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Умирая, мозг «вспоминает» даже момент рожденияWhat happens for those 5 minutes, when the resuscitators trying to pull dying from oblivion?

Remember, in the film "Komatosnye" with Julia Roberts in the title role, a group of medical students decided to experience the state of clinical death. One after the other young doctors went to unpredictable journey on the other side of life. The results were stunning: "komatosnye" met people they once offended and already after the experiment began to appear to them in real life, avenging offenders.

What happens during these 5 - 6 minutes when the resuscitators trying to pull dying from oblivion? Whether for a thin line of life is the other world or is it a trick of the brain? The question that has troubled scientists in the 1970s, it was then released a sensational book by the famous American psychologist Raymond moudi "life after Life" is not left alone and modern researchers

Not so long ago in Melbourne gathered doctors, philosophers, psychologists and relieved that have been examining this paradoxical phenomenon.


Raymond moudi believed to process out-of-body sensations existence is characterized by the following stages:

- stop all physiological functions of the organism (and dying still has time to hear the words of the doctor, ascertaining death);

- increasing the unpleasant noise;

- the dying out of the body and with great speed rushing through the tunnel at the end of which visible light;

- before dying passes all his life;

- meets dead relatives and friends;

- at some point there is a feeling of the border, due to which it is already impossible to return to the body, but dying effort will be returned "on a place".

And all the "komatosnye" note the strange duality of consciousness: watching two verge of being, they can not come into contact with the living. And returning to life, calls these fine details of the events around him at the moment of his "death"that it is impossible to invent, and that really took place.

American researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring interviewed 180 blind women and men with the purpose to find out, and you see the light, blind from birth people that survived the state of clinical death? And it turned out that about 70 percent of patients actually saw him. Dr. Ring was amazed, not less than his patients : "it is a grace sent by God at the end of life, or another mystery associated with death?"



The staff of the American society of parapsychologists Kate Osis and Edward Haraldson decided to find out to what extent the visions dying depend on their belonging to this or that national culture. They interviewed American and Indian doctors and found out that none of the Americans were not at their deathbed visions Indian deity and, on the contrary, none of the Indians - Christ. It follows a simple conclusion : travel to the Paradise gates mostly seen only for those who believe. Perhaps that is why our country is still without any specialist "rank" moudi that would convincingly told about traveling to the afterlife our compatriots : because we are a nation of atheists.

Head of the intensive care Department of the Moscow hospital № 29 Rant Bagdasarov, have 30 years of returning people to the moon, confirmed this fact: during his practice, none (!) of his patients did not see any of the tunnel, no light.


Psychiatrist Royal Edinburgh hospital Chris Freeman believes that there is no evidence that described the ill feelings occurs when the brain was not working. "Picture" other world people saw during the life : before cardiac arrest or immediately after the intensive care unit.

Moreover, the joint study organized by the National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke, which were 9 major hospitals, showed that of more than 500 "returnees" only 1 percent could clearly remember what they had seen.

The remaining 30-40% of vozvrashenie" are people with neustoichivost mentality that "see" the other world only by means of suggestion psychiatrists.


The psychologist Pill Watson generally proposed fantastic version: it turns out that when we die, we remember his birth ! In his opinion, it is possible that we first become acquainted with the death in a moment of terrible journey, which makes each of us, leaving the 10-centimeter generic ways. "We never, perhaps, just do not know what is happening at this moment in the mind of a child, " said Watson, " but perhaps his feelings remind different stages of dying. Whether in this case deathbed visions transformed the experience of trauma, of course, with the imposition of accumulated life and mystical experience ?"



Doctors Nikolai Gubin:

- Why many see the tunnel? These visions are often a manifestation of toxic psychosis. In some ways they are similar to the dreams, but something with hallucinations (for example, a person begins to see itself when Autoscope). When part of the visual share of a bark of the big hemispheres of a brain already suffer from oxygen starvation pole both occipital lobes with dual circulation, continue for some time to function. The very same field of view sharply narrowed and there is only a narrow strip, providing a Central, spool" vision.

Why did before the eyes of some dying with lightning speed rush paintings all lived life? The dying process starts with more new structures of the brain, and ends older. Restore these functions for the revival of the proceeds in reverse order : first come alive more ancient areas of the cerebral cortex, and then modern. Therefore, in the process of the return to life of a person in his memory in the first place emerge most firmly imprinted "picture".

By the WAY


To see yourself from the side and can under other circumstances. Psychiatrist Patrick Bavrin, believes that people may experience symptoms extra life... even when a simple dental anesthesia. Split personality, which usually lasts no more than a few seconds, you can survive and in some forms of headaches, and

in practicing yoga, and as is often observed, climbers, when they are high in the mountains and experience the oxygen starvation, and even the pilots-cosmonauts during flights.


It turns out that there is an instruction of the Ministry of health "on determining the moment of death, the waiver or termination of life support", from which it follows that death occurs when the heart, the cessation of brain function and the absence of any reaction from feeling pain until reaction to light and sound. But finally dead will not be considered much of a frozen body temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and below ( in the past were often cases when in a coffin, or in the morgue was "resurrected" warmed "dead" ), and also the person who is logged into a coma because of strong medicine.

In this same statement says that the resuscitation with a light heart can stop working if the patient has a chronic incurable disease or fatal injury. As said Shakespeare in the fifth act of the "King Lear":

"Don't torture. Leave/alone his spirit. Let him depart./Who you have to be to hitch up again/It to the rack life of torment."

But no matter what "angels in white coats will be pumped any - from the President to the homeless hour. And if soon the motor will stop again, it will be contrary to the instructions, make again and again. Only in this case, the doctors will know that they save no man phantom "the Assembly of the organs suitable for transplantation.


"Once you have identified brain death, the phantom get healthy organs in order to save the lives of others, " said Welt, Beniaminovich. - Previously asked the relatives of the resolution, and today there is not to injure. And this is right. Now millions of people continue to live with other people's bodies. By the way, the "phantom" we can keep on artificial lung ventilation indefinitely. However, it costs a lot : for the month of finding one of komatosnye" in the hospital was full to cure 30 patients. Nevertheless, none of resuscitation is not going to turn off the ventilator, because it will be a murder".


Arseny Tarkovsky

Experience of the master, described in one of his stories. It happened in January 1944 after several reputaci feet when he was killed in front hospital from gangrene. He was lying in a small cramped room with a very low ceiling. A light bulb hanging over the bed, the switch had not, and had to remove her hand. One day, wringing her, Tarkovsky felt his soul, SpiraeaBrezno has vivencias from the body like a light bulb from the socket. Surprised, he looked down, and saw his body. It was perfectly real, like man, sleeping mertveci sleep. Then he somehow wanted to see what was going on in the next room. He was slowly "leak” through the wall, and at some point felt a little more, and he will never be able to return to his body. This frightened him. He again hung over the bed and in some strange force slid into her body, as in a boat.

Leo Tolstoy

In the work "the Death of Ivan Ilyich” fabulous writer described the phenomenon of clinical death :” Suddenly some force pushed him in the chest, side even stronger squeezed his breath, he fell into a hole, and there, at the end of the hole showed up something. With him became what happened with him in the car, Railways, when I think that going forward, and ride back, and suddenly you recognize this direction... In this time Ivan Ilyich failed, saw the light, and he realized that his life was not what it should, but it can still be recovered... Sorry for them (native - Ed.), we have to do to them was not hurt. To deliver them and to get rid of their suffering. "How sweet and simple ,”he thought...He was looking for their usual fear of death and not find it... Instead of death was light.”


It was recalled doctors Rant Bagdasarov, when I asked: "And how many lives you have saved?"


The recently deceased famous heart surgeon Christian Bernard, who made a lot of transplantations of the heart, once asked: "How many lives you have saved for 40 years of experience in cardiac surgery ?" And he said, " Just one. This happened in the first year of my work. therapist". All were surprised : " I guess it was an unusual case ?"

And it was so. One farmer fell ill with pneumonia, Bernard whole night tried, and the patient felt worse and worse. Early in the morning the farmer's wife, feeling hopelessness of the situation, proposed to cure her husband, old customs of England: wrap it in a goat skin.

Naturally, the honor of a young doctor was hurt: he had so often done, and here superstitious! "No, " said Bernard, " I'll try to save him". In another attempt, he finally managed to get results : the patient strongly proposal and fell asleep - the crisis is over. Tired Bernard overlooking the yard and sees a goat, which nibbling grass. Come up, stroked her hair and said, "You know, goat, I thee this day life saved?" It was the only life that managed to save the great surgeon. Who has not reached the operating table is saved.
Svetlana Kuzina
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