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Окно в предыдущие вселенныеCurrent cosmological theory States that the universe began 13.7 billion years ago with the Big Bang. But the legendary physicist says that he found the first evidence of the eternal, the cyclical nature of the universe.

According to the theory of the Big Bang, all of which today is the universe was once concentrated at the point of almost infinite density. Before the singularity (the universe, compressed in an infinitely dense and small dot) exploded, and therefore before the beginning of the universe - there was absolutely nothing. It is unclear whether you can use a piece "up" towards the universe that existed before the Big Bang because time itself could then does not exist. In the current model, the universe began with a Big Bang, enduring for a fraction of a second cosmic inflation (rapid expansion and cooling), which is gradually slowed down to a much slower expansion that takes place in our days and will end only with the transformation of the universe is infinitely extended, desert space.

Sir Roger Penrose, one of the most famous physicists of the last fifty years, do not agree with this development. He recalls that the universe began with a very low state of entropy, that is, everything was from the outset a very orderly manner. This makes possible the existence of a complex matter, from which it is composed. He indicates that the Big Bang cannot explain why everything was so well organized. In his opinion, this is explained by the fact that our universe is just one of a number located in a circular chain, which are then inflated, then shrink back.

What does it mean? Penrose claims that at the end of its existence, the universe will return to a state of low entropy. This is because black holes suck in all of matter, energy and information that come their way, thus removing the entropy of the universe (where it goes entropy, that is another question). The continued expansion of the universe will turn universe, ultimately, in the space of the desert, forcing him to evaporate, even black holes that will again lead the universe in a highly ordered state. It will be ready to clench singularity and produce the next Big Bang.

This theory, of course, has the advantage, but that's arguments in its confirmation no -- no. According to him, Penrose discovered facts confirming his ideas, in the cosmic microwave background radiation, which passes through the whole universe was formed, as was previously thought, a 300 000 years after the Big Bang, providing an opportunity to look at what was the universe in that distant time. Penrose, with a colleague Vage the Gurzadyan, opened the concentric circles consisting of regions with a much smaller range of temperatures than anywhere else.

What does it mean? Penrose believes that these circles are Windows in the previous universe, the spherical ripples left by the gravitational effect of collapsing black holes in a previous universe. According to him, these circles do not fit into the current inflationary model, according to which, all changes of temperature microwave background radiation must be random.

Where the fun begins. If these circles do exist and are really what makes them Penrose, it means that he was able to refute the standard inflationary model. But this is still far away.

The inflationary model unanimously adopted for a very simple reason - it is the best explanation for our universe. Therefore, cosmologists with great skepticism would react to any research that will disprove it. The most popular news informers will tell the main news of the day.
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