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Цивилизации-кротыIt's hard to find people, which would not be legend or legends about certain beings who live in a dark dungeon. They say that their origins were from dwarfs so familiar with fairy tales and somehow disappeared from the surface of our earth. They had a great stock of knowledge and crafts, and for reasons that are unclear to us, people were unfriendly, rather hostile.

It gives the right to think that after all the fairy tales were described quite real, and, presumably, the current underground world.

One could, of course, to write off this statement on our waxing imagination, if not hundreds of stories of eyewitnesses who unequivocally asserted that they had visited unknown underground city, with even talked with local residents, acquainted with various miracles of technology, which not only provided these inhabitants of comfortable existence in our planet, but also gave the opportunity, you will not believe: to control the minds of earthlings!

Jan Pink, Polish researcher, with knowledge of the case States that in our planet laid a huge extensive network of tunnels, leading to any country. These underground passages literally burned into the impenetrable to earthly stronghold, and their walls is frozen alloy rocks.

These tunnels were found in South Australia and Ecuador, New Zealand and the USA. According to Penca, these underground routes rush flying saucers, flying from one end of the planet to another. Him in New Zealand even managed to find a miner, reported that the excavation at the drift miners came across two of these tunnels, however, someone at the top ordered them urgently to be completed.

In April 1942, under the patronage of Himmler and Goering, the Nazis began to look for entrance into some kind of underground civilization, presumably located in the Baltic sea near the island of Rugen. Went powerful expedition of the most advanced Nazi minds, headed by Professor Heinz Fischer. The Fuhrer was sure that some sections of this land consist of absolute emptiness inside of which long live sverhrazdutaya ancient peoples.

In 1977, in some American magazines were placed pictures from the satellite, demonstrating a dark spot the correct form, much like a giant hole, and just in the place, where is the North pole. Similar pictures were obtained from the same satellite and in 1982. And not sign it in the notorious underworld?

More modern data scientists have noted a certain underground activity: the American radar, located at Cape Canaveral, spotted a very strange signals coming from the depths of the earth. The experts are sure that these signals are sent intelligent beings, obviously, someone wants to establish the contact with us according to officials from NASA.

The first such signals were recorded several years ago and repeated at a frequency of almost every two-three months. While these callsigns unknown creatures encoded in a complex mathematical combinations and while scientists are not able to fully decipher them. And the fact that I managed to decode, for obvious reasons ordered not to disclose, although NASA explains this by the fact that their are many ways to interpret.

Specialists are still not able to accurately determine the location of civilization from the underground, but it is already clear that the inhabitants of the dungeons know about us, the citizens of nazeela, much more than we do about them. However, experts believe that the confirmation of the existence of another civilization living on our planet, the most significant discovery in the twenty-first century.

Suppose that many millions of years ago in the universe there is some high-tech civilization, during which occurred or collision with a large meteorite or other any natural disaster, which has changed the climate of our planet. And what would then undertake this civilization? Most likely, she would try just to survive, but if the surface of our planet for life was not suitable, and the flight to another planet is not possible or is not available, could only dungeon.

Then the question is: what then happened to the developed civilization, and why these underground inhabitants, after the change of climate and came to the surface? It is likely that they simply could not do it, and permanent residence in a different climate and different gravity, lack of sunlight may cause the inability of resettlement to the top.

And, given that it was a Millennium, it can be assumed that this underground civilization greatly evolved, it is possible that she has developed a complete rejection of certain climatic conditions, such as sunlight. It is possible that the latter simply burns residents of the dungeon, and all this is not so fantastic as it seems at first glance. Another aspect for survival could be adapted food, because having a "vegetarian" food in the underground world is not easy, and depends on the level of civilization itself, so it is possible that this civilization just moved to a protein, animal food. However, some of the above parameters definitely had an impact on the lifestyle and mentality of any civilization. Maybe the monsters, about which so much is said, just they are residents of the underworld?

Especially a lot of legends goes about the underground world under Tibet and the Himalayas. Here in the mountains there are tunnels that go far into the ground. On his "devoted" can easily travel to the center of our planet, where will meet with representatives of this ancient civilization dungeons.

In Russia the existence of a system of tunnels described in the book of speleologist, researcher Peresvecheno "Legend about LSP". In it on the map of the former USSR inscribed the global tunnels running from the Crimea through the whole Caucasus to the already known Medveditsky ridge. Throughout this route ufologists, speleologists, the researchers found very interesting fragments of tunnels or mysterious and bottomless pits.

This range is already a lot of time exploring expedition, and researchers even found the stories of many locals and with the help of precise instruments to prove the reality of the dungeon.

Stretching from the Crimea further East latitude tunnel in the area of the Ural mountains intersects with extended to the East other tunnel, along which you can hear amazing stories about the strange "Divya the people", which in the beginning of the last century came to the locals. These "divi people live in our Ural mountains, and we come through the caves. They are small, beautiful, have a nice voice, but I can hear them just the elected.

The beginning of the Ural tales put the first Russian settlers and explorers, who heard voices coming from below, the sound of blows of metal. Talked about the fact that so "Chud" obtains precious stones and ores and metals. Wealth, if collected this "Chud" for many centuries, do not give sleep to the treasure seekers, but all their attempts to penetrate the underground secrets, ended in failure. Many treasure hunters never returned, forever shinov in a confusing maze of underground caves. Although pantries with jewels and gold never found, but in the bowels of the mountain they found the old mine with a real masterpiece of metallurgical production. It turns out that not a fairy tale it, and "Chud" was. Was, Yes missing: traces of Perm, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan regions led directly to the Altai, but there they were lost completely.

The existence of underground empires is discussed not only in Russia: authoritative archaeologists from Peru in reality this statement in no doubt, considering that they extends under all the seas and all continents. And the entrances in this great underground Empire of other civilizations at different points of the planet was erected by ancient buildings: for example, in Peru is the city of Cuzco.

Of course, the opinion of the Peruvian scientists is not shared by all. But for the existence of the underground world speak many facts, directly or indirectly proving his real existence. And the most productive years for such things was the 1970 E.

Here are some examples. In England miners digging underground tunnel heard the sound of some one running mechanisms that came from somewhere below. Miners broke through the course and found the stairs to the underground well. The sound of running technique only increased, and therefore the workers were afraid and ran away. But, back with reinforcements after a while, haven't found any progress made in the well or the stairs.

In the United States anthropologist McCann and his colleagues explored a cave in Idaho, which had a bad reputation among the local population. Indigenous people have assumed that there is the entrance to ... hell, and scientists are striving to study this phenomenon, was deep in the dungeon, and distinctly heard the screams, groans from the bottom, and then found numerous human skeletons. Cave exploration was stopped due to increasing sulphur smell.

Under the city of Gelendzhik on the Black sea coast accidentally discovered a very deep, almost bottomless pit with half-meter diameter. She had a surprisingly smooth edges. Many experts in one voice say that it is built on technology unknown to people, and there is already not a single veK.

Speaking about the underground civilization, in no event cannot be discounted stories and legends, tell already in our days. For example, modern Indians from the mountains of California, all the time telling as from mount Shasta to them often come high and Golden-haired people. They say that once these people came down to earth from heaven, but was never able to adjust to living on the earth surface, and so now live in secret village, located inside an extinct volcano. Come to this city only through a mountain cave.

With the Indians about this absolutely agree and Andrew Thomas, renowned author of the acclaimed book about Shambhala. The researcher assumes that in mount Shasta are underground tunnels in the direction of new Mexico and then to South America
On the other underground people tell cavers who are sure that many deep caves in the world inhabit troglodytes. Rumor has it that these cavemen from time to time appear before the people and help only those who respect them is, however, severely punishing those who defile their caves.

Believe it or not all of these stories, it's personal. Although every sensible thinking person would say "no", is not so clear. Let's try to think logically: how real life for a man under the earth, and may there be a civilization or even unknown culture around us, more precisely, under us, however, managing to keep the contact with the ground, our humanity to an absolute minimum. Is it possible to stay this civilization to be unnoticed?

By and large, anyone can prosper under the earth, would have the means. For this purpose it is enough to recall the home or the bunker, the construction of which some time ago was engaged actor Tom cruise. The Megastar was planning to take refuge in an underground shelter from certain aliens who, as he believed, would soon attack the planet.

Less known, however, not less thorough bunkers some "favorites" are prepared to wait even nuclear winter in the event of nuclear war, and after-radiation period is the period for which to his feet will stand up not one generation.

But all this can be called a whim, Caprice, quirk, but the underground inhabitants of other civilizations also may also exist, and they can become a cause of loss of people, of which we hear so often. Maybe that underground civilization led many processes on our planet, because having such high technology due to which they have so long to live underground, they do not affect our existence.
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