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Везунчик и неудачник в одном флаконеThere are in the world the people, it would seem that plays jokes fate itself. They managed somehow to avoid serious danger, and sometimes they are killed by the fault ridiculous case. Although some after numerous tests live happily ever after... Parapsychologists believe that there can not do without the intervention of supernatural forces.

February 7, 1894 in the town of Columbia (USA) was scheduled for execution of a young man by the name will Parvis. He was sentenced to death by hanging. Pervis claimed that he was convicted unfairly and on hearing the verdict, shouted to the jury: "I have all of you will survive!" When on the neck will put the loop, the rope suddenly untied, and sentenced simply fell into the trap remained alive and unharmed.

The execution was postponed, as most of the participants believed that this intervention of God. It had been transferred on December 2, 1895, but shortly before that date, Pervis escaped from prison. In 1896 he appeared to the authorities with the guilt and the penalty he was replaced by life imprisonment.

And in 1898 Pervis pardoned due to public opinion: people did not believe in his guilt! Finally, in 1917 a certain Joseph Byrd, being near death, confessed to committing the crime for which nearly hung Pervis...

Will Pervis died on October 13, 1938. Three days before he died last of the jury, who condemned him to death. The prophecy has come true - Pervis survived their judges!

However, as they say, from the fate of not going. Thus, in 1976, one man was hit by a car in new York. He was unhurt, but then one of the witnesses of the incident told him again to go under the car, with ideas, so that you can make money on insurance. The victim of the accident followed his advice. Not put on the brake machine meanwhile started to move and crushed the unfortunate death.

In 1983, the car is 45-year-old Neapolitan Vittorio Louis during a hurricane blew away in the river. He managed to break a window to get to shore. But on land at the man fell a tree and crushed him to death! In the same year, a victim of hurricane was an American industrialist George Schwartz. During the devastating storms survived only one wall of a factory building, under which he was hiding. Schwartz received only light injuries. "Unsubscribe from the hospital, he went to inspect the destroyed building, what pushed the surviving wall and it fell on the owner of the factory, killing him on the spot.

Some Jakob Oleg in 1996 attempted to commit suicide. He doused himself with gasoline and set on fire, but not withstand severe pain, jumped into the water to put the fire out. Because Oleg not know how to swim, he immediately drowned...

In some cases, the very fate, it seems, prevents a person to retire from life. The 25-year-old driver from San Francisco Rampart tried many times to commit suicide, and each time his idea miserably failed. The pistol to his temple misfired... Put his head in a plate of mind to suffocate gas, but gas, unfortunately, that day has disconnected for non-payment...

Swallowed 70 sleeping pills - but in the end it just tore... Then Rampart lay on the tracks, however, he managed to brake... Desperately unlucky suicide bomber managed to tie their hands and feet and leaped into the lake. But here "unlucky": a drowning man noticed fishermen and pulled out of the water. Rampart realized that Providence against his plans, and never thought about suicide...

Truly an amazing story of a music teacher from Croatia Fran of Salaca. In 1962 the train, in which he was riding came down from the rail, several times turned over and fell into the water. 17 people were killed. Selak broke his arm, but he managed to swim to shore...

A year later Selak was on a plane. At high altitude happened cabin depressurization, was cut out the side door and the man made overboard... the Plane crashed, and Salaca find in a haystack, and sent to the hospital. Serious injuries he received.

In 1966 the bus, which was traveling Selak, got into a car accident. Four passengers died, but our hero escaped with minor injuries.

In 1970, during the trip the car Salaca caught fire outside. The driver got out of the car to put out the fire, and then it exploded... Selak has not suffered.

In 1973 when the next trip because of a failure in the fuel system, there was a new fire, this time inside the cabin. Salaca burned part the hair on the head, just...

In 1995, a man was hit by a bus. The result was a shock and easy bruising.

In 1996 Selak was driving the vehicle on a mountain road. Suddenly he saw that right at him racing truck. He managed to roll to the cliff on the move to jump out of the car.

But the most amazing event with Frank Celcom happened in 2003, when he was 74 years old. He for the first time decided to buy a lottery ticket and... I won a million dollars! Maybe fate rewarded him for migrated successfully tested?

Margarita Trinity
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