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Секрет лабиринта пустыни НаскаIn the Nazca desert, which is in the South of Peru, found labyrinths. Archaeologists quite a long period of time puzzled over what still is amazing structure of the mysterious lines. In the desert there are such lines that are formed in a unique image.

The secret maze desert Nasolabial completely hidden among the flat landscape of the desert. Scientists were able to discover this unique phenomenon only after 5 years of hard work in 400 km from the capital of the country. The figures formed by crossing lines, can be recognized only from the height of bird flight.

The person who is in the wilderness, we can see only the road that goes away in the distance. It should be noted that the Nazca civilisation existed in the period from the 1st to the 5th century. Then began a decline, so as to dominate in the region were the tribes of the Incas.

The secret maze desert Raskassirovatj of Britanskogo University had to go about 1500 km in order to study in detail the maze. He was discovered in 1984 Clive Ripsom, and determined that these lines are added to the maze, but only 25 years archaeologists have been able to investigate in detail.
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