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Гитлер бежал на подводной лодке?The author of the book "the Last secret of the Reich" Leon Arbat doubt that in April 1945, Hitler committed suicide.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. 1943

- Leon Abramovich, the subtitle of the book you choose meaningful - "the Case about the disappearance of Hitler". It turns out that this is not about the death of the Fuhrer... really and truly have reasons to say so?

- I do not claim, and suggest on the basis of the facts. And that allows you to doubt the death of Hitler, a lot.

- But there is a verdict of the administrative court in civil cases, which in 1956 was held in Berchtesgaden. After hearing 48 witnesses, the judge concluded: Adolf Hitler died.

- Firstly, this is the solution, as you noticed, 1956. And I don't deny: by this time Hitler alive, most likely, was not. Second, many key witnesses in this trial, was absent, key documents were not presented, but two key witness was later retracted his confession - dental technician, who produced prostheses for Hitler, and assistant to the dentist.
I remind you, may 4, 1945 our explorers discovered in the Imperial gardens of Berlin alleged corpses of Hitler and Eva Braun. About this discovery was reported to Stalin. But he said that to jump to conclusions should not be. In addition, he made several statements addressed to the leaders of the USA and England, that Hitler is alive and well somewhere.
Stalin might have got the corresponding information from unofficial sources, we do not know. The fact that such sources he had, no doubt.

- Let's return to the testimony of dentists.

- In 1945, when Soviet officers were charged dental technician jaw Hitler, he recognized their work. And in 1972 in an interview with the German writer Werner Maser changed his testimony: say, can't say definitely that the plug bridge and crowns belong to Hitler. The same thing said then and assistant dentist. And it was on their confessions were built conclusions of Soviet experts. And since both retracted their testimony, it crashed the whole system of evidence.
But there were other important evidence: in Moscow forensic lab examined blood stains on the sofa, which was allegedly shot himself Hitler. The examination showed that it was not blood, but its imitation. Blood group of the alleged corpse of Hitler found in the pit from the projectile, too, did not match the blood group Adolf. In the brain found in the garden of the remains is not found bullet channel. In addition, there is a version that April 30, 1945, Hitler, before I put a bullet in the head, were poisoned. However, chemical examination, produced a few months later, denies the existence of the poison.

- It turns out that Stalin correctly doubted: Hitler escaped? Comes out of someone's corpse "cover" this escape? But when double could appear in a bunker?

- Most likely, on April 30. On this day, about 13 hours, Hitler said goodbye to subordinates and withdrew with Eva Braun in their apartments. Of the witnesses, survivors, and seen Adolf dead just one, his personal Valet Linge. All others only saw the removal of the body, wrapped in a blanket. Who was hiding under a blanket - question.

"So true, Hitler entered the bunker to go into oblivion...

- One scenario: he goes to the bathroom or the bedroom Eva Braun. And there locked. At that time out of the office endure wrapped up from head corpse imaginary Hitler that was brought there in advance. Make also a dead Eva Braun, a victim of the poison.

- And why eve was to dravitsa, if her husband has left to live? Was she forced?..

- Perhaps both. Why?.. Yes to act it seemed plausible! Hitler dresses up and change their appearance. Will shave off his famous mustache, wearing a wig. All outsiders at the right time are removed from the bunker. The adjutant Hitler's gunsa in his testimony shows that he ordered the guards to leave the premises adjacent to the apartments of the Fuhrer. Were removed hour and exit. From there after some time passed, the corpse of a double.

- And what about the original?

- It is known that on the night of may 1, of the asylum reichskanzlei ran about 40 people. Bunker probably had an underground passage leading into the city. Generally, it is the bomb shelter was a whole city, where during the air raids were hiding thousands of people.

And yet how Hitler was able to escape when Berlin was occupied by our troops?

- The Fuhrer had chances, and good. In the confusion of the first postwar weeks, when all of Germany was filled with thousands poor people to get lost among them was not easy. Interestingly, saying goodbye to his Valet, Hitler ordered him to get to the West.
- For whom? asked Linge.
- For the Fuhrer!
And in Germany there was only one Fuhrer. The same Linge, sitting in prison, stated that he knew the secret of his master's death, but would not reveal it.

- Do you believe that Adolf fought for their salvation?

- By nature he was a reckless adventurer. All of his career - chain risky adventures, starting with the "Beer hall putsch of 1923. Why he could not risk the last time was at stake life? Suicide he would always managed with a vial of poison. Besides, some measures of salvation were stipulated in advance.

- What?

- On the personal instructions of Hitler at the plant in Dessau firm "Junkers" has produced two huge estimating aircraft, one of which made a trial flight in Japan. The fuselage was loaded to capacity with cans of fuel. Remained designated only for several passengers and crew members.

- Before the evacuation it come?

- No. The aerodrome was bombed. After that the Germans organized a temporary airfield at the Brandenburg gate, near reichskanzlei. For lengthening of the runway cut down century-old Linden trees. There are constantly on duty training aircraft, which required minimum length of the run. And when Hitler was continually two of his personal pilot and commander of government squadron. However, captured the commandant of Berlin argued that Hitler could not get in the air (bombed and the airport), but could escape it and in subway tunnels. Remained sea. It is known that in Hamburg at piers were ready ten ocean-going submarines. Their commanders knew that need to evacuate members of the German government.

- However there is no evidence that Hitler saw anywhere and ever after April 30, 1945.

- Why? The employee of the protection of Kernow assured that met Hitler on 1 may. In addition, the foreign press immediately after the war there were publications that the Fuhrer was evacuated to Argentina. Was called and Paraguay, Spain, Ireland. Once on the North sea in Denmark found a bottle with a letter of the German sailor from sunken submarine. He reported that she came across the wreck and was damaged. On Board submarines, " said the sailor, was Hitler, who would be saved, because he couldn't get out of tightly sealed cabins in the stern.

- It turns out that in the garden of reichskanzlei found and then explored the remains of the wrong person?..

- The probability is high. The German government also experienced doubts on this score. At the end of 1980-ies it appealed to the leadership of the USSR with a request to specify the place of burial of Hitler. Apparently, the Germans wanted to make an examination of the remains of the Fuhrer use modern means of identification. But was too late. In 1970, the KGB chief Andropov ordered to open the burial of the Fuhrer and families Gabbasov, which was located on the territory of the Soviet military unit in Magdeburg, and destroy the remains.

- What, then, is to explain that the fact of the death of Hitler is not in doubt?

- Apparently, there is a psychological barrier. To a normal person it is difficult to assume that the offender who has committed so much of evil went from the reckoning. I also do not mean to say that he managed to escape, and want only to draw attention to the fact that this story is not all clear to the end.

- As for Hitler, that history gave him. He never found the grave. His body is interred. To bow to his ashes not come relatives and descendants. Gloomy end.
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