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Фрукты активируют защиту в сосудахResearchers from the University of Warwick and Unilever want to know whether the right combination of nutrients from fruits and vegetables to improve the health of the heart, blood vessels and to protect against type 2 diabetes. This writes MEDdaily with reference to Science Daily.

In the work is based on the following hypothesis: compounds in fruits activate protective cellular mechanisms in the walls of blood vessels. In the end, this not only protects them from damage associated with aging, but also impedes the development of diabetes. Scientists took a lot of time in order to determine the fruit contains the necessary connections. The result was the creation of prototypes of products that will check for the human vessels. If successful, these products will give a group of volunteers of middle age, with overweight. This will be monitored operation of vessels and the blood sugar level. In this study allocated 1.1 million pounds.

Unilever hopes to bring to market a series of unique products that improve cardiovascular status. Explains Professor Paul Tornelli from the Medical school of Warwick: "the efforts of the scientific community and industry will allow us to test and validate connections in University clinics Foundation Coventry & Warwickshire Trusts". Scientists are pinning special hopes on grapes, strawberries and olives.

In case of a positive outcome of this work will be the first who proved direct connection of fruit and vegetables with the health of the heart and blood vessels.
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