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Этот динозавр изменит взгляд ученых на птичью эволюциюThe opening of the new feathered dinosaur will change the opinion of scientists on the evolution of birds. This fossil of 30 centimeters in height from the Jurassic period challenged the widely accepted views on the origin of flight.

In a groundbreaking study, the experts found that the dinosaurs Eosinopteryx roamed the earth long before human beings, which was thought to have occurred birds. Scientists previously believed that birds evolved from dinosaurs called the theropods, who lived in the early Cretaceous period, about 120-130 million years ago. But recent discoveries in northeast China is much older feathered dinosaurs middle and late Jurassic period doubt the old theory. Dinosaurs Eosinopteryx roamed the Earth for more than 145 million years ago.

Dr Gareth dyke, senior teacher of the Department of paleontology at the University of Southampton, believes that "this discovery sheds additional doubt on the current theory", and results of new studies show that the origin of the flight was much more complex process than previously thought.

Fossils found in northeast China, show that while the birds were flying dinosaurs, because of their small wingspan and bone structure of his ability to swing wings were limited.

Dinosaurs also had fingers designed to walk over the ground and a small feathers in the tail and lower legs.
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