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Произошла утечка доклада экспертов ООН по климатуThe document contains data that can "break" a stereotypical idea about the anthropogenic causes of climate change.

Freely available on the Internet was a draft of the report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), the release of which is scheduled for 2014, in which some analysts considered the innocence of human activities to global warming.

According to the document, scientists acknowledge that the Earth's climate in much greater extent than previously thought, influenced by solar activity.

"The recognition of the existence of a strong evidence of the influence of the Sun changes everything. Climate alarmists" (people from the point of view of skeptics, exaggerates the scale and consequences of climate change - as amended) can no longer say that warming was almost entirely due to human activities - not in a period when the influence of the Sun, now officially recognized, there was a maximum", - said the author of the leak.

It should be noted that not all scientists who have studied lined document, agree with the point of view of the person who put the document to the public.

Users blog Skeptical Science said that the document received absolutely wrong: "In fact, even if the communication activity of the Sun, galactic radiation and clouds, the existence of which allegedly "recognizes" the IPCC, is really strong which is yet to be confirmed by scientific data, which leads the group itself - it would enhance not rise and fall of temperature".

According to the author of that part of the report, which has aroused a heated discussion on the Internet, Professor Steve Sherwood (Steve Sherwood), the conclusions of the skeptics are "ridiculous"and a message about the dominant influence of solar activity on the temperature increase on the planet, "out of context".

It should be noted that at the time of publication news access to the resource hosts compromised document is temporarily closed.
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