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Охота на планету Х продолжается: Астроном из Бразилии предоставил доказательстваAssumptions of the existence of a mysterious "Planet X" got kind of mathematical proofs through the work of Rodney Gomez, an astronomer from the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Gomez led mathematical calculations prove, in his opinion, the existence of a tenth planet on the edge of the Solar system.

The study of deviations of small bodies located in the so-called Kuiper belt is a region of the Solar system beyond the orbit of Pluto, gave astronomer reason to believe and to calculate the exact weight of the mysterious object. According to calculations Rodney Gomez, planet X is four times more Land, which completely fits all theories associated with Nibiru and Annually.

Six objects of ninety-two. observable in the Kuiper belt, are atypical, distorted by the presence of foreign gravity orbit. Computer modeling of perturbations of the gravitational field in this area of our system and have given proof of the existence of a massive body in the unexplored part of the Kuiper belt.

At a distance of 140 billion km from the Sun, 1500 times farther than the Earth, the mysterious planet X is still unable to be detected by the earth's equipment. The academic community was considered the arguments and the results of calculations Rodney Gomes having a right to exist, but for full proof of his theory you need something more substantial. Visual observation, for example. On the other hand it is for the perturbations of the orbits of Uranus was discovered Neptune. But there somewhere rotates on its very ambiguous orbit, still nobody visible - Pluto, according to the latest theory represents drawn by the Sun, the comet.

Mysterious planet X may very well be the planet, once detached from its star and catch attraction of our Sun. Moreover, according to the same researchers, it may be life. The thing is that on the planets, who left their stars, for billions of years can remain liquid water, and this is a necessary condition for the existence of life. Through heat produced during the decay of radioactive substances into the core of the planet, under inevitably formed on the surface of a heavenly body crust of ice over a long period of time may be a layer of liquid water thickness of up to several kilometers.

Emitted by eruptions of carbon dioxide will immediately harden, separating the surface of the celestial body from the cold of space. Researchers have shown that in such conditions liquid water can exist even on the planets with a mass of about 0,3 earth. On a planet with a mass more than four times the mass of Earth, according to some scientists, water can be in a liquid state for five billion years.
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