brain lived in 10 times longer standards

"The patient is more alive..." a Few years ago in Norway, the doctors were able to revive the boy who fell through the ice and extracted from the water only in 40 minutes. Sudden hypothermia has preserved the viability of the brain in 10 times longer than normal period.

The brain does not think! Now, 30 G. of water instead of 300, instead of the brain!

A German researcher is faced with an even more incredible fact. He opened the cranial box man who was paralyzed (??? - A.K.). And in a literal sense lost the gift of speech. Instead of brains he found there about 30 grams of water! Meanwhile the patient until his death kept all mental and physical abilities.

After all this, many scientists have come to conclusion, that the brain is like any other organ of the human body consists of cells, and unable to think. However, it can work as a device that detects thoughts. (And thought that ... where? - A.K.)

During clinical death acting independently of the brain consciousness uses it only as a screen. As a receiver that initially takes falls into a wave, and then converts them into sound and image.

It turns out that reasonable steps does not brain?

And even more incredible episode leads journalist Igor Kaufman. Immediately after the war in the woods near Peterhof mushroom found some kind of explosive device. Wanted to see him and held-to-face. There was an explosion.

The mushroom was completely off the head, but he went without it for two hundred meters, and three meters along a narrow Board over the Creek, and only then died. The reporter emphasizes that it is not a legend, were witnesses, and materials remained in the archive of the criminal investigation Department.

Goes, even the sudden and complete loss of brain does not cause instant death.

But, then who (or what?) manages his body, forcing to take reasonable steps?

Secret Research (as amended Streleckogo)
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