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Эксперименты под грифом «Совершенно Секретно»The most mysterious experimentation people, full of rumors, speculation and controversy. But smoke without fire as we know, no....

EXPERIMENT "MILLER" -the first, except works of alchemists who tried to bring artificial living creature in vitro, truly scientific experiment in this area, conducted in 1950-ies the American student-chemist Stanley Miller. He assumed that life originated in the atmosphere of the ancient Land because of the synthesis of complex molecules during lightning discharges. Stanley poured a large glass bowl with water, methane, hydrogen, ammonia, and began to pass through this environment electric discharges. Shortly"primitive ocean"splashing at the bottom of the ball, turned a dark red arising from biomolecules and amino acids that are the building blocks for the construction of proteins.

EXPERIMENT PHOENIX" - research on the move in Time, which allegedly took place in the USA. In 1992, American engineer El Bilek said to journalists that in his time he was a participant of the unique experiment that has received the code name Phoenix". Bileca placed inside the magnetron (the device that generates powerful electromagnetic field) and moved back in time... What is most surprising in the story "the Time traveler", prior to this experiment, his name was not e Bilek, and Edward Cameron. But after returning from the Past Cameron found that his name to anyone not familiar, disappeared from all lists and documents, to be replaced by another. Yes and friends claimed that I knew him as bileca. Other facts confirming the existence of the project Phoenix" (except the story of bileca) is not detected.

EXPERIMENT "PHILADELPHIA" - one of the most interesting mysteries of the twentieth century, gave rise to a lot of contradictory rumors. According to the legends, in 1943 in Philadelphia United States military, allegedly tried to create a vehicle that is invisible to enemy radar. Using the estimates made by albert Einstein, on the destroyers "Eldridge" established special generators. But during the test has encountered an unexpected - ship, surrounded by a cocoon of powerful electromagnetic fields, have not only disappeared from screens of radars, but literally evaporated in the truest sense of the word. After some time, "Eldridge" materialized again, but in a different place and with crazy crew on Board. How reliable is this story?

For the first time about the Philadelphia experiment became widely known thanks astrophysics Maurice the Jessup, scientist and writer from Iowa. In 1956 in response to one of his books, where he touched upon the problem of the unusual properties of Space and Time, he received a letter from a certain
Calende announce that the military has learned how to practically move objects "out of the usual Space and Time". The author served in 1943 on the ship "Andrew Fioricet". On Board this ship, part of the group of control of the Philadelphia experiment, Allende (as he claims) clearly seen how melted in the greenish glow "Eldridge", heard the buzz surrounding the destroyer force field...

The most interesting thing in the story Allende - description of the consequences of the experiment. Returning "out of the blue" people began to occur incredible things: they as if poured out from the real course of time (referred to as "cold"). There were cases of spontaneous human combustion (the term "ignited"). One day two "frozen" suddenly "ignited" and burned for eighteen days (?!), and rescuers any efforts could not stop the burning phone Happened and other oddities. One of the sailors "Eldridge", for example, gone forever passing through the wall of his apartment in front of his wife and child.

Jessup started to investigate: rummaged through the archives, talked with the military and found a lot of evidence, which gave him the opportunity to Express their opinion about the reality of these events as follows: "Experiment is very interesting, but terribly dangerous. He too strongly affects the participating people. The experience was used magnetic generators, the so-called "mazmanishvili"who worked at the resonant frequencies and created the monstrous field around the ship. Practically it gave temporary withdrawal from our dimension and could mean spatial breakthrough, if only it was possible to keep the process under control!" Perhaps Jessup learned too much, at least in 1959, he died under very mysterious circumstances - he was found in his car, asphyxiated
from exhaust gases.

Guide US Navy denied the Philadelphia experiment, saying that nothing of the kind in 1943 occurred. But many researchers believed not the government. They continued the search Jessup and got some results. So, for example, found documents proving that from 1943 to 1944 Einstein was in the service in the naval Ministry in Washington. Appeared witnesses, some of whom have personally seen how disappeared "Eldridge",
others were holding the sheets with the calculations made by Einstein, who possessed a very distinctive handwriting. Up even a newspaper clipping of those times, telling the men that came off the ship and melted in the eyes of the witnesses.

Attempts to learn the truth about the Philadelphia experiment did not stop till now. And, from time to time, there are new interesting facts. Here are extracts from the story of an American engineer-electronician of Edom Skilling (on tape): "In 1990, my friend Margaret Sandy's, who lives in palm beach Florida, invited me and my friends to visit
Dr. Karel Leisleri, its neighbor to discuss some details of the experiment "Philadelphia". Karl Leisler, physicist, one of the scientists who worked in 1943 on this project.

They wanted to make invisible to radar warship. On Board was installed powerful electronic device type enormous magnetron (magnetron generator ultrashort waves
secret during the second world war). This device could get the energy from electric machines, installed on the vehicle, the power of which was enough to power a small town. The idea of the experiment was that very strong electromagnetic field around the ship will serve as a screen for the rays of the radar. Karl Leisler was on the beach to watch and control the experiment.

When the magnetron is running, the ship was gone. After some time, he appeared again, but all seafarers on Board were dead. Some of them corpses turned into steel is the material from which made the ship. During our conversation Karl Leisler was very upset, it was clear that this sick old man still feels remorse and guilt for the death of seafarers aboard "Eldridge". Leisler and his colleagues at the experiment, think they sent the ship in another time, when the vessel broke up into molecules, and when did the reverse process, and happened partial replacement of organic molecules of human bodies on the metal atoms."

And here is another interesting fact that came across a Russian researcher Vedomenko: the book Moura and Berlitz, engaged in investigating the Philadelphia event, says that many years after the incident, the destroyer "Eldridge" was in the reserve fleet of the USA, and then
the ship was named "Lev" and sold in Greece. Meanwhile Adamenko visited in 1993 in one of the Greek family, where he met with the Greek Admiral in retirement. It turned out that he is well aware of the Philadelphia experiment and the fate "Eldridge", confirming that the destroyer is one of the Navy ships Greece, but is not called "the lion", as you write more and Berlitz, and "Tiger".

Unequivocal truth about Filadelfia experiment and have not been established. The researchers of this mysterious history did not find the main document. A lot could explain ship logs "Eldridge", but they strangely disappeared. At least, all requests to the government and the military Department of the USA came an official response: "...to Find, and therefore to provide you with the features, it is not possible". And duty logs escort ship "Fiorecet" were completely destroyed on the orders from above, even though it is contrary to all existing rules.

EXPERIMENT "COMPUTER MOWGLI" is a unique project, allegedly carried out by American scientists. "Computer Mowgli"according to reports that appeared in the press, is a virtual personality created in a secret laboratory. The son of men and women, this kid is not a man.

...Pregnancy in a 33-year-old Nadine M. proceeded gravely. When the light appeared baby (parents beforehand called it Led), the doctors came to the conclusion that he is doomed. A few days in the ICU has been able to sustain life in a tiny body. Meanwhile, with the help of special equipment were carried out mental scan of his brain. Father and mother were not informed about this unusual procedure, scientists estimated the chances of success as endangered small. But to the surprise of all recorded by the equipment of the electric potential of the neurons of the brain SIDA, transferred to the computer, healed there, its unreal (overhealing?) life.

That baby died physically, but his brain potentials listed in the car and continue to develop there, first reported only Nadine. She took it quite calmly. Father, since he had dreamed about the future of the firstborn, the whole month showed SIDA only on the computer screen explaining that the baby needs special conditions of survival. When he learned about the essence of what is happening, at first, was horrified and even tried to destroy the program of development of the brain SIDA. But soon, like Nadine, came to refer to "Computer Mowgli" as to its actually existing child.

Now the father and mother are actively involved in the project, care about health" SIDA - install all new and new programs of protection from computer viruses, fearing that they may have a negative impact on the mental development of their baby. Researchers have been equipped with computer systems, multimedia and virtual reality, which gives the opportunity not only to see SIDA
"the three-dimensional and life-size", but to hear his voice and even the "take hands"...

The journal "saintifik observer", is almost fully devoted to the history SIDA one of their rooms, reported that the project of Computer Mowgli" initially carried a secret character, but then a special Commission of the US Congress decided to acquaint the American taxpayers with some research results. The specific title of the research center, conducted a mental brain scans baby, not given. But for some hints you can understand what we are talking about one of the institutions of the Ministry of defense.

There was a message "Computer Mowgli" and in the Russian press. Popular-science miscellany "could Not be"whose representative has been at the computer conference in Las Vegas (USA), said that there was one of the participants of this project - a Stim Rouler. On
the words of this specialist scientists were able to scan only about 60 percent of neurons baby. But it was enough to be listed in the computer information became develop. Was not this story and no criminal motive. Some American wunderkind, bent on computers that are managed through a computer network hacking" protective program of the project and copy from it a few dozen files. So there was "unauthorized and quite flawed" brother by Sid. Fortunately, Prodigy "found" and the first in human history attempt "e kindnapping" was stopped.

Unfortunately, remain in the shadow the main part of the project: how was done scanning, how fast and successful development copied intelligence, what is its real potential? The Americans are in no hurry to share these secrets. And, very possibly, they have very serious reasons. The same Trims Rouler at a conference in Las Vegas
was worried and vaguely hinted that the emergence of virtual daemon, written off from a living person may have for our civilization is very serious and unpredictable consequences.

EXPERIMENT "NAUTILUS" - research on the passage of telepathic signals through a layer of water. on July 25, 1959, on Board the American nuclear submarine "Nautilus" went up by a mysterious passenger. The boat went up straightway out of the port and sixteen days plunged into the depths of the Atlantic. For all this time unnamed passenger nobody
saw - he never left the cabin. But twice a day sent to the captain sheets with a strange znakomita it was a star, the cross, the two wavy lines... Captain Anderson put the papers into impermeable to light the envelope, put the date, the hour and his signature. From above stood frightening Grif:
"Highly secret.

In case of danger of capture submarine - destroy!" When the boat docked at the port of Croydon, passenger met ekskort which took him to a military airfield, and from there in Maryland. Soon he had talked to the Director of the Department of biological Sciences at Management
studies of Military-air forces Colonel William POWERCOM. He learned from the safe envelope with the inscription "Center for research, Hrende, Maryland". The mysterious passenger Bowers called Lieutenant Jones brought out a package labelled "Nautilus". The pieces of paper they
laid out side by side, in accordance with the fixed dates. More than 70 percent signs in both envelopes coincided...

So was described in the article by the French journalist Jacques Bergier "Passing thought - a weapon of war" top secret experiment Americans on the possible use of telepathy for military purposes. The article was published in December 1959 and done a lot of noise. Fell refutation that "Nautilus" was never used for such experiments is that in the described period, he did not put to sea. However, after the publication of similar experiments have taken place in different countries, including the USSR (Experiment "Polar circle").

EXPERIMENT "POLAR CIRCLE" - global experiment on "distant transmission of mental images", held in June 1994 on the initiative of the Novosibirsk Institute of General pathology and human ecology. In this large-scale scientific event was involved several thousand
volunteers, researchers and operators-psychics from twenty countries. Telepathic signals transmitted from different continents, from the special geomagnitnykh chambers, isolating the Earth's magnetic field, of anomalous zones of the planet, such as "Perm triangle" and the cave "Black devil" in Khakassia...

The results of the experiment, according to the Novosibirsk scientists, confirmed the reality of mental relations between people. Arctic circle" is a natural continuation of the research, which began in the last century. Here is a brief chronology of scientific research in this field:

...1875. The famous chemist Butlerov involved also the study of anomalous phenomena, proposed magneto electric hypothesis to explain the phenomenon of the transmission of thought at a distance.

...1886. English researchers Aherne, Flyers and Fodor to refer to this phenomenon (the first time) used the term "telepathy".

...1887. A detailed study of the hypothesis Butlerov was Professor of philosophy, psychology and physiology of Lviv University Yegorovich.

Serious experiments in telepathy was held in 1919-1927 years academician Vahteram at the Leningrad Institute for the study of the brain. At the same time, the same experiments conducted famous engineer Braginsky. Remember sci-Fi novel Abelyaeva "the Lord of the world" (1929). The plot of this work is: in the hands of wicked people is the invention that allows you to read and write the thoughts of the people, and send with special emitters reliable mental orders. The book is completely based on scientific ideas Bernard Bernardovicha Kazinskogo. To emphasize this point, Belyaev even called positive hero - Kaczynski, changing only one letter in the name Kazinskogo...

The results obtained Bekhterev and Kazhinski, based on available data, confirmed the existence of the phenomenon of transmission of thought at a distance. In 1932 the Leningrad Institute of brain received the state job, coming from the people's Commissariat of defense of the USSR, to intensify experimental research in the field of telepathy. Scientific supervision was entrusted to a
Professor L.olena.

The corresponding order was received and the Laboratory of Biophysics of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow), headed by academician Lazorevy. The executor of the topics ordered by the military, and therefore received "secrecy", was Professor Stolypin. Memories of these people: "you have to admit that there is indeed a physical agent that establishes
the interaction of two organisms among themselves,"said Professor Stolypin.

"No screening, no distance is not worsened results," is a recognized Professor Wasiljev.

...In September, 1958 (according to some publications) by order of the Minister of defense Marshal Ralenkova there were several closed meetings, devoted to the study of the phenomenon of telepathy. Was attended by the chief of the Main military medical Department, Professor Wasiljev, Professor Phukaew and other professionals...

...1960. At the Physiological Institute (Leningrad) organized a special laboratory for studying telepathic phenomena.

...1965 - 1968. In Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk at the Institute of automation and Electrometry, Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences made an extensive program telepathic research on human subjects and animals.

Private research in parapsychology was conducted at the Moscow Institute of a brain of the USSR Academy of Sciences,Institute for information transmission problems (IITP) of the USSR Academy of Sciences, other institutions and laboratories. Secret experiments were carried out with the active participation of the military with the use of expensive equipment, up to enable submarines.

...1969. By order of the Secretary of the CPSU Plemiona held special session of the Commission on investigation of the problem of parapsychological phenomena and causes of the growing public interest in them.
Gathered the cream of Russian psychology - Aluria, Alybaeva, Vincenco... Before them the task was to dispel the myth of the existence of psychic movement in the USSR. The results of the activities of this Commission are reflected in the ninth issue of the journal "Voprosy psihologii" in 1973. No matter what, it still said: "the Phenomenon has..."

The existence of the phenomenon confirmed and global experiment ("Polar Circle") of Novosibirsk scientists. But mass consciousness telepathic phenomena are still viewed as a kind of fiction, a hoax. Probably because the true nature of this phenomenon has not yet found a clear explanation.
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