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Внеземная жизнь открыта! Или нет?British Professor astrobiology faint voice announced that the meteorite, found in Sri Lanka, contains microscopic fossil, which is conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Surrenders to us, it, and see no one else will. (Photo from the depths of the meteorite.)

The Chandra Leisure, Director astrologicheskogo centre of the University of Buckingham in the article that suddenly decided Journal of Cosmology, claims to have found no less than diatomea!

This citizen is well known in astronomical circles as a fierce advocate of the theory of panspermia, which suggests that life is widespread in the Universe and that the comets and meteorites spread its seeds everywhere.

Fossilized diatomea, he said, is deep in the bowels of a meteorite (heavenly stone dubbed Polonnaruwa), and therefore cannot be the result of terrestrial contamination. "We conclude that the discovery of fossilized diatoms in the meteorite Polonnaruwa firmly established and is without doubt, the article says. - Because this meteorite is a fragment extinct comet, the idea that microbial life can be posted comets, like the theory of cometary panspermia, thereby proved."

Needless to say, the skeptics here. Famous astronomer-promoter Phil plate politely calls a colleague, "scientists on the brink" (fringe scientist). "Leisure - ardent supporter of panspermia. So fervent that it explains everything that happens in space, - writes Mr. plate in his blog. - To listen to him - and the flu came from space, and SARS. And this list has no end. All about what is not clear, he blames on space, so there's a noticeable share, GM, bias on his part".

Journal of Cosmology is not the first time criticized for publication questionable from a scientific point of view, material. "Yes this is not a scientific journal, and fancy website, who leads a small group of researchers, inspired by the idea that life originated in space, and then spilled on the Ground," wrote in 2011 biologist Paul Myers of Minnesota University (USA) in the blog, Pharyngula.

Claims, of course, a lot. First, it is strange that the "alien" exactly like the earthly body. Secondly, the meteorite may not be the fact that he is given. "He has a round shape, - says Mr. plate, and looks too loose, while the carbonaceous chondrites resemble small stones, that is, they are more solid, compact, with a completely different structure. And judging by his naituste well marked freshwater diatom algae, this is probably a fragment of the rock river bottom, or from other similar places.

But Mr. the Leisure't confused single drop. In his words, in modern science, the truth is only that which has received a grant or was allowed to be published in some magazines. Everything else being strangled, as in the days of the Inquisition.

Prepared according to LiveScience.
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