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Видение С. Докториана о ближайших катаклизмахThe prophecy of the American Samuel Doctorine about the future of tectonic cataclysms. The vision was revealed to Dr. Samuel Doctorine on the island of Patmos in 1998:

The prophecy recorded tapes and translated from English into Russian .

Doctorman says: " I was on the Isle of Patmos in his house alone. There I prayed and sought the Lord. The island was a small Church of St. Nicholas, which no one attended. I went there and poured it out before God his heart. Once I found a big stone on the edge of a cliff, I sat him on it, to pray and read the Bible . These days I ate very little. Visited the place where John saw the Revelation. Already been a month since I was praying in this remote place. I asked myself:"Maybe God for the tenth time would send me HIS ANGEL" . Nine times I have seen Angels in England, in Belgrade, Amman, Jerusalem. An angel I saw in upper Egypt: He saved a woman who decided to take his own life by hanging. Ninth angel I saw in the middle of hostilities in Beirut, at three in the morning he woke me up from a dream and told me to immediately leave the country. I thank God for it , but I don't know what would have happened to me . And so I thought, "do I get to See the tenth time the angel"?

The vision...

20-06-98, at 3:50 am here on the Isle of Patmos my room was suddenly filled with the light, although there is no electricity. This house is in the end of the street separately,close to the Church. On the right side of me were two angels,I saw their faces as people's faces , they glowed. Look to the left, I uvidel three Angels with wings. They were dressed in a beautiful white long dress. It cannot be described in human language. I asked myself " Why five?". I was shaking all over, I was shaking. Wanted to scream but couldn't.

Then I saw myself, stojashego before the meeting and prorochestvo these words: My other Church which will enter, You propoveduet love, but you love must live, You have to provide surrounding. in my Body there must be unity. there are many divisions. Where there is no unity, the Spirit can't move and work. In My Church rules flesh. Much of the filth in My Church. I need and long for people who would live a Holy life. I died to make you Holy"Determined was a prophecy, I just shook. Opening my eyes, I looked into a lot of people. During this prophecy suddenly appeared these mighty Angels. Departing from the Department ago, I thought that fall,but finally came to his senses . Some power has supported me, that I should not have fallen. I asked myself, " What will happen next?".

Suddenly the first angel said, " We, the Angels of five continents came to tell you about the future of these continents". At that moment, I heard screams are ahead of me " Oh-Oh! Oh-Oh!" I think they also saw Angels. Somehow God gave me to understand that in the coming days in many places of the earth, He will reveal Himself to men or Angels. Such phenomena are often proishodit in the churches. Thousands of people will see the Angels. The angels said, " What you see and hear-tell the people" . Will take peoples it or not - I have to cry

The first angel said:

"I have a message for the whole of Asia. When He said it, I'm in a flash I saw the whole of China, India and other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, and so I saw the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia. Then the angel showed me New Guinea and further down to Australia and New Zealand. "I am an angel, intended for Asia," He said. I saw in his hand a very big pipe, which He will blow over the whole of Asia. Millions will hear this powerful voice of the trumpet. Then He said, "will Be a disaster and famine. Many will die of hunger. Throughout Asia there will be earthquakes, and the sea will cover the earth."

I distinctly heard the words spoken by the Angel: "Large parts of the earth will fall into the sea. Places in Australia will be earthquakes, it will divide and a large part will be covered by the sea". It was scary. I asked myself, "do I have heard"? To that, the angel said, "In China, India will die by the millions. The largest river in China, flood and destroy thousands of homes by flooding. Nationality will be against nationality, brother against brother. Asians will fight among themselves, will be applied nuclear weapon that kills millions of people." Twice I heard the word "catastrophe". Then the angel said that Asia will be the financial crisis, and God will shake the world. As He spoke, I was shaking. He looked at me smiled and said, "there'll Be a great spiritual awakening, the chains will be broken, the obstacles will be overcome. Throughout Asia, China, India, the people will come to Christ. In Australia will be big and strong revival. This is the last harvest." Then, as if in the name of God He said: "I will prepare My Church to My coming." After the news of the court I was happy on hearing this good news. All this time five Angels were in my room. It was a strong impression.

The Second Angel.

Then I saw the second angel holding the hammer, as held in the time of harvest. He said, "In Israel and the countries to Iran the harvest is come". In the blink of an eye I saw these countries and heard: "the Whole of Turkey and the countries that have rejected Me, rejected the news of love, will be each other to hate and destroy". I saw an angel, who picked up the hammer. He moved it over the Middle East. I saw Iran, Persia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, all of Asia Minor. All these lands were covered with blood. I saw the fire. Against many of these countries atomic weapons have been used, everywhere was raised to the sky smoke. Heavy destruction - people kill each other. I heard the words: "Israel, Israel, now is the time of the great judgment. The angel said, "the Elect, the Church, and the remnant of the people will be cleared. The Holy spirit is preparing children of God." I saw the flame rising to the sky. The angel said, "This is the last judgment. My Church will be cleaned, stored and prepared for the final day. People will die of thirst. In the entire middle East would be very little water. The river will dry up, and people in these countries will wage war over water". The angel showed me that the UN, through a catastrophic situation in the middle East, will disintegrate, and the UN, as such, will be no more. The angel with the sickle and gather the harvest.

The Third Angel.

Then the angel showed me the whole of Europe from the North down to Spain and Portugal. In His hand He held dimensional branch. I saw Him flying over Europe and speaking these words: "I am deeply concerned about, is filled with suffering. Injustice, uncleanness and atheism in the entire Europe. Sin has risen to heaven. The Holy spirit is filled with suffering. I saw the river in Europe came out of the banks and flooded millions of homes. In Czechoslovakia were the most severe flooding from all that have been before. Suddenly I heard the rumble of an earthquake in the whole of Europe. "Countries that have never shaken by the earthquake, will be shaken," said the angel. Suddenly I saw in Paris broke and broke up the Eiffel tower. Much of Germany will be destroyed. Great city of London is destruction everywhere.

I have seen floods in Scandinavia. I looked at the South side, and saw Spain, passing through the great famine and major damage. Many in Spain and Portugal will die of hunger. I was alarmed and said, "Lord, what will happen to Your Children?". The angel answered with the words of God: "I will prepare them. They should look to expect the appearance of the Lord. Many people these days will call upon Me and I will save them. For them, I'm going to make miracles, I will show them My Power. Among these large destructions, in these countries the mercy of God will remain. I was happy - the God of their children guards.

The Fourth Angel.

Now we went to Africa. I saw the fourth angel with wings, flying over Africa. Also, I could see all the way, from the city to the South and to Cairo in the North. I saw all the countries, they were over fifty cities. Angel designed for Africa, was in the hands of the great sword. Suddenly I heard them spoken word: "Shed innocent blood, strife among Nations. Generation is far from the Lord : thousands killed each other. I saw my children that believe in Africa. I will be their abundantly bless. I will control the weather, the sun will be in certain places of fire to burn. Large rivers will dry up, millions will die of hunger. In other places will be floods. Shocked will be founded. A blood-thirsty and doers of iniquity, will judge My sword will be a lot of earthquakes, many cities will be flooded". I saw how big rocks fell from the sky in different parts of Africa. The earth will be shaken with such force with which it was still shaking from the Foundation of the world. No one can escape the sword of the Lord. I saw the Nile river dried up, Neil was the God of the Egyptians. A large part of Central Africa will be covered with water - millions will die". Oh my God, I said, " it's all bad news, only all the destruction. Are there any good news?". The Lord answered: "It is the last day - the day of the judgment. My love was rejected, and there came the day of judgment". I quivered and shook. I thought, I can't take it.

Fifth Angel

I saw the last angel flying over North and South America, on the way from the North Pole to Argentina, from the US East coast to California. I saw the Cup in his hand. The angel said he would pour over these countries in convictions that being in this Cup. Then I heard the speaker of the angel: "there is No morality, no justice, no Holiness. The worship of idols, materialism, drunkenness, attachment to sin. The shedding of innocent blood - millions of children die before their birth. Families break up. Adultery generation. Exactly this situation, as in the days of Noah. False Ministers, false prophets, the rejection of My love. Many of them profess religion, rejecting the true Power". When I heard it, I asked the angel: "could you still have to wait? Do not pour out of it. Give another chance for repentance. He said, "Often the Lord was reconciling and said, but they would not listen.

Look, the time has come. They love money and entertainment than love Me." When the angel began to pour the contents of the bowl, I saw began to melt large icebergs. When it started, I saw a flood across Canada and North America - all the rivers overflowed their banks, causing destruction everywhere. I heard as international trade collapsed like earthquake and the skyscrapers of new York collapsed and fell. In the oceans, I've seen a sinking ship, saw the angel poured the bowl over Mexico, and both ocean joined the Atlantic and Pacific. A large part of Brazil was covered with water. The Amazon river has turned into a large lake. The forest is destroyed and flooded.

Main cities in Brazil destroyed, in many places the earthquake. When the angel poured the contents of the bowl, Chile and Brazil suffered great destruction, which was not earlier. The whole earth shook. Here the angel said, "This all has to happen in a very short time". I said, "could you all this delay? Do not pour out these things over the globe (ground). Suddenly I saw five Angels standing around the globe with his hands and wings to the sky, saying, "All glory to God in heaven and on earth. The time has come, and He will glorify His Son. A new heaven and the new earth will be created. The works of the devil God will destroy forever. I will show My Power that will save My children in this destruction. Get ready for the day when the Lord will come."

My room was filled with light and glitter of the Angels Suddenly, they ascended into the sky. When I looked into the sky, he saw Angels coming in five directions. I was awake, trembling all the while.

I said, "Lord, should I Patmos to leave?". He said, "No, for a reason I brought you here." I said, "the Message of the Angels the world is not good news. This judgment, punishment, destruction. There will be people on to tell me? I always was a preacher of love, peace and good news. The angel said, "This is our news. You're a tool, a channel. I said, "Lord, Thy will be done".

Others. Samuel Doctorman.
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