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Предсказания индейцев майя: что ждет мир в 2013 году?As promised Indians, December 21, 2012 end of the world did not happen. But a new era has begun!

Let's start with the fact that, despite all kinds of horror stories, the Mayans predicted on December 21, the end of an era, and not light. That is the beginning of: something new and very interesting.

Mayan calendar - something unique and very curious. This is not just a system that allows you to count date. Much more interesting that with this calendar, you can predict the future - unless, of course, be able to use it.

However, an important caveat: the prediction of future priests had not referring to specific events. Indian calendar allowed prediction of General nature periods of time, and hence the historical processes occurring in the world.

The wind under which we were born

Take, for example, all of our epoch, which lasted on Earth the last 5200 years and ended rovnenko December 21. She proceeded under the influence of the Mayan sign the Wind. It is a sign of self-will and independence, and the awakening of intelligence and self-awareness. Under this sign one begins to become aware of yourself as an individual. That is exactly what happened with the human civilization.

The wind is and spiritual agony, and the sudden revelation of the spirit, and the clash of interests. All this and determined the course of human history over the last thousand years. Wars, conflicts, religious quest, but at the same time great discoveries and inventions. It was all our previous epoch.

However, this era has come to an end. But the following, occurring after December 21, according to the Mayan calendar, is to be under much more calm, Mature and sensible sign of the eagle.

Each era Maya is called "the Sun". This era was called the Maya "Fifth Sun", the beginning of "the Sun" under the sign of the eagle will be the sixth. What it will bring us?

First, the eagle is the most calm and balanced among all the characters Indian calendar. It is a symbol of maximum development of intellectual abilities, towards him Maya using such epithets as "the many-eyed", "great wisdom", "abundant talents". In other words, it is a sign that prefers any question be solved not by power, nor cry, and "wit". It is logical that the era wise eagle continues the era of the Wind. Because the Wind is the first awakening of intelligence, and the eagle's - his final formation.

All this means that we will face the era of great discoveries and inventions. Looking for a hundred years ahead, we will not be able to believe how everything will change!

The human mind will penetrate into the mysteries of the universe. War will be history. Discovering the secrets of time and space, life and death, people can move instantly to any point of the Universe - all this now seems impossible, but in the eagle age may well become an everyday reality.

We do not know exactly how and what speed will be a change of epochs after December 21, 2012. But, most of all, the laws of the new era will be approved immediately.

In this sense it is interesting to see what awaits different countries in this transition period - that is, in the nearest time. To calculate this, knowing the device Mayan calendar, is not too difficult.

The point is that every individual and every country have the Mayan the mark under which they were born. Well, the combination of personal and planetary characters generate a new sign, which have a determining influence on the life of a person or a country.

Russia before and after 2013

Russia as a state appeared under Mayan sign of Water, which left an imprint on all of our national mentality. The sign is the fact that it's heavy on the rise, and don't understand the sense of proportion, especially in food and alcohol. However, if the sign of Water spodvigla on something, to stop it is almost impossible.

In General the nature of Water is such that one can think that the ancient Mayans wrote off with his Russian man! All the well known adage that "Russian long harness, but quickly go", "What is good for the Russian, the German death" and so on, But despite this, frankly, not sugar character of our people, leaving the era of the Wind for us was quite favourable, as it flowed under predominant influence of strong and peremptory character Jaguar.

It Jaguar we owe the fact that the Russian state has always prevailed traits such as arrogance, Imperial ambitions and hard rejection of dissent, and the ability to resist any external enemy.

Coming in 2013, the eagle age for Russia will be completely different prevailing mark - Deer. Unlike the expiring Jaguar Deer is a sign of personal, not public freedoms and desires.

This change marks promises that soon the Imperial ambitions of the Russian state by themselves will begin to weaken, but the value of human life and personal interests, on the contrary, increase. This will lead to the fact that our country will be declared the territory for life and for the people. Priority will be given to the specific interests of each.

In other words, Russia will be more like a country in the spirit of the American dream, where everyone has a real chance to achieve success in life, and he does this not only prevents, but also fosters.
To prevent the end of the world, Nikita Dzhigurda staged a symbolic dance on the red square. Many thought that in Russia the Apocalypse has arrived...
To prevent the end of the world, Nikita Dzhigurda staged a symbolic dance on the red square. Many thought that in Russia the Apocalypse has arrived...

China will break free

For China, this era was marked by the Earthquake. This sleepy little sign characterized by the lack of moderation, prone to fantasies and at the same time, the implicit growth of internal tension.

It is this tension that have been accumulating in China last thousand years, after 2012 promises to break free! And all because of the coming era for China will be held under emotional and active sign of the Dog. In order to better understand it, it is enough to say that it was under him in his time was the so-called Great migration of peoples. Now, in the near future something similar can be repeated within a single China. In other words, the world has to deal with the Chinese expansion, economic, political, territorial, or something else.

America will not change

America as a state appeared under Mayan familiar Sunrise, and the retiring age Wind flowed under the prevailing sign of the eagle. All this gave rise to such features as the American practicality and pragmatism.

But coming in 2013, a new era will be held for America under the influence of its own sign - Sunrise. It's not the easiest mark. Among its main features - independence, sharpness, pragmatism, but the desire to bring any begun to end.

Thus, one can expect that after 2012 in America, little will change. It will remain a country specifics, hard work, ambition, practicality, so predictable and understandable.

Europe and the Arabs on the rise

We deliberately decided to present Europe and the Arab world in the same section, because they, despite all its diversity, have a lot in common, as occurred under one Mayan sign Night.

Previous epoch and the Arabs, and Europeans took place under favorable sign of the Lord. Despite heightened emotional background, in General, he did the situation in these countries is more or less managed. Another pressure Europeans and the Arabs tried not to obey, but inside the order still supported.

But coming in 2013, a new era for Europeans and Arabs will be held under uncompromising mark Cane. It is a symbol of expansion, commitment and an even greater priority to their own interests above all else.

Thus, it can be expected that Europe and the Arab world will be determined to fight for the strengthening of its role in world politics.

Actually astrological the New year begins 1 January or even February. And at the end of March, when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, starting a new annual cycle through the sky. But we used to count from the beginning of January!

Dmitry and Nadezhda Winter
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