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Тайное совещание в Лондоне: против Сирии замышляется война без согласия ООНRemember how we were told that Libya will not be another Iraq is a disaster, he says, "lessons learned"? As expected, destroyed cities and social structure Libya to frost on the skin resemble Iraq. Now turn to Syria, but Syria "will not be another Libya", Yes, mistakes were, but the lessons learned again.

In today's editorial in the (London) Independent reports a plan for the international coalition in providing air support and sea, as well as military training of the opposition", commenting that "the intervention of the West is now considered necessary since the civil war has reached a tipping point, and it goes: "Britain, France and the United States agreed - "none of the soldiers ' boots on the ground".

This was the result of a recent secret meeting in London, adopted at sir David Richards, the head of the armed forces of Britain. The participants of the consultation were "military leadership of France, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, UAE and (surprise) "three-star American General". The newspaper reported: "the strategy was discussed in detail, together with the other Ministers of the UK government, "as well as their colleagues from the allied countries", also participating in meetings - read, the conspiracy of the illegal overthrow of the leader and of the government of a sovereign state.

"L'angleterre, ah, la perfide Angleterre ..." ("England, Oh, insidious England; approx. mixednews.ru) - an expression that is rising, as is, to the XIII century and used in relation to Britain in connection with the acts of "hypocrisy, treachery and infidelity" in relations with other States, accurately describes "Wikipedia".

Prime Minister Cameron determined to involve Britain in another bloodshed, no understanding of their destructive interference in the Affairs of Libya - sorry, but it "...is firmly convinced that Britain must do more to end the conflict..." Should this occur, it would be first, and not surprisingly, the Minister of foreign Affairs, the Hague ("I am a member of the " Conservative friends of Israel" from the age of 16) have long been saying that Britain should be armed rebels, and promises to allocate a significant amount.

Apparently, the meeting was heartily agreed that once the "boots on the ground", i.e. yet another illegal invasion, are excluded ('ll see), "Turkey can be organized training camps for terrorists.

The use of air and naval forces were socio may result in the charge that the West, like Libya, provides power regime change".

The deviation from the set tasks is seen easily.

Next, are the words "high-ranking official of Whitehall": "If it's worth it, you should do it professionally, teaching Free army of Syria and providing its support from the air and sea.

It concludes that "now inevitable" another bloody intervention. French military advisers, apparently, already in Lebanon in contact with the rebel groups, and "the USA, it was said, had prepared gathered in Libya weapons for future supplies to the rebels.

It is planned that the operation will go without the permission of the UN, as in Iraq, as it almost certainly will be blocked in the Security Council, China and Russia.

One question remains, and not one million, will Russia with China sit quietly in the corner and quietly look for another blood bath and the overthrow of being left all such fools in Libya?

By the way, and whether there is another hapless Ambassador similar to Christopher Stevens, who together with the contingent of the armed by the United States thugs c cargo ship, stuffed with weapons and equipment, or after a bad events of 11 September in Benghazi "diplomatic corps America covered desperate personnel hunger?
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