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Россия колонизирует Луну Roskosmos has published the state program "Space activities of Russia in the 2013-2020". The office acknowledges that the Russian cosmohotel now ahead of only competitors from Asia, after the USA and European countries. Roscosmos in the program promises for 2.1 trillion rubles to return the country the status of a leading space power and colonize the moon, transfers "New Region".

The country's leadership and the Russian space Agency has promised in the program that by 2020 the volume of production of the Russian rocket and space industry will be doubled compared with the year 2011. Along with the increase of Russia's share in the world production of space equipment from 10.7% to 16%. For the first time officially on the reform of the rocket and space industry announced in December 2012, Deputy Prime Minister for defense industry Dmitry Rogozin.

The state program provides for a considerable increase of the Russian orbital constellation and the doubling of the volume of production of the rocket and space industry.

In particular must be "deployed orbital constellation of spacecraft in the interests meet state needs" - quoted document Forbes.ru. It is about 95 space vehicles in 2015 and 113 space vehicles in 2020 Godoy also be deployed Russian segment of the International space station with 6 modules in 2015 and 7 modules in 2018.

In plans of creation of the missile complex "Angara-A5". Construction of the first and second stage of the "Vostochny". Should be "provided with the necessary composition of the orbital grouping of the GLONASS system, updated spacecraft "GLONASS-K" advanced". After 3 years the system will provide accurate positioning consumers about 1.4 m, and by 2020 - about 0.6 m

The planned capacity of orbital grouping of systems for fixed telephony, mobile presidential communications and broadcasting spacecraft of new generation to 39 devices that will allow for providing the communication services practically in all territory of the Russian Federation, including the Arctic region".

Up to 24 spacecraft will increase the orbital grouping of fundamentally new space systems intended for solving problems of cartography, control of natural environment, operational monitoring of emergency situations, inventory of natural resources, ensure rational management of agricultural, water, and other activities, monitoring of the Arctic region".

The most impressive part of the program involves sending a man to the moon and the discovery space base. For this, you will need to create a manned transportation system, on the imminent appearance of which Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin announced last fall. In his opinion, the lunar colonization would become the main target of Russia in space for the coming decades.

About conquering the nearest Earth satellite in Roscosmos thought two years ago. In January 2011, soon after the failure of the Mars mission "Phobos-grunt", the head of the space Agency Vladimir Popovkin told about the plans to send to the moon by 2020 two automatic device, and then create it again and manned station, reminiscent of the "Novye Izvestia".

On realization of this large-scale program of planned financing of the activities of Roscosmos in the amount of 2.1 billion rubles. "By adopting this programme, we will be able to start to prepare the variant of the Federal space program for 2016-2025, because now clearly understand not only what to do, but also how much of it we will allocate money" - said the Agency.
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