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В Днепропетровске водой из-под крана не советуют мыть даже посудуExperts explain, in connection with sharp deterioration of water quality in the Dnieper river, the water is cleaned by a large number of chemicals. Water in the taps of Dnepropetrovsk you cannot even wash the dishes.

In many homes, Dnepropetrovsk for several days from the taps flowing slightly yellowish tint. According to residents, it has river odor and leaves dirty plaque. The tor "Dniprovodocanal" explain that the water that comes to the city with Kidekshi pumping-filtering stations, corresponds to all standards, in addition to measure turbidity.

Yellowish colour to it give coagulants - special substances, which use after chlorination, sedimentation of dead organic matter, writes "Today". "Unfortunately, today pumping station unable technologically to neutralize the consequences of death and decomposition of organic matter. So we have to use special reagent - coagulant sulfate aluminievy in previous years we used it mainly seasonal, it is now increasingly the worst water quality in the river every day to apply his tonnes" - said the engineer KP "Dniprovodocanal" Anatoly alekseenkov.

On another company that provides water to over two million inhabitants of the region, KP "aul conduit" they say that they can comply with the quality, while also had to increase the dose of chlorine and coagulants. They do help out new filters. "From 8 to 9 August, the water quality in the Dnieper river has deteriorated dramatically.

At the rate of about 10 thousand of blue-green cells in one cubic centimeter of water they now lives of 3 million" - said chief technologist aul intake Lyudmila Shchetinin.

In the "Dniprovodocanal" warn that drink now the water from the tap is dangerous, though, if defend and boil, then it is possible to wash the dishes. The ecologist Gregory Shmatkova in this connection questions arise.

"If no pre-treatment is not recommended even to wash the dishes, so water is not enough decontaminated from bacteria and viruses. So it should be filtered at least in normal household filters and then boil. Chlorine will evaporate if let the water settle" - advises Gregory Shmatkov.
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