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onua.org » 2012 » The rumors about the end of the world persecute tourists in remote corners
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Слухи о конце света гонят туристов в отдаленные уголкиPeople believed in the end of the world, ready to believe in the salvation from him. Hoping to escape from the disaster they like going to places with "special power", which is allegedly located in Serbia, Turkey and France. Their conviction on hand enterprising locals who are happy to provide frightened tourists Souvenirs, housing and all conditions, of course, for such a strict compensation.

Supporters of the ideas are close to the end of the world claim that such a place with "positive energy" is a Turkish village Sirince, near the ancient Greek city of Ephesus and the Nightingale of the mountain, where, according to legend, the virgin Mary ascended to heaven. 600 villagers are preparing to host more than 60 thousand tourists, the newspaper reports Haberturk.

"For the first time we are faced with such a stream in the winter season", - commented on the situation Elkan Gulgun, owner of one of the hotels. As he says, the guests really believe that the mystical power of the Holy places will protect them from disaster.

In village shops you can buy Souvenirs, one way or another associated with the end of the world. One of the winemakers even released a special limited edition of the "wine of the Apocalypse".

The crowds also rushed to Serbia's foot Rtanj, writes The Daily Telegraph. People who believe in the approaching end of the world, referring to the British science fiction writer and futurist Arthur Clarke, who called the mount, the "navel of the world" and described the area as a place of "special forces". According to the legends, inside the mountain height 1570 m hidden object in the shape of a pyramid, left here by aliens several thousand years ago, who will save his people from dying planet.

"Just one day more than 500 people wanted to book a room. People are going to come as whole families," said Obrad blecic, the Manager of one of the hotels in the area surrounding mountain peaks.

Thus, Rtanj has become a direct competitor to the other "saving" mountain - Byugarash in the South of France. Here, according to some beliefs, December 21, landing alien ship to take Earthmen.

In many bookmakers all over the world started to take bets on the end of the world. Organizers perceive rumors of imminent catastrophe ironically, allowing players to set their own odds. Even if something happens, it is unlikely that the winner will have the opportunity to claim your winnings.

Meanwhile, in Mexico are preparing for a large-scale celebration of a New era on the Mayan calendar, reports the Associated Press. Travel agencies, including Russian, offer tours in major Mexican city for those who want to witness the historical event. The events will be held throughout the country, including the ancient Indian cities. According to preliminary estimates, the flow of tourists will increase in several times. Similar events will be held in other Latin American countries: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Predictions about the end of the world based on different interpretations of the calendar of the ancient Mayan cycle which ends on December 21. Scientists have tried to convince believers that the Mayans never predicted the Apocalypse.

"Frame Maya similar to a car odometer. My first machine on the odometer was only six wheels that could walk up to a maximum of 99 999,9 miles. But this does not mean that the car will explode if you pass 100 000", - told The Daily Mail anthropologist Geoffrey Braswell from the University of California.
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