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ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИStatistics shows that every second person believes that once he has already lived on this earth. What was he: a slave, a courtesan, a mercenary or a monk? These questions will help us to answer the German specialist therapy past lives Reinhold Klotz.

We are present at the seminar, which is called "Journey to the past life". For such a long trip great peace is the prerequisite for success. Who are these people sitting next to me, willing they paid a tidy sum for a search in your subconscious memories of a past life? In our group equally of men and women, mostly aged from 30 to 50 years. All of them brought curiosity. Some are configured skeptical, others want to know, will they be able to find the reasons for their real problems in the past. Well, who wants such an unusual way to cure psychosomatic disorders, to shed light on the relationship with your partner, so who knows what else. Because since then, as the researchers of life after death E. Kubler-Ross and Rubinstein moudi managed to prove that together with clinical death life is not over, began to build the assumption that life occurs not only by birth or conception.

Moudi became known expert in the treatment of past lives, that is therapy by re-experiencing episodes from the past life. And next to him, at the University of Virginia has opened a Department for the study of reincarnation Professor Ian Stevenson studies documented on over a thousand cases, which otherwise as the second birth not to explain. Then such studies seriously Stanislav Grof and achieved remarkable results. Even before the beginning of systematic research of some psychotherapists, and especially those who worked with hypnosis, noticed some strange circumstances. Opportunities memories of their patients are not ended with the events of early childhood (as suggested by Sigmund Freud), but as it stretched into the space maternal abdomen, then - in the phase preceding the birth, and further - to the early form of existence. This discovery gave impetus to the development of therapy reincarnation, immersing the patient in his previous life forms and looking for there reasons complex conflicts and diseases occurring in its present.

"...One, one, one!" "it sounds all the same voice. Gradually I feel like there comes a feeling of weightless relaxation. I realize where I am. No, we are not hypnotized, for such seminars hypnosis is used extremely rarely. But I barely feel about your body. I am very easy to imagine the picture described by our head. He says, "Now you are in the cabin lift. On the walls there are mirrors and crystals, of which sparkles light. The Elevator begins to move, and you hear the quiet music. You are happy and you can't wait to see where you end up. And here's the Elevator stops. When the door opens, you will find yourself in one of his past lives, namely one in which you acquired an important experience. The Elevator door begins to open..."

Do people see the real picture of the distant past? Or only symbolic images that have chosen our subconscious to reflect our desires or problems? Certainly it is difficult to judge. For researchers reincarnation is not so important. Another thing is important. Patients are often be cured of their diseases. But can each of us take advantage of this way of cognition of oneself? Professor Reinhold Klotz answers in the affirmative and gives specific advice on how to do it.


1. Visualization

The precondition for almost all methods of reincarnation - the ability to visualize, that is, the vision of pictures with my eyes closed. Sit in a quiet room with dim lighting, close your eyes. Vividly imagine the situation room. If you do not succeed, imagine a burning candle. Then two candles, then some candles, standing in a circle. Imagine that you blow out the candles and the smoke from them. Finally, imagine a flowery meadow. You do see one flower, you inhale his scent, you reach out and on it goes down a large butterfly. You look at her, feeling her light weight. You get to the Creek, I can hear him murmur. You bend down to get the water out of it...

Train to imagine the scene. If you succeed, you are using the following techniques, without difficulty will be able to see pictures of his past life.

2. Meditation

To begin meditation is not necessary after a heavy meal, alcohol or coffee, otherwise you will not achieve the necessary depth of relaxation. Don't meditate late at night, you should feel good, not to yawn. Sit down comfortably. Relax your breathing, imagine that you breathe in the light and breathe out tearing your soul care. Talk to each part of my body from myachkov feet to the crown of the head, instruct them to relax. Ask your "I", your wise kernel take over. Tell him what you want to achieve: "I want to see her past life, it will help me to solve my real problems". Or: "I want to see the life that I've been with a man". In the silence count from 10 to 1, and tell yourself that you are slowly sinking in deep relaxation. Then imagine a long stairway that you slowly go down. At the bottom of the door. When you open it, you will find yourself in one of his past lives. Open this door! Sign in. What you shoes? What dress, pants? How old are you? What surrounds you? Go ahead. What kind of people you meet on your way? What do you do? Are you married? Married? Where do you live? And so on. When you find the answer to these questions go back to the door, climb up the stairs, sit back on your chair, move your toes, hands, slowly open your eyes.

Surely it needs some training. The more often you visit their past, the clearer picture you will see.

3. Glass ball

Professor Klotz advised to seek the assistance of a simple glass ball and look through the light of a candle. Start with the same relaxation techniques like meditation. When you go down the stairs and turn up at the door, open your eyes, look into a ball or through the candle flame. The location appears in the ball or flame, then disappear again, then go through your "I", you will see it in color, forms. Ask yourself, what is the meaning of what he saw the picture, and you will get the answer: paintings will go by turns, and all of them will be answers to the questions given.

4. Dreams

Repeated not once dreams are often the scenes from the past life or the symbols with which your subconscious trying to get you to remember this past life. However, it can not only passively watch the dreams, but also to use the technique of lucid dreams. Next to the bed, put the diary of dreams and tell yourself before you fall asleep: "all I just remember about your dreams." Ask your higher self to show you only those memories that will help you see your past. Tell yourself: "Tonight, I want to see the life that is especially important for my spiritual development".

And remember: the power and the confidence with which you give yourself these orders, broadens the scope of memories.

5. Breathing technique

Professor Klotz prefers to her lessons, travel back in time deep and strong wind. Breathe deeply for 15 minutes, fast and hard, as if you are going to climb up the stairs. In fact, you sit on a chair or lying. Your body starts to fill up with energy, in some places it is especially hard, others relaxed. Mentally begin to direct the energy of breath locked in place until you feel that the blocks are gradually beginning to disappear. Your body will become almost weightless, and pictures from your past life will begin to occur in front of you.

Michael Samokhvalov, parapsychologist
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