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Может ли знаменитое «Касание смерти» работать в реальной жизни?You saw a Shot five fingers in the movie "Kill bill" and saw Spock conducts Vulcanian capture nerve million times. Are these techniques simply fantasy - or someone really can mysteriously topple forward a precise strike?

One of the techniques of martial arts has earned the name of "Touch of death" - but can this method in effect? That's all you need to know about the art of Dim Mak, and what damage it can cause.

The touch of death

The technique, called "Touch of death" historically known as Dim Mak. Translated from Chinese, Dim Mak is a blow, which puts pressure on the artery. Practicing this art argue that this blow may have a delayed effect, causing the victim to death several months later - and fans conspiracy link delayed effect of the blow Dim Mak with the death of Bruce Lee.

This technique has historical roots, because such a crippling blow mentioned in "Busybee", a classic text on the martial arts. The exact details, the point of impact and the expected results, however, are hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

The term "Touch of death" has gained popularity due to the marketing efforts of Count Dante and black dragon Society. Count Dante considered himself to be the deadliest man ever lived, but most of all he is remembered for a series of full-page advertisements on the manual of the martial arts in Marvel comics in 1960 and 1970.

Health informed the touch of death?

"Touch of death may be linked to the medical phenomenon known as commotio cordis. Commotio cordis is sudden death, caused by a sharp blow on the chest, which interrupts the natural rhythm of the heart. The very heart thus not damaged, but is broken electrical stimulation is behind the heart. Electric interruption should occur in a very short period of time-10-30 milliseconds between heart beats to have its effect.

There are more than 125 registered cases commotio cordis, including several teenagers-hockey players who have died from falling washers in the chest.

Some of the alleged wizard "Touch of death" could just know that blow in the chest can cause commotio cordis and kill people. However, this scenario does not assume the possibility of delayed effect.

One of the forms of impact Dim Mak may result from its literal translation. Prolonged pressure on the carotid artery reduces the blood flow to the brain and leads to loss of consciousness. The carotid artery is on the side of the neck, so it's easy to achieve.

But it will take quite a long pressure, because loss of consciousness (and possible brain damage) occurs within a few seconds. Manipulation of the carotid artery, however, exclude the possibility of delayed effect - if only you do not damage the artery, which can lead to long term problems with the formation of thrombi in the main flow.

Covered with darkness

All equipment connected with Dim Mak is darkness, so it is difficult to say whether they are real. Although the strike, leading to commotio cordis, or obstruction of the artery can lead to results that are similar to "Touch of death", his mysterious nature and the absence of details about the technology makes it difficult to confidently say whether they have anything in common with the impact of Dim Mak.

And in General, it is difficult to imagine the blow that does not cause any visible damage at the moment, but kills after some time. You should assume that it should have any symptoms. And if you too are interested in deferred death, you are much easier to use more effective and subtle methods such as poisoning.

Can this work?

The possibility of lethal blow closely connected with complications, developing at the point of impact. Of course, if you claim that you are the master of "Touch of death" and will be running around punching people in the chest, there is every chance that one of hundreds of your sacrifices will have the effect commotio cordis and die. However, this result stems from chance alone, not from any particular skill.

And by the way, there is a precedent allegations of human rights in manslaughter after sports the strike resulted in the death of his opponent because of the effect commotio cordis, so hit people in the chest with great care.

The most likely application of this technology is the prolonged seizure in a situation similar to fight in battles without rules. The provision of long-term pressure on the artery can deprive your opponent consciousness. It's like Vulcanian capture nerve Spock, but more time-consuming and potentially dangerous, since prolonged exposure on the carotid artery can lead to stroke.
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