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На Марсе обнаружен горнолыжный курортIn June of this year, stereo cameras space probe Mars Express recorded on the red planet, in the area of the mountains Kharit, located near Gale crater and the pool of Argir, an area where there are bright areas resembling the surface is covered with snow. Recently scientists have found that this effect is frozen carbon dioxide.

It is a fairly large group of the rocky mountains, which stretch for over 1,000 km, on the southern tip of the crater of Argir. They were first described in 1929 by Eugene Michel antoniadi crateres. From the Ground you can see them only in large telescope.

For the observer mountains look like the area with the old relief, including large forms and almost covered the impressive size of the craters. Much more numerous craters smaller, having a form of pedestals. They arise when forming the elevated terrain. The material in such places is resistant to erosion, and breed there decays more slowly than in the immediate environment, hence the hill.

Carbon dioxide, giving brightness of the Martian surface in this zone, we know more carbon dioxide we exhale into the atmosphere. On our planet, it enters the underground structure of the soil, and is formed by the decomposition of organic matter within the various reservoirs, tanks, bunkers, and the like private objects, if they happen reactions slow oxidation of carbon. In addition, it is found in dissolved form in the spring water. Household carbon dioxide is used when ognemorie, as it reduces the concentration in the air of oxygen, which prevents the burning. By the way, foam fire extinguishers really like snow.

Where does the carbon dioxide might have come from Mars? Primarily, this is one more reason to talk about the habitability of the red planet. Or that it was once inhabited... Like, its people like we, inhaled oxygen and exhale CO2, and then on the planet has changed the climate, the Martians have disappeared, and gas froze and ass to the surface...

Found on Mars and water. In 2006 radar MARSIS found under the surface of the planet's vast accumulations of water ice. In particular, the ice filled meteorite crater with a diameter of about 250 kilometers, located under the plain Christe. And last year the specialists from Germany found on the slopes of a Martian canyon, located in the region Melas Small, traces similar to canals on the bottom of which was sulfate compounds, usually formed as a result of oxidation processes under the influence of water. This allowed to conclude that there was once a huge sea. Recently on the images received by means of telemetry Rover Curiosity, the researchers examined the rock strewn with gravel river or stream.

It is located between the field to the North of the crater and the foothills of Acute mountain. According to experts, the size and shape of the stones channel allows to get an idea of what was the length of the river and the speed of the running water in it. If you find that the composition of the material consists of clay and sulphates, which theoretically may contain elements of organic substances, it means that hypothetically on the planet could support life.

While on Mars, found no microbe... laser spectrometer Curiosity and not recorded in the Martian atmosphere traces of methane, which is traditionally considered one of the major signs of the presence of living organisms.

As for the presence of carbon, not so long ago a group of astronomers from the Carnegie Institution for science in Washington (USA) headed by Andrew Steele found that organic molecules found in Martian meteorites are of geological origin, not listed here from Earth or from deep space. According to scientists, microscopic granules molten silicon rocks inside a meteorite fragments indicate their origin as a result of volcanic activity or other geological phenomena. But not biological processes...

So at least the next Nakhodka and is for specialists curious surprise, it is worth remembering that Mars is believed to be officially planet earth, yet very different from Earth, and for their geological structure, and composition of the atmosphere and climatic conditions. And while nothing brings us closer to the evidence that there was once someone lived...
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