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Ватикан опроверг слухи о конце светаMany experts were so fascinated by the reasoning of the impending Apocalypse, which, according to the predictions of the Mayan calendar, is to come upon the Earth on December 21, 2012 that some people with panic fear expect that date. No scientific evidence to support these assumptions do not exist. So the Vatican has joined the group of skeptics, calling on citizens of all countries to stay calm and not be afraid of the day.

Meanwhile, Jos Func (Jose Funes, chief astronomer of the Holy see in Vatican, which monitors all events taking place in space, completely denied the rumors about the end of the world, stating that the planet is safe and that the theme of the Apocalypse "is not even worth discussing."

The head of the Vatican Observatory Funs, reported that the universe is constantly expanding, and this expansion causes some people fear, as it may cause termination of its existence. He added in an interview with the associated Press that the possible occurrence of an apocalyptic chaos should not disturb the true Christians, because death does not mean the end."

If approved, Jose Funca do not sound convincing, comments David Morrison (David Morrison), astrobiology of the research Center NASA Silicon Valley in California, "It's not true," he said during the interactive NASA Google+Hangout devoted to the subject of the proposed judgment day. "This is just a fantasy".

According to the information of experts, indicate in the Mayan calendar talk about ending 21 December of the calendar cycle called the 13th Baktun. However, most researchers do not agree that this is just the end of the calendar cycle and insist that this is a prophecy of the coming of the end of the world and of destruction of the planet.
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