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Кого боятся белые акулыBrazilian glowing shark is one of the most unique marine predators. If its not too impressive dimensions (length-in the best case it reaches half a meter), the Brazilian glowing shark attacks on animals much larger than itself. The strange thing is, usually small sharks choose small prey. However, with victims heroine notes comes very peculiar: it takes off a piece of meat and floats away, leaving production wounded, but alive.

Bite marks Brazilian luminous sharks found in tuna, whales, dolphins and sea elephants. A way to hunt brings to mind the story of the master, who in the yard ran pig on three legs: he doesn't cut because one Brawn whole hog. The special structure of the teeth in the lower jaw allows the shark like to scoop out the flesh from the body of the victim. The bite marks luminous sharks found even on the hull underwater vehicles and submarines same communications. As the name implies, the sharks have photovore; presumably, this helps her to hide in flocks of luminous squid to suddenly lash out at someone who thinks of these squid attack.

Researchers from the University of Florida (USA) discovered who else should be afraid of attacks of the Brazilian luminous sharks. Traces of her bites found near the mouth of the white shark, the most famous and the most terrible (the press) predators of the sea. That is, dolphins, whales and tuna is still all right, but white shark - that's just too much. However, the authors of the article in the journal of Pacific Science confident in their data. Although glowing shark lives at great depths, it constantly runs up and down, and the depth to which it rises, overlaps with the level on which you can drop white shark. Their discovery researchers made near the island of Guadeloupe.

It should be stressed that we are not talking about parasitism, namely about hunting one of the predator on the other. Although unusual in itself that on white shark hunt one who is several times less. White sharks have long held the top of the food chain in marine ecosystems. Now, obviously, they have to make room, make room next to a small glowing shark.

Based on the materials of the University of Florida.
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