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onua.org » News » Astronomers believe that the Sun is not satisfied \"end of the world\" December 21,
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Астрономы уверены, что Солнце не устроит "конец света" 21 декабряAstronomers believe that December 21, 2012 is the day that particularly worried people are waiting for the end of the world - will disappoint his ordinariness.

"At least the Sun, from which all life depends on the Earth, will act normal. Even magnetic storms on this day will not be" - told ITAR-TASS Director of the astronomical Observatory of the Irkutsk state University Sergei Yazev.

on November 14, Russian scientists from Irkutsk, Moscow and Novosibirsk watched total solar Eclipse on the Northern coast of Australia. Now astronomers have first data images of the solar corona. The star had entered the phase of its maximum activity, which this time will last for an unusually long time - about three years, they predict.

Solar activity is connected with formation and decay in the atmosphere stars with strong magnetic fields. These processes are of interest to the inhabitants of the Earth as flares and magnetic storms, which are considered to affect the equipment, and on human well-being. Despite a protracted stage of maximum, nothing special from the Sun to expect it is not necessary, scientists believe. "In 1957 at the maximum of 19 cycle of solar activity level was approximately 3 times higher than now, and nothing happened. Who did not know, he did not notice" - said Sergei Yazev.
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