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Разгадана тайна появления в Тихом океане огромного острова из пемзыAn array of volcanic pumice was a product of the volcano, erupting at a depth of more than a thousand meters.

Found the source of formation of giant Islands pumice, which a few days ago has been spotted off the coast of New Zealand. It was erupting undersea volcano Le Havre, or Havre Seamount.

on August 9, the crew of one of the ships of the new Zealand fleet on the way from Auckland to the island Raoul from the archipelago Islands, Kermadec noticed an unusual object whose length is reached 482 kilometers and the width is 48. As he wrote in his official statement the air force Lieutenant Tim Oscar, "island rose a foot or two and sparkled like ice". It turned out that this is an array of volcanic pumice.

For several days remained a mystery place of origin of this miraculous object. To help new Zealand volcanologists came specialists from NASA and helped using monitoring data from tremors and satellite imagery to detect that the volcano has created a huge island of pumice.

Magma underwater volcanoes makes its way through the cracks in the sea floor, and this pressure can lead to earthquakes. First there was found evidence that on the island, Kermadec 17-18 July, there were a series of aftershocks.

After seeing arrays materials monitoring of the Earth over the last few months, for July 19 was found necessary the picture from the satellite. It experts saw the blurred ashes on the water grey pumice and train volcano. And a day earlier on pictures of the same place noticed wave of hot air is a sign of the impending eruption.

Put a satellite image data on the topography of the ocean floor, the specialists have received assurances that the island of pumice is the brainchild of an underwater volcano Havre, located at the depth of 1100 meters.

Having finished to erupt on July 21, Le Havre left in the memory of this event frozen pumice. The wind and the tide roll" porous rocks on the water surface and, as of August 13, a single array breed is situated on an area of about 450 258 kilometers.

Currently the specialists of the air force of New Zealand are waiting for the results of the analysis are taken from the island of trial and in the coming days I hope to have more information about the volcano.
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