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НЛО – творение человека?Just a few months ago the United States declassified some of the documents that reveal some very interesting developments and their characteristics. It is about the prototype flying saucers.

Thus, in September of the current year the American National archives was published the text of the Memorandum, which appeared in June 1956. According to the document, the Americans were engaged in development of a prototype flying saucers that were planned to be used in the interests of the American armed forces. The project was called "Project 1794, and develop the unit, as expected, had to have a supersonic speed and without problems to overcome distance in 2 thousand kilometers.

Strangely enough, but the development of this device worked foreigners, in particular, the canadian aircraft company Avro Aircraft headed the leading engineer, the Briton John frost. It should be noted that by the beginning of development, the company has already established itself on the positive side, creating fighter CF-100. The frost appeared in the company in 1947, before that he worked in the UK, at the De Havilland, engaged in development fighters Vampire and Hornet, and experimental aircraft DH 108.

After coming to a canadian company, frost began upgrading jet engine and efficiency of the compressor. The result was the so-called "linobaby engine", the essence of which lay in the fact that through the transmission gear turbine powered air compressor, and the jet stream was evenly around the entire circumference of the engine.

It should also be noted that in the world then began the "cold war", and so the Americans, and representatives of other countries were extremely interested in such an aircraft which took off and landed vertically, so the invention frost was just the place.

The first prototype flying saucers frost was named Project Y and externally, the device is very reminiscent of the bayonet shovels. The project was supported by the canadian military, and its implementation has been allocated 400 thousand canadian dollars. In 1953, the developers have introduced a wooden model of the device. Information about this in the blink of an eye broke in the press. Sometimes met and the rumors that Canadians intend to create a flying saucer. However, later the project was frozen due to the lack of monetary funds.

Meanwhile, a growing interest to the development of frost began to show the American armed forces. Their attention was proposed second version of the aircraft - Project Y-2. He was executed in the form of the disk, was equipped all engine with rotor compressors. This jet was distributed around the circumference of the case that, as expected, must provide greater height and speed of flight.

According to information from open sources, its first contract on creation of devices of this kind of frost received in 1955. A year later, in the development of a flying saucer had invested more than 2.5 million dollar company Avro. But at the same time, there were secret documents, according to which the American military office estimated the project at more than 3 million us dollars (according to the modern calculation is more than 26.5 million). On development was given year. While the American side is very much hoped that the device will be capable of speeds up to 3-4 thousand kilometers per hour, flying at a distance of nearly 2 thousand kilometers, and to rise to 30 kilometers up.

A range of American military was proposed several variants of devices. One of them was even filmed during test flights. The device is quite steadily away from the surface, but when you try to implement horizontal flight, he began to chatter from side to side. Despite the fact that "the Project 1794" (namely, he was tested) were introduced certain corrections, frost was unable to convince the Americans of the need for further funding. The problem, according to his calculations, was quite decided, just had to use a less radical design. This was mentioned and Sukhanov, the author developments disculpan. However, officially the project on creation of a flying saucer was closed in 1961. Officially, the reason for termination of the research was named the failure of the device to rise above human growth. At present, however, it is very difficult to assume that led Americans to take this step, and after several years of very successful tests to close the project. Because it was not about a new type of aircraft, as the principally new aircraft, the creation of which required much more time than allocated several years.

Leaving not very successful enterprise, the U.S. military took no less promising and interesting programs, in particular, OXCART, which resulted in the appearance of the plane a-12, a secret pattern of military aircraft, which was developed in the interests of the CIA.

Interestingly, in the mid 50-ies of the last century the idea of creation of flying saucers was not new. Over their creation worked even in the Third Reich in the 30-ies. Thus, in particular, in 1939 Heinrich Focke, aircraft designer Focke-Wulf, patented the project apparatus, which had the form of a saucer and had a vertical takeoff. Besides it, such developments involved and Arthur Zack, who decided to create a "flying disk", which was named AS-6, but the device failed every test. Besides them, there were other developers. So, for example, in the 1950-ies in the mass media the information appeared about a successful developments flying saucers, carried out by the Nazis - "Flying pancake Zimmerman and Drive Balance". German designer Zimmerman has developed aircraft that had discoid shape, in 1942-1943. He was equipped with gas turbine engine and reached speeds of up to 700 kilometers per hour. Externally, the device is very reminiscent of a flying saucer, classical description of which is derived from "witnesses": can be found in the press, namely inverted pelvis, transparent cabin, rubber chassis. As for the disk Balance, no documentary evidence of its existence there. However, some argue that all the documentation for this development was practically destroyed in the moment when Soviet soldiers captured the research location.

If to speak about the "Coanda effect"that applied Jack frost, was later used by the Americans in experienced Boeing YC-14 and QSRA, multipurpose light helicopter MD-520 NOTAR, and on Soviet military transport planes An-74 and An-72.

As for the present time, this effect is used in unmanned aircraft with vertical take-off and landing. By and large, the principle of their operation is very similar to that offered frost, except perhaps that of a jet engine.

At the moment there is no information about the intentions or the United States of America, or any other state to engage in the development of flying saucers. But if to take into account the rate of development of the technologies it is possible to assume, that soon flying saucers small size will occupy a niche in the system of arms of several countries of the world.

One of the first signs in the industry was the development of the scientists of the University of Florida, who has applied for a patent flying saucers, apparatus, which is officially called "wingless electromagnetic aircraft". The author of the invention is Subrata Roy, who is Director of the laboratory of modeling of dynamics of plasma. If to speak about his invention, this unit is far from this plate, because its diameter is only a half dozen decimeters. To move this unit will be using plasma that may be of interest to the aerospace industry, has long been interested in a plasma layer, covering the surface of the system, improving its aerodynamic properties. In addition, the military is considering this phenomenon as the possibility of hiding aircraft from radars. However and in this invention has its drawbacks. If the plate Dr. Roy will ever go up in the air, it is assumed that the control will be performed on the radio. But we know that plasma is a poor conductor of the radio waves. How will be solved such problems is unknown. But it is not so important, because this is a promising development, which, undoubtedly, will be to develop and improve.

Now, according to some experts, in particular, Pavel Poluyan, the author of the book "Hunt for UFOs. Vortices in time", real big flying saucer there are already more than half a century, and this does not fantastic technologies, as well as earth development undertaken in America, China and Iran. But their existence is kept a great secret, because "bringing them to the light" can adversely affect many aspects of modern life, from security to the world economy.
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