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Таинственная глубина хрустальных шаровFor centuries people have an interest in to the balls of rock crystal (quartz). In ancient times it was considered that there is a magic power to see the past and the future. The soothsayers looked into their vague depth looked in her prophetic picture. Crystal ball and still is an indispensable attribute of any self-respecting the magician and the clairvoyant. Such balls are wondering predict, communicate with the dead.

Seen in the ball of the city couldn't find out

The popularity of crystal balls began to grow in the second half of the NINETEENTH century, thanks to the activities of such clairvoyants, as Neil St. John Montagu and Phil barg.

Mrs. St. John Montagu through a crystal ball successfully predicted accidents, fires and natural disasters. Thus, in 1908 she saw in the ball picture of terrible destruction in some seaside town. She described the city, but to know him could not - too many cities fit the description. But the outbreak of the terrible earthquake in the Sicilian city of Messina, which claimed tens of thousands of human lives, many pictures of the events turned out to be surprisingly similar to the paintings, which saw in the crystal ball and described by Saint John Montagu.

English clairvoyant Phil barg specialized in solving crimes. While searching for the missing London broker Foxwell he stared at his crystal egg and saw his body, slowly floating down the river Thames. At other times it in the same way found missing Mary Mania. Being in the house where she lived, he asked the two sisters Mary to look into the depths of the crystal egg. September 30, 1905 English Newspapers published a detailed report on this experiment. Sisters vying described the terrible pictures, which they saw in the crystal: the offender, capturing Mary by the throat

Self-hypnosis or something else?

Scientists explain this "mysticism" because a long contemplation of the crystal sphere tired of the brain and the person is immersed in a hypnotic state. In these moments of his subconscious begin to emerge various patterns, which haunted him in the depth of the ball.

In 1985 this hypothesis decided to check psychologists at the University of Georgia, USA. They asked about a hundred students and asked them carefully look into transparent sphere. To the surprise of the organizers, vision visited almost half of the subjects. They saw in the sphere of painting childhood, fragments of memories the faces of friends and strangers... the Researchers suggested that there indeed is a kind of hypnosis.

But numerous examples absolutely amazing predictions associated with unfamiliar medium people say that the paintings in the balls is not always possible to explain the deep memory. American clairvoyant Jane Dickson in his crystal ball saw flying astronauts to the moon, the attempt on the Pope, the demolition of the Berlin wall, the entry actor Ronald Reagan for President of the USA, and more long before these events.

That when vkladyvanii in the crystal ball a person is not self-hypnosis, and something else, shows and detected by specialists of the effect, called "stop-frame". Looking at the ball some story from his past, man, as it turned out, able at any time to stop the show events and in detail using the magnifier, to consider the frozen picture. In one of the tests involved a woman who witnessed the incident on the highway. She did not remember, except the colors than at great speed of the car, but with the help of "stop-frame" were able to make a car "freeze", to see his room, and even the appearance of the driver. By these indications police quickly found the offender, who brought down the pedestrian.

The paintings through the Orb sends the noosphere?

Russian scientists, tertyshny and P. Garyaev offered a hypothesis to explain the phenomenon of prediction of crystal balls special properties of quartz crystals. In their opinion, the quartz is able to perform the role of a receiver holograms of the noosphere of the planet. This is achieved with the help of a conceived human impact on the lattice of quartz. The same person may not give the quartz any special commands or to ask for something specific. Often he even doesn't know what he wants to see. The desire concluded in his subconscious. Noosphere via quartz expectations of his mind and gives the necessary information in the form of holograms.

According to Terrasnogo and Garyaev, man, peering into a crystal, irradiates these holograms coherent waves his brain, which decrypts or show them. Thus you receive a sight picture, adopted from the subtle world.

Experts have noticed, that the magical properties of crystal balls, in many respects akin to the magical properties of mirrors. At long scrutinizing mirrors, placed in a special way, people can also see the picture of the subtle world and get predictions. So maybe it's not in the special properties of quartz crystals, and in the properties of all mirror surfaces, including even the surface of the water. The "mirror" has a certain effect of acting on the subtle body, causing it to become active and to show their hidden abilities. First of all the ability to almost instantly get in touch with the other world and to get the necessary information.

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