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Глобальное потепление может стать причиной падения на Землю космических телCarbon dioxide is essentially a natural part of the atmosphere, but its accumulation at the altitude of 15 km above sea level leads to the greenhouse effect. The consequence of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is caused including man, is global warming.

But in the upper atmosphere, the situation is completely different, because heat is transferred just using these molecules of carbon dioxide. But if the molecules are discharged, then the effect is not so manifest itself, which leads to a cooling of the mesosphere and thermosphere.

Scientists say that such processes are very dangerous, because any displacement of the atmosphere can lead to getting into space debris. Also worth noting is that the displacement of boundaries of the atmosphere can dramatically change the orbit of some satellites, which is dangerous in terms of the possibility of their falling on the Earth. Today, American scientists are many studies in this field.
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