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Кого в 2013-м году ждет много денег и карьерный ростHoroscope for all zodiac signs from the famous astrologer Pavel Globa. This time we will talk about what awaits all signs of the zodiac in terms of career and money.

The predictions of the astrologer Pavel Globa for 2013 excerpts from his book "Zodiac forecast-2013"

ARIES (21.03 - 19.04)

In the coming year you will feel like on a temporary work or in a rented apartment. In the first half of the year play the role of the collector: information, money, people (although some of the collected immediately begins to flow through his fingers). Minus this period: the critical situation that will occur due to carelessness and thoughtlessness. In the second half of the year, you will be collected, more Thrifty.

TAURUS (20.04 - 20.05)

February is not suitable for large purchases, increasing income. And may - for the decision of housing. But, in the first half of may venture and risky operations will be justified. In June probable career growth. In August, large projects will be successful. Overall a good year for financial matters. New circumstances would help restore order in life, and also to solve material problems. Try to rely on their own experience.

GEMINI (21.05 - 21.06)

Year energetic, successful. Can dare and get the job done. The financial situation will make you happy, despite some twists and turns. January is not the best time for the conclusion of large contracts. If possible, give preference to foreign transactions. In the current work, all will be well. You can count on income. Loans no complications is not expected, will be able to return in time. April is a good month for major acquisitions and investments. May suitable to negotiate wage increases. In the summer of business trip will be successful. The end of the year, possibly, will surprise you with unexpected turns.

CANCER (22.06 - 22.07)

You focus on their own Affairs, problems and their solution. The first half of the year will be intellectually intensive, you will become something to learn, to create, to invent. Your ideas will also help to others. In January, when your livelihood depends on your work, be more economical - money may not be enough. In March, do not put your nose in other people's Affairs is bound to be trouble. April - a difficult period, from major spending is better to abstain. May is a good time for investments. June is the month of success and great perspectives. In July, be careful not to rely on colleagues. In August can count on a career. In the third decade refrain from serious spending. The end of the year is good for opening of own business.

LEO (23.07 - 22.08)

In the beginning of the year will increase competition. March is not the time to engage in open confrontation. April successful for career development of own business. In may, with more work, but do not give up work - this month you will be located to the dynamics. In career matters go on risk, hope for a miracle, and it will happen. In June vigilance will not prevent you may appear envious enemies. In September, if you try, can make the leap to climb the career ladder, to expand your business, implement an important project. The end of the year will be held in the hustle and bustle.

VIRGO (23.08 - 22.09)

In March and April, do not count on career growth. But may give interesting possibilities. For example, you will be asked to work in another country or test yourself in a new profession. Prefer individual, not collective. In June of the current work is not without troubles and difficulties. About a career forget. It's even possible threat to your current situation. And in July there is a chance to show their talents. Relations with the leadership can deteriorate or go away. The end of summer is a good time for a career. The end of the year, a successful period for the realization.

LIBRA (23.09 - 22.10)

In the first half of the year you are going to need in the neighbourhood: anything to push off from. And the second half will be legible and will occupy the place they deserve. In may and June, it is better not to plan for major purchases, avoid serious spending. July can bring unpleasant surprises. Try not to be Frank with colleagues. Tours and trips in the first decade of August better to postpone (their productivity is low). As for purchases of financial investments and income on sales - everything will be fine. Financial issues are better addressed in the second half of the year. In December better not to risk in the financial sector.

SCORPIO (23.10 - 21.11)

Very good year. It will be no time to relax, but all your undertakings will promote success. In the second half of the year many things will develop by itself. In may, you will likely return the debts. In June will be successful major transactions and purchases. At the end of the year in the work of all will develop favorably. Financial turnover to accelerate, you will be satisfied with their income. But try not to start the projects in early October is possible errors.

SAGITTARIUS (22.11 - 21.12)

January promises stability, confidence in the future. In March we must control myself, not to indulge their desires, not to trust the first impression. And in March, the only way out of difficult situation - hard to stand your ground. The financial situation is more complicated. In April possible major purchases, cash investments. In June beware the dubious projects - your reputation may suffer.

CAPRICORN (22.12 - 19.01)

January to you - month achievements. Your efforts will pay off with interest. February promises to be rich in discoveries. Issue March - late because of what use you could extract, runs the risk of crumbling. April is the month of professional coup. The middle of the year will be held safely. June suitable for signing contracts for the future. In July possible conflicts with the team. In September, if your position at work is unstable, you can be deprived. At the end of the year - your task is not to spoil what is.

AQUARIUS (20.01 - 18.02)

This year you will be lucky. The only condition is that you should be interested in what you do. In April probable career growth - both formal and formal, i.e. colleagues will treat you as a leader. In may it is better not to plan a trip. But the likely increase in profit or successful acquisitions. In June of your organizational skills, most likely, will be not high. In October, everything will be much easier than it may seem. In the second half of the year, when the "backbone" is created, it's time to work on the details.

FISH (19.02 - 20.03)
The changes that will occur and you have to work in January, will put you in an awkward position. February will bring strengthening of positions. Ideal for long trips. In March rely on luck. April, on the contrary, the complex month. May be productive. This month you can bypass guide. In August, the likely financial difficulties. At the end of the year should not count on big earnings. Try to be more economical.
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