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На Земле начинается эра супербурьHurricane "sandy"that hit the U.S. East coast, opens a whole epoch of natural disasters, the consequences of which mankind may be seen in the coming decades.

"This is a harbinger of things to come. The increase in the number of storms and rising ocean levels, posing a growing threat in the coming decades" - quoted CNN Princeton University Professor Michael Oppenheimer.

The intergovernmental panel on climate change in 2007, warned that, on average, the Global sea level will rise from 17 to 58 cm by the end of this century. However, future projections show that melting sea ice in the Arctic will provoke increase of a level 76 cm.

"Climate change will likely increase the intensity of storms and their scales, which leads to a significant increase in storm surges" - believes Oppenheimer.

For three decades, melted 2 million sq km of Arctic sea ice. According to forecasts, by the year 2100, the Arctic could lose almost all its ice cover, however, some scientists believe that it will happen much sooner.

"This is how it works: reducing the number of sea ice means more rapid increases in water temperature. The sea surface temperatures off the coast of North-Eastern United States currently the highest in history. It's like the refrigerator with the doors open", explained Walter Meier of the National data centre for the study of snow and ice at the University of Colorado.

"Large fluctuations in the movement of air masses allow cold air from the Arctic to move to the South, while the warm and humid tropical air penetrates to the North" - said Jennifer Francis from the Institute of marine and coastal Sciences. According to her, this is what happened when the Arctic and tropical weather fronts faced and this resulted "Frankenturm".
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